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US To Hold Talks With Insane Iranian Regime

From an elated AFP:

US, Iran to hold breakthrough meeting on Iraq

by Jitendra Joshi

The United States and Iran plan to hold landmark talks to thrash out security in war-torn Iraq, but will steer clear of the Islamic republic’s nuclear ambitions, officials said Sunday.

The talks “in the next few weeks” are likely to involve Ryan Crocker, the US ambassador to Baghdad, and an Iranian delegation, National Security Council spokesman Gordon Johndroe said.

President George W. Bush had authorized the dialogue “because we must take every step possible to stabilize Iraq and reduce the risk to our troops, even as our military continue to act against hostile Iranian-backed activity in Iraq,” Johndroe said.

The engagement between the two arch-foes should “not be seen as a particular moment but as part of an ongoing process to get Iran to play a constructive role in Iraq,” Johndroe added.

Washington said the talks will not go into Western suspicions that Iran is covertly trying to build nuclear weapons, as the US government and its European allies mount pressure on Tehran to renounce uranium enrichment…

This is assinine with a capital ASS.

What possible purpose could this serve, except to give Amadinjhad more international credibility.

When we and the rest of the world should be shunning him.

It is probably meant to be a concession to the traitors Democrats and their lickspittles in the media.

But it should never have even been considered.

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