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VA, NJ Shows GOP Must Accept Abortion, Amnesty

From a deeply concerned about the future of the GOP, Chris Cillizza at the Washington Post:

6 takeaways from Election Night 2013

By Chris Cillizza and Aaron Blake | November 5, 2013

… Now comes our favorite part of elections — sorting through the data! …

* Virginia isn’t for social conservatives. Ken Cuccinelli beat McAuliffe among voters who said the economy was the most important issue and among those who named healthcare as the biggest priority. But, among those who said abortion was their most important voting issue — roughly one in five voters — McAulliffe [sic] crushed Cuccinelli by something close to a two-to-one margin.

McAuliffe never "crushed" anyone. He barely beat Cuccinelli with 1% of the vote. The faux libertarian candidate (who was funded by an Obama bundler) got 7% of the vote. Which means more 6% more people voted against  McAuliffe than for him.

The AP said McAuliffe won by using the ‘Clinton model.’ Which is exactly right. If there hadn’t been a third party candidate, a ringer, Cuccinelli would have won in Virginia.

* The Republicans’ un-married people problem: Cuccinelli carried married men and married women by single digits. But, he lost among unmarried people by massive margins. Unmarried men favored McAuliffe over Cuccinelli by almost two dozen points and unmarried women by more than forty…

Because these people, especially those who work in DC are married to the federal government. But notice how no one ever says that the Democrats have a married people problem.

* The Virginia white vote is eroding, rapidly: In 2009, 78 percent of the Virginia electorate was white… Four years later, the electorate was only 72 percent white and Cuccinelli led McAuliffe by 20 points within that demographic group, according to exit poll results…

Meaning, they are not considering Hispanics to be white. And, of course, this is exactly why the Democrats want amnesty.

* Republicans don’t need independents; they need moderates: Despite Cuccinelli’s loss, he actually won among self-described independents. At the same time, he lost by more than 18 points among self-described “moderates” …

What’s this? We thought independents were moderates. In reality, self-described "moderates" are just liberals who are ashamed of the brand. In reality, the Republican Party is the party of the center. The Democrats are the party of the radical left.

We would all be better served switching our focus to “moderate” voters rather than independents — and that includes Republicans searching for the way forward.

Chris Cillizza’s concern for the Republican Party is very touching. And convincing.

* The path forward is clear for Republicans. They just have to convince their base: Christie’s win, contrasted with Cuccinelli’s loss, could hardly provide a starker contrast for the GOP and a clearer message about how it wins in the future…

And never mind that Cuccinelli was out-spent 10 to 1, or that he got endless free campaign advertising from our one party news media. And never mind that if he had won, we would be told his victory was meaningless.

Exit polls showed Christie winning among women and running even with his Democratic opponent among Latinos. If Republicans could emulate that in other states, they would win just about all of them…

You see? The way forward is clear. All the Republican Party has to do is embrace abortion and amnesty, and they will never lose another election.

* And/but…Chris Christie ran as the un-Republican.. Christie and his allies will argue that his victory is evidence that a Republican can win in a blue state. But, did Christie really run as a “Republican”?

If Christie had lost, or if he had just barely won, you can bet your bottom dollar the media wouldn’t wonder if he really "ran as a Republican."

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6 Responses to “VA, NJ Shows GOP Must Accept Abortion, Amnesty”

  1. Petronius says:

    How curious.

    In their list of takeaways, these Washington Post writers seem to have overlooked one of the key factors in the Republican defeat––the Post’s relentless smear jobs on the Republican candidate, Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, and its rabid support for Hillary’s bag man, Terry McAwful.

    Funny that.

  2. mr_bill says:

    We can always count on the Washington ComPost to excoriate conservatives for having values. When has the WaPo ever chastized the democrat party for having values? Trick question, the democrat party has no values.

    I guess all Mr. Cillizza can see is that the Republican candidate didn’t pander enough…sigh. I guess we just need to give amnesty to a bunch of law-breakers that even Mr. Cillizza concedes will vote democrat. That’s the only way to “save” the party. /sarc

  3. captstubby says:

    in the old days Dictators shot the free speech newsmen,
    today the Media executes the truth telling Candidates.
    its always the Media
    The Whores of Babylon

    “…’Thus at Babylon every woman, whether rich or poor, had once in her life to submit to the embraces of a stranger at the temple of Mylitta, that is, of Ishtar or Astarte, and to dedicate to the goddess the wages earned by this sanctified harlotry. The sacred precinct was crowded with women waiting to observe the custom. Some of them had to wait there for years.

    At Heliopolis or Baalbec in Syria, famous for the imposing grandeur of its ruined temples, the custom of the country required that every maiden should prostitute herself to a stranger at the temple of Astarte, and matrons as well as maids testified their devotion to the goddess in the same manner. The emperor Constantine abolished the custom, destroyed the temple, and built a church in its stead.

    In Phoenician temples women prostituted themselves for hire in the service of religion, believing that by this conduct they propitiated the goddess and won her favour. “It was a law of the Amorites. that she who was about to marry should sit in fornication seven days by the gate.”

    At Byblus the people shaved their heads in the annual mourning for Adonis. Women who refused to sacrifice their hair had to give themselves up to strangers on a certain day of the festival, and the money they thus earned was devoted to the goddess.

    A Greek inscription found at Tralles in Lydia proves that the practice of religious prostitution survived in that country as late as the second century of our era. It records of a certain woman, Aurelia Aemilia by name, not only that she herself served the god in the capacity of a harlot at his express command, but that her mother and other female ancestors had done the same before her; and the publicity of the record, engraved on a marble column which supported a votive offering, shows that no stain attached to such a life and such a parentage.

    In Armenia the noblest families dedicated their daughters to the service of the goddess Anaitis in her temple at Acilisena, where the damsels acted as prostitutes for a long time before they were given in marriage. Nobody scrupled to take one of these girls to wife when her period of service was over.

    Again the goddess Ma was served by a multitude of sacred harlots at Comana in Pontus, and crowds of men and women flocked to her sanctuary from the neighbouring cities and country to attend the biennial festivals or to pay their vows to the goddess.’ … ”

    oh, and buying an election with 10 to 1 spending helped too.

    “Several donors declined to speak for attribution because they did not want to anger the president. One called Mr. Obama’s White House holiday events “cuckoo clock parties,” because “he comes down, gives a speech, poses for some photos and pops back inside.”

    In addition, if Mrs. Clinton does run for president, her campaign will not only need to adopt Mr. Obama’s approach to small-dollar Internet fund-raising, it must also persuade the rich executives and entrepreneurs who backed him in 2008 to pull out their checkbooks on her behalf. The Virginia contest provides a chance to start building that network.

    The Clintons are on a fund-raising blitz for Mr. McAuliffe. Last week, Mrs. Clinton joined Mr. McAuliffe’s wife, Dorothy, at a fund-raiser in New York and at a “Women for Terry” rally in Falls Church, Va. Later this month, Mr. Clinton will host an event in Northern Virginia and Mrs. Clinton will headline a $25,000-per-couple luncheon in Beverly Hills hosted by the entertainment entrepreneur Haim Saban.

    October 21, 2013

    • GetBackJack says:

      So, what you’re saying Captain is found in the lyrics of David Byrne (Talking Heads) … same as it ever was, same as it ever was, same as it ever was …

  4. canary says:

    Chris Chrisite is telling New Jersey citizens to sign up for Obama Care. That is how out of touch he is. His Rocky performance punching in the air, must be something his personal trainer taught him.

    Will Chris Christie demand an increase of tummy tucks. Think

    Aid and intimidation
    The Syrian regime makes it difficult for relief organizations to deliver aid to those who need it most

    In Syria, when a regime official calls the local Red Crescent chapter and asks for food rations, local aid workers cannot deny this request even if it is taken from the people’s share. They have no choice but to yield to orders under the threat of a “security report” that would cost them their freedom and perhaps even their lives.

    The names of all aid beneficiaries are similarly handed over to security services in the face of threats and intimidation. In many cases, regime officials pressure families benefiting from aid into giving information about rebels and activists as a precondition for allowing aid deliveries to continue.

    Frequently, relief supplies are sold at cheap prices to people who are loyal to the regime. In some cases, the contents of Red Crescent vehicles are confiscated by people collaborating with regime barracks, later to be found for sale at the same barracks.

    Indeed, a sizeable portion of those who receive aid are not needy: their names made it to the lists because they are related to some official or due to their security and military ties.

    Those in charge of relief operations say they are buying the good will of security services in order to allow a portion of aid to make it to those actually in need. Yet, do the international organizations offering these funds take these considerations into account? When faced with the millions of dollars spent on relief operations in Syria, are these organizations aware of how much is being cashed in by the regime and its loyalists without any form of control?

    After over two and a half years of conflict in Syria, even humanitarian issues are being dealt with from the standpoint of internal politics, regional, and international rivalries, regardless of the humanitarian considerations that should govern the actions of these organizations and those funding them.


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