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Vietnamese Murderer Of 13 Didn’t Like US

From an understanding New York Daily News:

Jiverly Voong, gunman who killed 13 in Binghamton, hated U.S., felt ‘degraded’ over his bad English

BY Joe Kemp and Matthew Lysiak In Binghamton and John Lauinger and Larry Mcshane In New York   

April 4th 2009

The home in Johnson City, N.Y. that Voong shared with his father. Neighbors had only good things to say about the family, who shared fruit from their garden.

The Vietnamese immigrant behind the upstate massacre of 13 people wore body armor and anticipated a shootout with cops when he began his bloody rampage, the Binghamton police chief said Saturday.

"He was heavily armed and had a lot of ammunition with him," Chief Joe Zikuski told a Binghamton news conference.

Jiverly Wong, 41, apparently changed his mind about a gun battle and killed himself when he heard the sirens of approaching police vehicles, the chief said.

"He must have been a coward," Zikuski said.

Wong – who also used the last name Voong – shot his victims repeatedly during the brief and brutal attack inside the American Civic Association. He then killed himself as three wounded victims looked on, the chief said.

Wong, who was often mocked for his inability to speak English, was taking language classes at the association until dropping out in the first week of March.

He also slipped into despair after recently losing his job at a local factory, the chief said – although neither his unemployment or his anger fully explained the cold-blooded rampage

Mr. Voong had lived in the United States for at least 28 years.

Why didn’t he learn better English.

Of course we realize that we are going about this all wrong. And that we should feel responsible for not personally taking this unfortunate more to our bosom.

Perhaps we should pretend, like the rest of the media, that Mr. Voong’s motives may never be known.

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20 Responses to “Vietnamese Murderer Of 13 Didn’t Like US”

  1. catie says:

    Yes, once again it’s our fault. If he was here 28 years then he should have learned English by now. But of course, we have to have bi-lingual learning because cultures don’t want to assimilate. But it’s still our fault anyway, right?

  2. VMAN says:

    What part of “Great Melting Pot” don’t liberal idiots understand? My great grandparents came to this country, from Germany, sometime in the late 19th century. My grandfather and father were not allowed to speak German because they were Americans now. It was as simple as that.

  3. Colonel1961 says:

    On the ‘bright’ side, the Police Chief had the guts to call him what he was – a coward.

  4. canary says:

    Perhaps we should pretend, like the rest of the media, that Mr. Voong’s motives may never be known.

    I picked up on the media repeatedly saying this. It’s just a slight change from the old “we will never know”. but we know “they” know. Strange he was taking language courses there and quit. Maybe he wanted to be able to go in side without being noticed. If he had made prior threats to ACA, they sure as heck don’t want illegals to know. Lawsuits and all that. He might have been a converted muslim extremist, that felt some were violating the Quran. We will never know.

    “He also slipped into despair after recently losing his job at a local factory, the chief said – although neither his unemployment or his anger fully explained the cold-blooded rampage.”
    or aside possibly being a converted muslim, prehaps a fresh immigrant got his old job.

  5. JulieJ says:

    I read a disturbing report about the police waiting to go in after one of the victims had phoned them. What is the use of phoning 911 if they are going to wait outside until it is “safe” to go in?????? I hope this is not true. NRO has something about it.

    • canary says:

      JulieJ, exactly. They had an insider telling them the gunfire was over, yet they waited hours. The police are going to be mum, also, worried about lawsuits.
      This is why people should be allowed to carry arms to protect themselves.

    • caligirl9 says:

      Canary, I’m with you on this one.

      A few weeks ago, before the Oakland cop murders, my daughter’s bf was putting fuel in his 3-year old BMW 3-series car after work. He works in a city right next to Oakland in a bit of a ‘hood area.

      Anyway, he gets the pump going, and looks around to see if anyone is approaching, etc. Lo and behold, a pair of bruthas are slinking down the street to check out the nice Beemer with the tinted windows and the little white guy driving it.

      Daughter’s bf (not a big guy, mind you) feels threatened and discreetly takes handgun out of trunk, goes to sit in his car, locks the door.

      Bruthas approach driver’s side, walk right up to the car and door.

      BF shows bruthas handgun.

      Bruthas leave.

      I have no doubt he was about to lose his car, but for the gun. Can’t remember the caliber, but the gun was enough.

      And if you wanna call me racist for the description of the potential perps, well, that’s the best way to describe ’em I guess.

    • jobeth says:

      “This is why people should be allowed to carry arms to protect themselves”

      Canary, My husband and I were talking about this very thing right after it happened. NY has such tough gun laws…which of course gives the bad guys the advantage.

      If they had laws more like Florida’s someone in that building would most likely had a gun…and would have quite possibly save some lives…regardless of whether the police made it inside or not.

      I’m glad I live in Florida where the gun laws are tough too…but in favor of the good guys. Thanks to Jeb Bush…!

    • jobeth says:

      Caligirl…High five to your daughter’s BF!!! LOL! Way to go!

    • wardmama4 says:

      These idiots in DC and State Capitals – you know the liberal whinners who still try to pander the crappola on a shingle that 99% of the criminals are innocents sent to jail because of color – and thusly install these insane laws that do nothing but take guns away from law abiding individuals (in direct violation of the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution) – are on the road to creating the very thing that they claim they are ‘preventing’ – a wild west shootout.

      Because they’ve hobbled the police – locally ours have to go through 1000 gyrations and pc phrases before being allowed to even draw their weapon (which is why a number get shot or knived every year) and as pointed out, in these mass shootings they have to stand down for hours until someone has the guts to clear it –

      Thus the police have become simply, official crime scene reporters nothing more and certainly no longer protection for the people. Combine that with judges who left, right and center are letting criminals plea bargin (how many crimes does it take to become a criminal?!?), wheel and deal and get away with murder. And let back out to do it all again. All in the name of fairness, justice and pc-ness gone wild.

      And a few more of these incidents (why, oh why are we suddenly hearing about these ‘mass’ shootings almost daily?) – gut tells me that the Klownposse in DC wants to ban guns nationally (gotta nationalize everything) but the mind says that there is a different setup – and it is even more scary than gun bans. . .

  6. bobbys says:

    Im from Jersey and never loined good english and i aiant mad at nobody!!!!;]

  7. proreason says:

    Although it is a common and understandable occurence for otherwise mild-mannered people to murder 13 people because America has abused them so much, it seems to me that there is an eentsy tiny chance that this incident occured because the guy WAS A NUT.

    • caligirl9 says:

      RACIST against nuts!! *wink*

    • canary says:

      but his neighbors said he and his family were really sweet people, so I guess Acorn hiring him, wouldn’t have been an option. The non-citizen immigrant that did Virginia Tech murders, now he was crazy. Meanwhile, while Americans jump off buildings from car, home, and job loss, more illegal immigrants getting jobs and work permits. Oh that’s right Obama has a new hotline for people during these troubling times, but the call wait is driving people nuts. Once they make it through the menu. Press 1 if you’ve lost your job. Press 2 if you are homeless, 3. would you like to donate….etc… Then, instead of elevator music, they have to listen to a recording of Obama’s token speeches and rap songs for hours. “Yes We Can”. “Change” “Terrorists to be set free and placed on welfare til rehabilated to work” “Global warming is our fault”. How come ever since Obama was elected the Scientists quit saying cell phones, tv’s, and computers add to global warming. I sure hope Michello goes a step further with her slave gardeners: Handwashing and hang drying clothes. Have they any idea what damage dry cleaners are doing are doing to the earth.

  8. jerusamus says:

    I hate to use this memory,while stationed in Germany mid 80’s we had a lot of older Germans that worked with us,being curious about history I asked him about Hitler,he told me he was 10 or so at the time and his family helped wounded soldiers on both sides they were farmers, outside the politics, but he told me how at the time for his father to sell or trade a cow to another farmer they had to have a Jewish mediator,after WWI the Germans where second class citizens in their own country,he said that is what Hitler used to gain power.That was his memory,my memory is going to be one of a president using class warfare to what ends I do not know yet.I do know that nothing good can come of this civilian force comprised of acorn and god knows who else.

    • proreason says:

      “after WWI the Germans where second class citizens in their own country”

      That sounds like where we are at. One thing I know for sure, under the Obamistration, I’m not a 1st class citizen.

  9. JulieJ says:

    I predict major lawsuits against the police for waiting. On a similar note, several years ago a young lady was raped at a Long Island City subway stop. The transit workers saw what was happening, called 911 but refused to intervene themselves. The girl sued them but lost. Apparently, the judge had no problem with their sitting around and waiting 10 minutes for the police to arrive. Not everybody is a hero but I believe that this perp was not armed and if he had seen the guy at the token booth approaching, might have fled.

  10. Liberals Demise says:

    A rot a tings rent rong and da capatarist are to brame!!
    Irregars are here makin’ it hard to be me at jrob. Unress tings not done propery, mabre arot more of dis will be more ramperent. My engrish good,yes? You no worry….you numba 1 in Nygens’ brook!!

  11. canary says:

    Well, what angers me about the police saying they waited outside, didn’t matter because according to the Medical Examiner reports, that were done so fast, and what good would it be to have dead policemen all over the place, well, if they weren’t trained properly, is something they wouldn’t want to admit.

    I believe the police were concerned of a possible terrorist with a bomb strapped around him or her self, do to the locality of the terrorist act.
    Surprised the 911 calls haven’t been released. But, I’m sure the Civil Liberties Union will get involved, and better to come out of their mouths. They probably will even blame that the man committed the murders because of racism, which might backfire. And it’s possible the shooter, may have believed one of the immigrants was actually a terrorist trying to gain citizenship. We will never know. Not sure if that is a state in which medical exams in cases of homicide are public information.
    Strange the increase of mass murders since Obama started his oppression, angry, violatile talk. He did describe both his fathers as violatile. His mother made bad choices in husbands. Both, made his mother’s chin trimble, as Obama claimed in his book.

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