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Violence On 2nd Anniversary Of ‘Tahrir Square’

From an fazed Reuters:

Violence flares on anniversary of Egypt uprising

By Ahmed el-Shemi and Tom Perry | January 25, 2013

CAIRO (Reuters) – Hundreds of youths clashed with Egyptian police in Tahrir Square on Friday in a violent start to the second anniversary of the uprising that toppled Hosni Mubarak and led to the election of an Islamist president [sic] who is now the focus of protester rage.

Why isn’t our news media celebrating this historic anniversary more? And why aren’t Obama and Hillary getting more credit for the Muslim Brotherhood’s coup in Egypt?

Hasn’t this been one of Obama’s greatest achievements? Maybe second only to how he has destroyed the US economy.

Opponents of President Mohamed Mursi and his Muslim Brotherhood allies are expected to mass in Tahrir Square later on Friday to revive the demands of a revolution that they say has been betrayed by the Islamists.

The simple truth is everyone knew the Muslim Brotherhood would take over Egypt, including the Obama administration. Which can only mean they wanted the Muslim Brotherhood to take over. — There is no other explanation.

The square was calm by daybreak, following early morning battles between police and protesters who threw petrol bombs and firecrackers as they tried to approach a wall blocking access to government buildings near the square…

Which is actually a circle.

Egypt’s revolution helped set off more revolts in Libya and Syria…

And we see how well those ‘revolutions’ have turned out.

"The people want to bring down the regime," declared banners in the square. "Save Egypt from the rule of the Supreme Guide," said another, a reference to leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, Mohamed Badie [sic]…

The parties that have called for Friday’s protest list demands including a complete overhaul of the Islamist-tinged constitution that was fast-tracked into law by Mursi in December…

That will never happen. Thanks to Obama and his pals at Al Jazeera, the Muslim Brotherhood has seized power. And they aren’t ever going to give it up again without a fight.

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One Response to “Violence On 2nd Anniversary Of ‘Tahrir Square’”

  1. USSFreedom says:

    WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE? Seems to cover it all anymore, according to the exalted ones in D.C.
    Go with the flow, yesterday’s gone, don’t look back and Yadda Yadda Yadda.

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