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Vote Democrat – To Bring Back The Draft

Should the unthinkable happen and the Democrats take back control of Congress, Representative Charles "Cheney Is A SOB" Rangel will be in charge of the most powerful committee on Capital Hill, the House Ways and Means Committee.

Of course it is the  House Ways and Means Committee that truly controls the purse strings of the US government, which is Congress only real power.

Lest we forget, Mr. Rangel has one magnificent obsession, and that is to re-institute the draft for all citizens, both male and female, from 18 to 26.

From the DNC’s CNN:

Mr. Rangel whoops it up between two famous draft dodgers, Bill Clinton and Howard Dean.

Rangel introduces bill to reinstate draft

Wednesday, January 8, 2003 Posted: 4:28 AM EST (0928 GMT)

WASHINGTON (CNN) — Rep. Charles Rangel introduced a bill in Congress Tuesday to reinstate the military draft, saying fighting forces should more closely reflect the economic makeup of the nation.

The New York Democrat told reporters his goal is two-fold: to jolt Americans into realizing the import of a possible unilateral strike against Iraq, which he opposes, and "to make it clear that if there were a war, there would be more equitable representation of people making sacrifices."

"I truly believe that those who make the decision and those who support the United States going into war would feel more readily the pain that’s involved, the sacrifice that’s involved, if they thought that the fighting force would include the affluent and those who historically have avoided this great responsibility," Rangel said.

"Those who love this country have a patriotic obligation to defend this country," Rangel said. "For those who say the poor fight better, I say give the rich a chance."

According to Rangel’s office, minorities comprise more than 30 percent of the nation’s military.

Under his bill, the draft would apply to men and women ages 18 to 26; exemptions would be granted to allow people to graduate from high school, but college students would have to serve.

Anyone who didn’t qualify for military service because of impairments would be asked to perform community service.

The lawmaker has said his measure could make members of Congress more reluctant to authorize military action. The Korean War veteran has accused President Bush and some fellow lawmakers of being too eager to go to war…

Ironically, the Democrats (including bizarrely enough even Mr. Rangel) constantly raised the specter of a new draft before the 2004 elections, when they claimed if the Republicans held power they would re-institute conscription. But no one in the GOP or the administration ever suggested such a thing.

Whereas Mr. Rangel and even the DNC's standard-bearer John Kerry did have plans for a new draft or some other comparable form of required national service.

When Mr. Rangel did eventually introduce his new conscription bill it lost in a landslide, 402-2. Indeed, even Rangel himself was finally forced to vote against it. Only John Murtha (D) and Pete Stark (D) voted for it.

But there is no doubt that should the Democrats regain control of the House that Charles Rangel will insist on re-instituting the draft And being in the House’s most powerful position, he will be very likely able to force his will through.

On the other hand if the Republicans retain the majority in the House, Mr. Rangel has promised he will resign from Congress. (Not that he has ever kept his word before.)

But at least we should remember that we have a choice on November 7th. A new draft for both men and women between 18 and 26 — or having Mr. Rangel leave Congress.

Decisions, decisions.

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