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US To Send Back 12th Russian Spy, Gratis

From the Wall Street Journal:

U.S. Detains 12th Person in Russian Spy Probe


JULY 13, 2010

WASHINGTON—Authorities are detaining a 12th, previously undisclosed person implicated in the federal probe that busted a Cold War-style Russian spy ring, according to a U.S. official familiar with the matter.

Federal Bureau of Investigation counterintelligence investigators have been investigating the 23-year-old Russian man since last fall when his name surfaced in a decade-long espionage investigation, the official said…

It’s unclear what drew investigators’ interest in the 12th man, but FBI agents began monitoring him shortly after he entered the U.S. in October 2009, the official said.

The man, whose name couldn’t be learned, obtained a U.S. visa in August 2009, the official said.

However, investigators weren’t able to gather enough evidence against him to bring charges and came to believe his case was different from that of the others who ended up being charged the spy ring, the U.S. official said. It’s not clear whether he had the training of the others arrested.

What is clear is that the ‘investigators’ have no idea what this gentleman was up to. So, naturally, the most important thing is to get him out of the country as soon as possible.

Instead of being charged, the man was in federal custody Monday in the process of being deported, the U.S. official said. His location wasn’t disclosed

So the Justice Department isn’t even going to charge this gentleman. They are just going to deport him. Which sure sounds like ‘profiling’ to us. Especially, since there was no initial crime.

And, note, that we are going to send this bravo back to the Soviet Union Russia without even a pretense of getting anyone or anything in return. Except, of course, more good will.

The Manhattan U.S. attorney’s office, which prosecuted the case of the Russian spy ring, alleged that the agents were part of a program run by Russian intelligence to plant sleeper agents in the U.S

Luckily, in ten years they did not manage to recruit anyone to help them in their missions. Or, at least, none that we know about.

Of course it might have made sense to ask them a few questions along these lines, if it wouldn’t have been so gosh darned embarrassing.

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5 Responses to “US To Send Back 12th Russian Spy, Gratis”

  1. Helena says:

    It’s almost as though our government is actively working to protect Russia. As Steve mentioned on the other Russian spy thread, we’ve been tracking these people for over 10 years. Now we send them away without even basic questioning. I would so love to hear the reaction of the FBI people who have been following them all that time.

  2. proreason says:

    Why bother with penney ante spies when you have Obama strutting his power in the White House.

    He does more damage every second of every day than a thousand spies could do in a thousand years.

  3. actor111 says:

    What else do you expect from this WH?

  4. Georgfelis says:

    Obviously we are having a sale on Russian spies. Buy 11, get the 12th one free.

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