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Vote Thief Franken, The People’s Proxy

From those champions of open and honest elections at the Associated Press:

Franken eyes role as ‘people’s proxy’ in hearings

By Henry C. Jackson, Associated Press Writer Tue Jul 7

WASHINGTON – Finally joining the Senate, Democrat Al Franken envisions playing the "people’s proxy" during Sonia Sotomayor’s Supreme Court hearings. Franken, awaiting "an awfully emotional" Tuesday when he is sworn in, is joining the Senate Judiciary Committee, which is to begin hearings next week on President Barack Obama’s first nominee to the high court.

"As someone who will have been in the committee a grand total of six days and isn’t an attorney I kind of see myself fulfilling a certain role for Americans watching the hearings," Franken said Monday in an interview with The Associated Press.

"So I kind of see myself as people’s proxy, not that the other senators aren’t, but certainly that’s the kind of role I want to play," he said…

We suppose shameless criminals and frauds need political representation, too.

Though it’s hard to see how they have been under-represented of late. (Look at Mr. Harry Reid, for instance.)

Still, what a disgrace this latest election theft is to our once great nation.

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9 Responses to “Vote Thief Franken, The People’s Proxy”

  1. Petronius says:


    British-Canadian Coalition Forces Advance Unopposed

    The Sun. Tuesday, 7 July 2009, London. In an exclusive interview with The Sun, Viscount Hereward St John Reginald Arthur Fulbert Bollingbath, BNP Member for Stepney and Foreign Secretary, commented on the surprising eclipse of America’s leadership role in its “special relationship” with the United Kingdom. This surprising shift in power follows closely upon the stunning electoral triumph of Prime Minister Nick Griffin and the British National Party, the British invasion and occupation of Iran, and U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama’s abject humiliation at the hands of North Korea’s deranged leader Kim Jong-Il. Meanwhile government officials in Britain and elsewhere in Europe and Canada are still reeling from Obama’s insults to Queen Elizabeth II and Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany, and U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano’s insults to Canada.

    Our reporter found Lord Bollingbath at The Grapes pub in Wapping, where he was enjoying breakfast alfresco on The Grapes’s patio overlooking the Thames. A few barges moved slowly on the river. The gulls chattered. There was a slight breeze, and a cool ocean scent drifted up to the patio.

    Joining Lord Bollingbath at the breakfast table was the American ambassador, Ms Margaret Nash, a lame duck Republican holdover from President Bush’s administration. Ms Nash’s father, Billy “Gusher” Nash, had been a Texas oilman of considerable property, but naturally it had all gone to his third wife, Anna Nicola Nash, when Gusher remarried at the advanced age of 82. It had been said at the time the old man died, years ago, that Nikki had inherited the money and Margaret the brains. Also in company were Jack Kitchen, MP for Hackney and member of Prime Minister Nick Griffin’s inner circle, and Jack’s special friend, the proprietress of The Grapes, Ms Fiona Ridley, a former Playboy bunny and reputed chief of MI6.

    Lord Bollingbath, Ambassador Nash, Jack, and Fiona were discussing Prime Minister Griffin’s recent declaration that terrorists would be hunted to the four corners of the Earth, that you’re either with us or you’re against us, that you’re either fighting terrorism or you’re supporting it, and that any country that harbours, finances, or shelters terrorists would be fair game. Lord Bollingbath was smiling, and there was laughter in his face, even in the angle of his body, as he discussed the British invasion that was now descending upon the suburbs of Washington DC, to root out adherents of Al Qaeda.

    Code named Operation Crushed Grapes, the task force is composed of one SAS squadron, two companies of the Gurkha Rifles, some three hundred Glasgow Rangers football hooligans, members of the Havelock, Ontario hockey club, and auxiliaries from the Texas National Guard. Early Monday morning the British invasion force disembarked at Dulles International Airport in northern Virginia. By a stroke of luck, the U. S. immigration agents mistook the British force for a touring rugby squad and fan club and waived them in. From that moment their rapid advance through northern Virginia has been virtually unopposed, leaving vast swaths of the suburbs in charred and smoldering ruins, and even now British forces are sweeping through the smoke filled streets, encountering only token resistance from a force of some 6,000 Somali fighters who have dug in at the Dar al-Hijrah Islamic Center in Fall Church, Virginia. The early political reports that are beginning to filter through mention nothing more serious than the usual impuissant mouthings in the American Congress about the perils of open borders.

    “It seems that Senator Red Kennedy has disappeared,” Lord Bollingbath spoke as if he himself could hardly believe what he was saying.

    Ambassador Nash breathed out a sigh and the fork clattered from her hand. “What on earth do you mean, ‘disappeared’?,” she said slowly. “Where has he gone?”

    “If I knew where he had gone, Maggie, I would hardly say he had disappeared!” Lord Bollingbath replied with unusual acerbity. “No one knows where he is! That is the point. He did not come home Monday, although he had no dinner engagement that anyone knows of, and he has not been seen since. None of his regular girlfriends have heard from him. Our chaps have checked the strip clubs, bars, and casinos. His valet says he has no clothes with him other than the suit he was wearing for Monday luncheon.”

    “Have any of his staff members failed to report for work?,” Nash demanded. “Did anyone take a message or call a cab for him?”

    “Apparently not.”

    “Well, he can’t simply have vanished! He must be somewhere!”

    “Of course.” Lord Bollingbath smiled still more and took himself a piece of toast and spread it liberally with butter and apricot preserve, casting a sideways glance at Fiona Ridley. “But no one knows where. Or, if they do, they are not prepared to say.”

    “Cor blimey, Reggie,” said Jack with an impish grin, “You’re not suggesting ‘e’s been kidnapped?”

    Ms Nash choked on her tea. “I’m not suggesting anything,” Lord Bollingbath waved his butter knife at the American ambassador, for Kitchen to do something about her. “Slap her, for goodness sake!” He waited while Jack obliged and Ms Nash pushed Jack away, finding her breath again. “I simply don’t know,” Lord Bollingbath finished. “But doubtless the White House must issue some sort of statement about the situation, so there will be suggestions, all of them unpleasant, and that will be one of them.”

    Someone dropped a pan in the kitchen, and the dim echo of the clatter penetrated out onto the patio. “I supposed Jack, darling, you have heard nothing whatever?,” Fiona purred, her eyes bright and merry, with a flicker of amusement entering her voice.

    “Nuthin’,” Kitchen agreed, as his beefy hand hovered over the toast rack, then the sausage platter, but could not settle upon either. “I dunno where ‘e went. I swear on me muvver’s grave! An’ I carn’t tell yer more’n vat if yer was to send me ter Horstralia fer it.”

    “We don’t send people to Australia anymore, Jack, darling––haven’t done for years,” Fiona explained tenderly, as if to a small child.

    “Well,” Jack continued, as a heavy bead of sweat rolled down his thick neck, “I dunno where ‘e’s gorn. It’s as if the ground has opened up and swallered ‘im into it.”

    “Oh, by the way, Reggie,” Fiona added sotto voce, “Senators John Kreepy, Patrick Lefty, and Alf Cranken have also disappeared.”

  2. Finally. A real clown in congress, ’cause don’t you just hate the phony ones…

  3. JulieJ says:

    The Secretary of State of Minnesota has ACORN ties. That is how Franken was able to steal the election. An awful lot of dead people voted for crazy Franken. I hope that Norm Coleman runs for governor and wins. Minnesota is also famous for its insane three way races which is how Ventura – and partly how Franken – won. I have no doubt that Coleman won this election – no doubt at all. Shame on Minnesotans for allowing so much fraud.

  4. ThreeBus says:

    Do they look like they are going to kiss or what?

    OK, who wants Obama to win in 2012?

    Thats just whats going to happen if we don’t
    get rid of ACORN/C.O.I.


  5. Confucius says:

    Another cartoon goes to Washington.

    A piano suddenly drops from the sky . . . .

  6. U NO HOO says:

    “”people’s proxy””

    Isn’t that slang for “Public free clinic proctologist?”

    I’m just saying…

  7. Georgfelis says:

    Only two ways this can go.
    1. Sen Franken stays shut up for the next six years, and only reads prepared statements.
    2. Sen Franken opens his mouth and proceeds to make a fool of himself and his party.

    Frankly I hope he starts talking. The sooner the voters see just how badly they screwed up, the sooner they will send in replacements. And stealing only a thousand votes won’t help him a bit then.

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