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Violent Protests Continuing In Tehran

From the Wall Street Journal:

Fierce Clashes Break Out in Tehran


December 28, 2009

Iranian opposition protesters clashed with security forces in Tehran.

Thousands of protesters clashed violently with security-service officials across Tehran Sunday in what appeared to be the worst bout of violence since demonstrations against June elections erupted more than six months ago.

Security forces opened fire on people in the central Tehran neighborhood of College Square around 11:30 a.m., killing at least four protesters and injuring dozens more, according to witnesses at the scene and opposition websites

Among the slain protesters was the nephew of Mir Hossein Mousavi, the former presidential candidate and leading opposition leader, according to Mr. Mousavi’s official Web site Kalame. The nephew, Seyed Ali Mousavi, was participating in anti-government protests in Tehran on Sunday, the site reported.

Mr. Mousavi went to the hospital where the body is being kept, reported his Web site…

Despite the heavy police presence, large groups of demonstrators managed to congregate in parts of the city, according to opposition websites. As the day wore on, clashes appeared to turn more violent, with demonstrators fighting back fiercely against security services. Reports circulated of security officials disobeying orders from their superiors.

In central Tehran, at a demonstration along Taleghani Street, thousands of people chased a group of anti-riot police, according to one video circulation widely on the Internet late Sunday. As the crowd approached them, three anti-riot policemen took off their bullet proof vests, held them up in the air and laid down their batons. The crowd went wild with cheers and whistles, video footage posted on YouTube and opposition Web sites show.

Fierce clashes have also broken out in the cities of Isfahan and Mashad as well as smaller more conservative cities like Arak, according to witness accounts and footage posted on Iranian websites. Witnesses and opposition Web sites describe scenes of chaos as security forces lose control of some neighborhoods of Tehran.

The official Web site of Mr. Mousavi’s opposition "Green Movement," rahesabz, reported that other rank-and-file security forces and police were refusing orders by commanders to open direct fire into crowds

Another video circulation Sunday shows a mob of young men attacking a police station in central Tehran as a crowd of thousands of people cheer them on. They smashed windows and took over the police station, beating and disarming police officers…

Most of our media are ignoring this amazing story.

And, worse yet, so is our government.

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