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‘Green Czar’ Jones: Clean Coal Is Fantasy

While we are on the subject of Mr. Jones’ past pensees, here are some excerpts from his appearance at the February 27, 2009 Power Shift Confab, via YouTube:

"We can have clean coal or we can have unicorns tow our cars for us.”

Never mind that Mr. Obama ran on a platform of ‘Clean Coal.’

As we have previously noted when Mr. Joseph Robinette Biden also famously opined on the subject, back during the primaries Mr. Obama was singing a very different tune about coal:

Obama: “I’m Barack Obama and I approve this message.”

Coal worker: “Barack originates from Chicago. But he came to southern Illinois and he seen the devastation and the loss of the jobs in the coal industry. Washington, DC is not listening to us. Barack understands.”

Graphic: “The Obama Record: $200 million for clean coal.”

Announcer: “In Illinois and in the USA Barack Obama helped lead the fight for clean coal. To protect our environment and to save good paying American jobs.”

Coal worker: “He’s figured it out. It takes trust in each other to get the job done.”


Yes, that is what it’s all about with Mr. Obama.

Oh, and ‘judgment.’

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4 Responses to “‘Green Czar’ Jones: Clean Coal Is Fantasy”

  1. Liberals Demise says:

    “No such thing as clean coal” and I never thought I’d see commies eating in the WH!!
    It has got to be 1700 somewhere……God, I need a drink!

  2. Right of the People says:

    The One is going to have to get the Minister of Doublespeak have all the archives erased so these troublesome fact thingies stop popping up from past lies. All they do is confuse the sheeple about which lies they are supposed to swallow.


    I agree, somewhere the sun has set and it is indeed Miller Time.

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