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Video Shows Pelosi, Reid Split Over War

From the Politico:

Pelosi, Reid at odds over war

Glenn Thrush, Manu Raju Glenn Thrush, Manu Raju Thu Oct 8

The eye roll said it all.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid emerged from the White House Tuesday with broad, bicameral smiles — until Reid put his arm around Pelosi to announce that “everyone” would support “whatever” Afghanistan policy the president produces.

Pelosi doesn’t agree with that — not at all — and the TV cameras captured the California Democrat rolling her eyes and slightly recoiling from Reid’s grasp as he spoke. Back at the Capitol, Pelosi made it clear to staff that she was angry about Reid’s unilateral offer of unequivocal support, a person familiar with the situation said

Pelosi, reflecting the views of anti-war voters who gave Democrats the majority and of the progressives who elected her as speaker, has publicly expressed reservations about Gen. Stanley McChrystal’s calls for the deployment of 40,000 additional troops. And she resents his penchant for going public.

Although Pelosi is waiting for Obama to propose a strategy, she seems more receptive to the creation of a smaller force focused on anti-terrorism operations on the Afghanistan-Pakistan border, an approach reportedly favored by Vice President Joe Biden.

Reid has maintained a far more open posture — and has refused to take a position until Obama lays out his long-awaited strategy for the 8-year-old war

But complicating matters, as always, is Reid’s precarious 2010 reelection prospects. He could benefit from taking a more hawkish approach to the war, as he appeals to moderate and conservative voters in Nevada — and tries to erase the memory of his now-infamous proclamation in 2007 that the Iraq war was “lost.”

The polls in Nevada must be looking really bad if Mr. Reid has decided he needs to pretend to care about defending our nation.

If only the people in Nevada would have a ‘Tom Daschle’ moment of awakening.

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5 Responses to “Video Shows Pelosi, Reid Split Over War”

  1. P. Aaron says:

    Reid & Pelosi could both benefit from a cross-country road trip together in a Prius.

  2. canary says:

    Since when has politicans supported whatever a president says about war, no matter what. Especially a president with no experience, who has been too busy living a life of glamor and gala’s.

  3. Reality Bytes says:

    No 1 tune on Harry Reid’s IPod: “What is You’re as Cold as Ice” Alex.

    Man! Makes you wonder how many flying monkeys she’s got on staff.

  4. sandztorm says:

    I guess this will probably be his last term, polling must be really bad for him. Is there a clearing house for candidates in tight races anywhere? I would like to be able to donate with paypal to some purple district candidates with R’s by their name……

  5. Confucius says:


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