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Kidnapped Fox Reporters Appear In New Video

From Reuters:

Kidnapped Fox journalists appear on video

By Nidal al-Mughrabi

Two Fox journalists kidnapped in the Gaza Strip last week said they were in "fairly good health" and appealed for help to secure their freedom, a videotape released on Wednesday showed.

A previously unknown militant group, the "Holy Jihad Brigades," earlier claimed responsibility for the kidnapping nine days ago in the Palestinian coastal strip and demanded the United States release "Muslim prisoners" within 72 hours.

The United States said it would not make "concessions to terrorists." The militant group did not say what would happen if the demand was ignored.

Fox News Channel correspondent Steve Centanni, a 60-year-old American, and New Zealand cameraman Olaf Wiig, 36, were shown sitting on a blanket on a floor. They sat against a black backdrop with no markings. No militants could be seen.

"We’re alive and well, in fairly good health," Centanni said, speaking in a clear and calm voice.

Centanni said they had been treated well.

Wiig added: "I know my family will already be doing this, but if you could apply any political pressure … both here in Gaza and the West Bank that would be much appreciated by both Steve and myself."

The video bore many hallmarks of tapes of captives issued by militants in Iraq, and the rhetoric of the group also mirrored the heavily religious language used by Iraqi insurgents…

Here is the list of demands from the kidnappers, from Fox News:

Transcript: Kidnappers' Statement

This is a statement directed to the infidels in general, without discrimination of their georgraphical location. This is an invitation to enter into the religion of God before a day comes when being an infidel will not do you any good. The victory of God's soldiers can only be achieved by God's help. Nobody can frighten us about our enemy and what it possesses. In the name of God and taught Adam the names. If they throw us in fire it would be cool and safe on us. And if they throw us in water then the whale would pick us up and take us to land. If they want to cut us up, God will save us by sending a sacrifice and deliver us to safety.

No nation can be defeated without the will of God. Quoting Mohammed: 'Do not be sad for God is with us.'

Therefore lords of infidelity and masters of darkness and injustice believe in God and you will be safe or else wait for your turn because we come to slaughter. And every soul will reap what it has done.

You have angered us and we are not the kind that is angered. We are subdued, but rather the fountains of Islam and faith spring up in us.

We now tell you this is the chance we give you. God knows how often this kind of chance can be repeated.

In exchange for the release of the Muslim prisoners, males and females in the prisons of America, with our prisoners.

Release our prisoners and we will do the same. This applies to all without exception. And every Muslim is more cherished and more generous that a 1,000 Bushes. But this is a tradeoff of equals.

We will grant you 72 hours, that starts as of noon today during which you can look into this and if you carry out our condition we will carry out our promise, or else wait and we will wait with you and it will be in God's hands. And God's order is higher than any other and most people do not know. 'Those who have been injust will find out the consequences.'

The time you have starts as of noon Wednesday the 29th of Rajab (the Islamic month) of the year 1447 (Muslim year) which is the 23rd of August 2006.

Our thanks to God, the most gracious.


The Holy Jihad Brigades

Okay, then.


Here’s an update on this story from CNN:

Captors of Fox journalists set 72-hour deadline

Thursday, August 24, 2006

JERUSALEM (CNN) — The captors of two Fox News journalists have demanded freedom within 72 hours for Muslims held in U.S. jails, according to a leaflet distributed Wednesday with a video.

The previously unknown Holy Jihad Brigades claimed responsibility in the leaflet for the August 14 kidnapping in Gaza of reporter Steve Centanni, 60, and cameraman Olaf Wiig, 36. They appeared on the video, which was aired by Ramattan News Agency, and said they were being treated well and were in good health.

In a CNN translation of the leaflet, the group said “we will release your prisoners” if male and female Muslim prisoners “in the jails of America” are released. It said “we will give you 72 hours starting today, midday … to discuss and to agree.”

There is no specific mention in the leaflet of the two journalists or their names, and there is no statement about what would be done if the conditions aren’t met.

The U.S. State Department condemned the kidnappings and demanded that the men be released.

The group is unknown, and its leaflet lacks a logo and a date.

Holy Jihad Brigades “might be a fake” militant group, said Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas

And exactly what is the difference between a real militant group and a "fake" one, Mr. President?

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