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Vatican Rejects Caroline As Ambassador

From the UK’s Telegraph:

This April 1963 file photo shows President John F. Kennedy and family outside the Palm Beach, Fla. home of the president’s father after a private Easter Service.

Vatican blocks Caroline Kennedy appointment as US ambassador

By Alex Spillius in Washington
11 Apr 2009

Vatican sources told Il Giornale that their support for abortion disqualified Ms Kennedy and other Roman Catholics President Barack Obama had been seeking to appoint.

Mr Obama was reportedly seeking to reward John F Kennedy’s daughter, who publicly gave her support to his election bid…

The Italian paper said that the Vatican strongly disapproved of Mr Obama’s support for abortion and stem cell research

Ms Kennedy, 53, has said that she supports abortion. Raymond Flynn, a former US ambassador to the Vatican, said earlier this week that Ms Kennedy would be a poor choice.

"It’s imperative, it’s essential that the person who represents us to the Holy See be a person who has pro-life values. I hope the President doesn’t make that mistake," he told the Boston Herald. "She said she was pro-choice. I don’t assume she’s going to change that, which is problematic."

The White House refused to comment.

You know, we didn’t even realize Mrs. Schlossberg had been nominated for such a role, you know.

(Once again, you know, we have to learn such things from the British press.)

It is to laugh, you know.

You know, the photo above is probably the last time Mrs. Schlossberg even went to church.

And even then they didn’t actually go to church, you know.

This article was posted by Steve on Sunday, April 12th, 2009. Comments are currently closed.

23 Responses to “Vatican Rejects Caroline As Ambassador”

  1. Celina says:

    He just doesn’t get it, does he? And it is probably beyond him to compromise and appoint someone with at least a passing knowledge of the tenets of the Catholic faith.

    Murdering unborn children is never excusable. Why is it so hard to see understand that some people actually believe that?

    • catie says:

      No Celina he doesn’t get it and neither do these so-called Catholics who inhabit his cabinet. Yet these people go to communion every week while I sit in the pew because I married someone who had been married before and we’ve been working on this annulment thing for almost 3 years. I am very glad that Princess Caroline didn’t get her way again.

  2. Celina says:

    I am so sorry. That must be really frustrating. We had to abstain from communion for when we first reentered the church (he’s a convert, I am a revert). My prayers are with you that the annulment process goes quickly. I can understand your frustration. I know it isn’t for me to judge the state of someone elses’s soul but I would really like to see our bishops get tough with pro-choice politicians and start denying communion to Pelosi, et al.

    • catie says:

      Celina, the hold up is actually my m-i-l and it’s somewhat complicated due to immigration issues. He was a 23 y/o Sgt and met this girl through a friend of his. She had dated an Officer but he didn’t marry her but she always kept up with him even after she married my husband. She brought up her entire family and he’s still listed as a green card sponsor even though she bolted after she got her citizenship and left him for that Officer who had switched to the NY National Guard. Then his mother is upset because she wanted him to marry one of the ex-sister in laws. It’s crazy and we went through the Diocese of the Military. We’re out almost 5K from this little episode. However, I spoke with the Deacon at my church and he said since he never married in a Catholic ceremony to just run it through the Diocese of Arlington so I got the forms and we’ll try that. He’s a retired AF Jag and he said this seems to be the same story he hears from many military couples. I’m glad that you are back in the church. I’m with you though about liking to see the Bishop’s be on the same page about these pro-death Catholics.
      I hope you had a wonderful Easter up in Alaska.
      take care,

    • Celina says:

      You too Catie!! I hope you and your family had a wonderful Easter. Prayers for your annulment situation. I have known a few people who have been in your situation. I am frustrated for you.

  3. Rusty Shackleford says:


    Now…..Caroline, go sit over there. No….over THERE!

  4. jobeth says:

    Uhh, Steve, uhh, you know, you used “you know” quite often in your comments, you know?

    I mean, you know, I expected…you know…better out of you…you know?

    LOL Just kidding…you know? ;-D Funny…

    • canary says:

      you know, I noticed that you know too. And you know she didn’t know she forgot to vote.
      Did Obomi forget the Pope just put Pelosi in her place, over this same issue.

    • caligirl9 says:

      Ummmm … like … ummmmm … you know.
      This whole little debacle has sure been kept on the downlow, hasn’t it?

  5. jrmcdonald says:

    This is the wages of sin Caroline. Where else will you not be welcome?

    • JohnMG says:

      I’d say the Vatican isn’t the highest place into which she should be concerned of being welcomed……if you get my drift.

  6. mybrotherkeeper says:

    The cutting down to size of Oba-Mao has to begin. It is only fitting that it should be from the Christianity he so despises. Kudos to the church for not rolling over for him like everyone else!

  7. canary says:

    oh, and ya know, the Pope has advised Notre Dame college not to allow and honor Obama. If Obama had any respect for a Christian religion, he would bow out.

  8. Howard Roark says:

    I love this Pope! (and the one before him, as well. Pope John Paul II is forever a hero to me for a couple of reasons, mainly: surviving the assassination attempts on his life [like Ronaldus Magnus], and for his anti-communist bravery in the height of the Cold War [again, like Reagan] ).

    Pope Benedict has already proven to be a great man of strength and Christian character, also. What a slap in the face from Barry to try to send him this sloppy wench.

    • Colonel1961 says:

      Not a big fan of the Roman Catholic Church, nor its current Holy See. Nonetheless, it’s good to see (no pun intended) that he is holding his ground with Ms. Kennedy-Schlossberg.

    • CKO1986 says:

      Howard: Don’t you mean Ronaldus Maximus? :D

      Seriously, you’re right that nominating Caroline Kennedy as ambassador to the Vatican shows (at best)questionable judgement on our current chief executive’s part. It’s like hiring Benito Mussolini as chairman of an anti-fascist committeee.

  9. wardmama4 says:

    You know what – I (am wearing my conspiracy theory hat right now) think we just might be seeing a few more priest pedifile stories again – or perhaps some other ‘scandal’ to make another attempt at taking down the only church/religion that seems to have the guts to state Biblical word and protest weak kneed ‘members’. It is a shame so many churches have gone the way of pandering and placating The Word – much like most politicians have gone the way of pandering and placating the Constitution.

    Maybe the fact that probably since JFK moved up to POTUS, none of the Kennedys have actually been in a Catholic church to really be taught, hear or know what the real Catholic beliefs are. I believe that people like Pelosi, Reid (I know not Catholic but also a ‘member’ of a firm belief church) and Kerry’s excuses are that they really haven’t been to church in a long time – sort of like our POTUS – who is too busy naming a non-existant dog and choosing pizza toppings to even bother finding a church much less attending it – makes me wonder if indeed he ever was in (the not-so-right) Rev Wright’s church to hear his blasphemous rantings. . .

    • You know what this is building to, right?

      Obama’s probably going to overturn the conscience clause this month or next. Catholic bishops and hospitals and health care workers will fight back.

      Caroline Kennedy is like the 4th or 5th pro-abortion ambassador the Vatican’s rejected.

      And the abuse scandal. For those of you that aren’t really aware, 99.9% of the abusers and the people who covered up the abuse were – surprise, surprise – theologically liberal. Bishops, priests, religious and laity who despise the Catholic Church’s teachings on abortion, marriage, the all-male celibate clergy, etc. THEY are the ones who abused and, as unpopular is this is to some, most of the abusive priests were homosexual and their victims were primarily not young children but adolescent and teenage BOYS (much like NAMBLA). This doesn’t in any way justify it, but it’s important to understand the motives and know, from the inside, there were PC liberals trying to take down the Catholic Church. These people drove good, faithful men from seminaries and religious life (blacklisting them, forcing them to undergo psychological treatment, offending them with lewd behavior, etc.) in an attempt to create the priest shortage of the 80s and 90s in the hopes the Vatican would lift all the “bad” teachings of the Church and make it better.

      Now, one need look no further than the Anglicans/Episcopalians – who are pro-abortion, pro-gay marriage, and allow female clergy – to see what a disaster that’s been. Schism, declining attendance, etc. While Catholicism isn’t booming in America, it is elsewhere (like Africa…), and numbers are holding steady. Our parish on Easter Saturday welcomed 20 new Catholics into the fold. For one parish, that’s a good number.

      Also, our former Archbishop, Timothy Dolan (now Bishop of New York), did a lot of work and greatly increased the number of men in the seminary during his 6 1/2 years in the Archdiocese of Milwaukee…all without compromising the faith.

      Anyway, but I digress.

      The point is this: Catholics and the Church are very vocal about life issues. All other issues – be it euthanasia, war, etc – stem from that fundamental respect for life in the womb that’s been cheapened and lost thanks to Roe v. Wade. This is because once we deem it appropriate to take a life because that life is inconvenient or unwanted (the reason for a majority of abortions) that specious logic is applied elsewhere. Now, the old and infirm are being put to sleep like dogs because they cost too much or are a “burden” on society and their family. So establishing a foundation for when life begins is key to defending all life.

      The Catholic Church will not change her teachings. Not on abortion. Not on the clergy. Not on gay marriage or contraception or sexual behavior.

      And did you ever notice that most people don’t quibble about the Rosary? 100% of arguments put forth by the MSM and liberals deal with sexual issues, and how the Church “prevents” them from engaging in sex whenever, wherever, and with whomever they want.

      So I fully expect the rescinding of the conscience clause, the passage of FOCA (or a mutation thereof), the battles over gay marriage, and the Vatican’s repeated objection/blocking of Obama’s ambassador picks means one thing:


      To the point where it would not surprise me one bit if Obama declared Catholics and the Vatican hostile to American interests and penalized us accordingly. Many would applaud him. Shut down the Catholic Churches, chuck a few of us in jail, maybe even work with the UN to overthrow the Pope and replace him with a PC leader (like a Kennedy or John Kerry). Secular liberals would love him!

      I always believe the Pope is elected by the guidance of the Holy Spirit to help with the needs and trials of his day and age. Pope John Paul II was elected, born and lived in a Nazi/Communist run nation, and he helped overthrown communism in the 80s.

      Pope Benedict was elected to help us fight for life, and to overthrow the evil path down which most of Western Civilization seems hellbent to travel.

      But it won’t be easy. The Russians hired an assassin to try and take out Pope John Paul II. Barack Obama might just be the “force” who tries to take down Catholicism.

      And then we’ll have to show him what the phrase “Church Militant” means.

    • Howard Roark says:

      Great post, EQ01.

      I am not Catholic, but I definitely would attend if I could find a church with a priest like Father Corapi at it’s helm. As it is, I catch him on radio or EWTN when possible.

      What you speak about the church’s drift in the last 40 years is so very true. I’m not a religious historian, but I have read a little about the overall “liberalization” of seminaries over the past half century. It seemed to coincide with the psychiatric industry’s liberalization, as well (taking homosexuality out of their bible of diagnosed mental disorders–forgot the anagram name for the book).

      All of this has really served to confuse Biblical truths, God/Jesus’s words on sexual behavior, and weaken the church. There is open hostility towards those of us who are begging for someone to return the churches back to what we grew up thinking they meant. And that’s just inside the church itself. Outside its walls here in America, it is worse. Practically Babylon, I like to say. The Age Of Caligula.

    • proreason says:

      Thanks, Howard for bringing attention to EnglishQueen’s great post.

      EQ: very thoughtful, well-written and informative on a topic we don’t hear enough about, but which is very important. Thanks for taking the time,

  10. caligirl9 says:

    EQ, there was much food for thought in your post.

    Being a former health care worker, the idea of rescinding the conscience clause is troublesome.

    When I was still working as a nurse in a small hospital, we were allowed to exercise a onscience clause when dealing with abortion. But of course there was a caveat: there needed to be someone else present to take care of the woman. We were too small for that; too small for an admitting nurse and a surgical nurse and a post-anesthesia nurse and a discharge nurse to all object. Just one objection in that small chain brought the hospital to a halt, and no doubt may have given cause for decreased hours … or worse. And that’s pretty hard to prove if it happens to you.

    I was able to put my feelings aside because I firmly believe He will take care of it in the end. And I still do. We will all face Him someday. And for me to have refused to take care of those women was a bit hypocritical: Before I became a nurse, I had to terminate two pregnancies that were life-threatening to me—one ectopic, the other while I had a fulminant infection. But I prayed for those lost babies, and I prayed for their forgiveness and His. I did that when admitting or caring for a woman seeing an abortion, even though far too many were very nonchalant about it—just an extreme method of birth control.

    I totally believe that TOTUS could pull a Henry VIII and raise hell for the Catholic Church in America. And the liberal Catholics will be going “huh?” and be all shocked and wonder how it happened.

    Any Catholic who was/is fortunate enough to have seen Pope John Paul II with their own eyes (I’d imagine Pope Benedict may be the same) just feels a certain way. JPII gave me that gift, just volunteering my time during one of his visits to this area. He asked that his departure route be changed so the hundreds of volunteers in the background who were not allowed to have contact with him could at least see him in person as he walked out of the Mission and into his car. I can close my eyes and still see him looking at us and waving goodbye, even though that was nearly 22 years ago this fall.

    • Celina says:

      My prayers are with you and your lost children. I am so sorry that happened.

    • caligirl9 says:

      Thank you Celina. I actually lost a total of five; my daughter, my third (difficult) pregnancy, is my only living child. For some reason He did not think I should have had more than one. I had three miscarriages after she was born. I did not seek extreme fertility measures (in vitro). He knows best, and it’s not for me to ask him why. I ask for strength in dealing with things, not necessarily understanding.

      I try to have faith while seeing what TOTUS is doing to the U.S. I ask Him if this is just a test … and to please not make this test last too long, or let too many good honest hardworking people suffer. Perhaps it’s penance …

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