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VFP Admit: Zero Money Spent On Katrina

More from our researcher extraordinaire

If this email is legit, the Veterans For Peace admit that as of the 27th of last month they had yet to spend one red cent on Katrina aid, despite raising at least a half million dollars purportedly for that purpose.

(Patrick Tate is the head of the VFP's #116 local chapter, who are the folks running this Katrina scam. He also owns the "Impeachment Bus.")

 From: "Patrick Tate " <pjtate@...> 
Date: Tue Sep 27, 2005 4:01 pm 
Subject: Re: [VFP-116] VfP-116 Meeting Notes 050926 at FB VetsHall 
 Send Email 
 Just so everyone is aware. Due to the need to act in a timely manner 
we are already moving the money to the Gulf Region and it is being spent 
on relief projects that VFP-116 here, VFP National and others on site 
have found appropriate. We are working with other 501c3's, AIDSAIL, 
Saving Our Selves and Community Mediation Services in Algiers (NO). All 
three organizations have in place active plans for delivery of services 
to the communities hardhit by Katrina. We promised immediate relief 
and that means now. National VFP has responsibility to ensure that we 
deliver ASAP and they are working closely with us. Our hope is to expend 
most of the funds within the next 7 days. 
 This is not being done as an attempt to subvert process, it is 
necessary to ensure that we do not face charges of fraud. 
 My apologies if this conflicts with anyones view of the process, but 
time is of the essence.
 Pat Tate 
----- Original Message ----- 
From: BC Macdonald 
To: Veterans for Peace 
Sent: Tuesday, September 27, 2005 1:30 AM
Subject: [VFP-116] VfP-116 Meeting Notes 050926 at FB VetsHall

Veterans for Peace #116 - Meeting notes; September 26 meeting in Fort 
Attending: Zac Zachary, Tom Cahill, Bernie Macdonald (notetaker), Bob 
Shattuck, Dan Lowden (VP) (chair), Bob Wilkinson (treasurer), John 
Pitts, Anne Marie Stenberg 
Meeting convened at 1900 hrs at the Veterans Hall in Fort Bragg with 
Zac opening and Dan chairing. 
 Treasurers Report (Bob Wilkinson) - $59,000.00+ in checks ready to be 
deposited in the Redwood Credit Union 9/27. Large amount due to Michael 
Moore web posting and post office overflow with late pickup. Other 
deposits amount to $484,000.00+ via Paypal and direct deposit. Actions 
required are 1. reply to donors and 2. decide how to best move the cash 
into the Katrina relief effort. 
 1. Meeting called for 10/10 (or 10/17) in Willits VFW or 
Environmental center at 1900 hrs to respond to questions on Pat’s return by 
10/8. Agreed by Consensus. 
 2. Request to meeting that cash be withdrawn from RWCU account and 
deposited in a Katrina Relief account and a VfP-116 account in the 
Banks of Willits. Also request that 5 signatories (including coast) be 
assigned to the account which must require two signatures per check. M/S 
by Zac/Bernie and after discussion the motion passed by consensus.
 Ukiah VfP meeting will be arranged by Zac in November if possible. 
RV resolution (Zac) Desired to get vehicle to disaster area for use. 
Pat contacted and desired to put resolution off until 10/10 meeting. 
Impeachment (Bernie) Need new efforts to bring action levels up to 
speed. Dan suggested showing video “9/11-In plane site"; tom will get 
video and John will do showing in Boonville. Other appropriate videos 
available from the Coast Alliance for Democracy library available at 
 Homeless (Anne Marie) County needs facilities and outreach; many street 
folks are veterans and we should continue and improve our awareness for 
action opportunities. 
  Mendocino Draft Counselors (Bob W) First public event on 9/29 at 
Methodist church in Willits at 1900 hrs.
Adjourned at 2100 hrs  
  BC Macdonald 9/26/05  

In a nutshell, a month after Katrina hit the VFP are still trying to figure out what to do with the half million dollars they raised to help the victims.

And as the email strongly implies, they wouldn't even be doing this if they weren't being investigated for fraud.

Remember all those thousands of people who were (in their words) "f**king dying" because of the incompetence of Bush, the National Guard and the Red Cross ? All that has been forgotten.

Note too that they are trying to rope other organizations into this, to try to help cover their tracks. Of course the ones they list are just as shady as they are. And (as we've queried before) what the hell does AIDSail , which runs yacht cruises for AIDS patients in Central and South America, have to do with helping Katrina victims?

Saving Our Selves is really just a front for the Malcolm X inspired National Coalition for Black Civic Participation of Alabama. What the SOS are trying to do is blackmail the Red Cross into giving them money by crying "racism!" It's just another Jesse Jackson styled racist shakedown.

And of course Community Mediation Services in Algiers (NO) is most likely the felony ex-con former Black Panther racist Moslem Rastafarian, Malik Rahim's "medical center" scam.

The VFP seem to be trying to lay off some of their ill-gotten cash onto their fellow leftwing lunatic pals.

Anyway, it's clear the VFP realize that they have stepped in it big time. It will be interesting to see a proper accounting. Especially since the VFP's erstwhile attorneys and one of the keepers of their Paypal accounts have all said they have been raising more than $100K a day.

And speaking of the Spells, here is a nice photo of the lovely couple doing their back-breaking Katrina relief work:

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