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US To Spend A Measly $1M To Discourage Illegal Aliens

From an unquestioning Associated Press:

US launches media campaign on immigration dangers


MISSION, Texas (AP) — The U.S. government has launched a $1 million international media campaign warning families in Central America that it’s best to stay at home, following a surge in illegal immigration, especially by unaccompanied children.

Wow! A whopping million dollars?! The federal government probably spends ten times that amount just advertising US food stamps and other welfare benefits on Spanish language radio stations ‘south of the border.’ Not to mention how much it spends on the benefits that act as magnets in the first place.

But this just proves how the Obama administration is not at all serious about stopping this flood.

Standing beside the Rio Grande on Wednesday, U.S. Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Gil Kerlikowske said the message aimed primarily at Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador is two-part: The trip to the United States is extremely dangerous, and immigrants who make it here will not be allowed to stay…

Unfortunately, no one believes this lie. The illegal aliens know they will be allowed to stay. Their friends and relatives living illegally in the US have told them so. Besides, they can see what is happening on their TVs.

The effort will test high production value messaging against the pervasive gang violence and intense poverty that pushes many immigrants to flee their homelands.

Which never existed until December of last year.

Kerlikowske said that 226 immigrants have died crossing the border since October. More than 52,000 unaccompanied children have been detained during the same period after entering the U.S. illegally, mostly in South Texas.

The so-called "Dangers Awareness Campaign" will employ hundreds of billboards and some 6,500 public service announcements for radio and television stations in the target countries.

Alongside the ads for food stamps.

One offering has an image of a child’s footprints in the desert running toward the horizon with the message in Spanish: "I thought it would be easy for my son to get papers in the USA. … I was wrong."

A television spot slated to air in Guatemala shows a teenage boy preparing to leave home for the U.S. His mother pleads with him not to go. He confides to his uncle — already in the U.S. — in a letter that she’s warning him about the dangers of the gangs on the train that immigrants ride through Mexico, the cartels that kidnap and the dayslong walk in the desert. Ultimately, he writes his uncle, "he who doesn’t take a chance, doesn’t win."

The next image is of the boy dead on the cracked desert floor. A voiceover says smugglers’ claims that new arrivals will easily get papers are false…

If only they were.

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One Response to “US To Spend A Measly $1M To Discourage Illegal Aliens”

  1. yadayada says:

    other than the tag line at the end, that commercial actually sounds quite like it’s encouraging people to try. after all, 65,000 have made it in just a couple of months.
    and “He confides to his uncle — already in the U.S.” it sounds like he’s got living proof and encouragement to come.

    “A voiceover says smugglers’ claims that new arrivals will easily get papers are false…” but the claims that they will be well fed, get clean fresh water, baths, free medical care, free legal representation, welfare benefits, an official I.D. card, and the opportunity to vote? not false.
    who the he!! needs papers? we don’ need no steenking papers !!

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