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Our Media Claims Chavez Won Referendum

From his love-struck cheerleaders at Reuters:

Venezuelans to vote on Chavez for life

Sun Dec 2, 2007

By Hugh Bronstein

CARACAS (Reuters) – Venezuelans voted in a tightly contested referendum on Sunday on whether to allow left-wing President Hugo Chavez to stay in power for as long as he keeps winning elections or hand him his first defeat at the polls.

The anti-Washington firebrand, who has easily won one election after another against a fragmented opposition, is in the hardest campaign of his life as he moves to deepen his self-styled revolution by reforming the constitution.

He predicts he will win by 10 percentage points but most polls show a neck-and-neck race between backers of the referendum, which Chavez says will usher in “21st century socialism,” and those who call it an assault on democracy.

Voters were awakened by a predawn state-ordered bugle call mixed with sirens and fake cannon fire to prompt them to head out to their polling stations.

With campaigning marred by violence, many Venezuelans fear political turbulence in the OPEC member nation if the losing side refuses to accept the results of Sunday’s vote. But early voting appeared to be orderly and under sunny skies.

Faced with concerns from even moderate supporters that the reforms will give Chavez too much power, he has tried to portray the vote as a plebiscite on his rule.

Government worker Yelitza Rodriguez, 37, told Reuters she voted for the referendum as a step toward creating a more equal society, despite her misgivings about indefinite reelection.

“Most of the reform favors the people,” she said…

It would clearly pain Reuters to describe Mr. Chavez as a psychotic Communist demagogue who is now reaching for total dictatorial power. 

Instead, they call him an “anti-Washington firebrand.” They characterize this naked power grab as an attempt at “reforms” to help “the people.”


From a joyous Reuters:

Chavez wins referendum: govt sources

By Saul Hudson and Ana Isabel Martinez

CARACAS (Reuters) – Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez appeared headed for victory on Sunday in a referendum on allowing him to remain in power as long as he keeps winning elections, two government-linked sources said, citing exit polls.

Three exit polls showed Chavez won by between six and eight points in a vote where turnout was low, they said.

If confirmed, it would be by far the slimmest victory margin in the career of a man who wants to rule for life.

Most pre-vote opinion surveys predicted a close referendum on the raft of constitutional changes that the opposition and even some longtime former allies say is authoritarian.

But pollsters said a low turnout would favor Chavez, who activated a state-backed get-out-the-vote campaign against an underfunded, fragmented opposition…

Foreign investors worry that the loser could contest the result, sparking political turbulence after a campaign marred by violent street clashes.

Reuters couldn’t even wait until even the first ballot could be counted before trumpeting the glad tidings.

Not that there was ever any doubt. But the “closeness” is supposed to prove to us that it was all on the up and up, you see.

Foreign investors worry that the loser could contest the result, sparking political turbulence after a campaign marred by violent street clashes.

Oh, yeah, that is what foreign investors are worried about. Someone questioning this obviously fraudulent election.

Of course having a psychotic Communist declare himself dictator for life would give them no pause at all. — According to Reuters, anyway.


Thankfully, it turns out our watchdog media were a little too optimistic and Mr. Chavez’s “reforms” were actually defeated after all.

See the latest report here.

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