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VP Says Mubarak Has ‘Stepped Down’

From an elated Associated Press:

Democracy protests bring down Egypt’s Mubarak

By Paul Schemm And Maggie Michael, Associated Press
February 11, 2011

CAIRO – Fireworks burst over Tahrir Square and Egypt exploded with joy and tears of relief after pro-democracy protesters brought down President Hosni Mubarak with a momentous march on his palaces and state TV. Mubarak, who until the end seemed unable to grasp the depth of resentment over his three decades of authoritarian rule, finally resigned Friday and handed power to the military.

"The people ousted the regime," rang out chants from crowds of hundreds of thousands massed in Cairo’s central Tahrir, or Liberation, Square and outside Mubarak’s main palace several miles away in a northern district of the capital…

The success of the biggest popular uprising ever seen in the Arab world had stunning implications for the region, the United States and the West, and Israel.

Mubarak was the symbol of the implicit decades-old deal the United States made in the Middle East: Support for autocratic leaders in return for their guarantee of stability, a bulwark against Islamic militants and peace — or at least an effort at peace — with Israel

Those issues will only grow in significance as Egypt takes the next steps towards what the protest movement hopes will be a true democracy — in which the Muslim Brotherhood will likely to be a significant political player.

Neighboring Israel watched with the crisis with unease, worried that their 1979 peace treaty could be in danger. It quickly demanded on Friday that post-Mubarak Egypt continue to adhere to it. Any break seems unlikely in the near term: The military leadership supports the treaty. While anti-Israeli feeling is strong among Egyptians and future ties may be strained, few call for outright abrogating a treaty that has kept peace after three wars in the past half-century…

Funny, now that it’s over, we hear about Israel.

Mubarak himself flew to his isolated palace in the Red Sea resort of Sharm el-Sheikh, 250 miles from the turmoil in Cairo.

His fall came 32 years to the day after the collapse of the shah’s government in Iran…

Which is not really such a wonderful omen.

BBC News has published this translation of the complete text of Mr. Suleiman’s remarks:

In the name of God the merciful, the compassionate, citizens, during these very difficult circumstances Egypt is going through, President Hosni Mubarak has decided to step down from the office of president of the republic and has charged the high council of the armed forces to administer the affairs of the country. May God help everybody.

We can’t help but think of the old adage: ‘Be careful what you wish for.’

But let’s hope that it all turns out for the best. It is in Allah’s hands now.

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6 Responses to “VP Says Mubarak Has ‘Stepped Down’”

  1. River0 says:

    This is such a great setup for Armageddon. If you’re a person of faith – as I am – it means wonderful things are going to happen. If you aren’t a person of faith…. well, it’s a good time to make your peace with the Creator.

    The whole Middle East is being shaped into the New Caliphate of Islam, with a nuclear Iran. Armed and dangerous hordes of jihadis are teaming up with Marxists, ‘progressives’, and anarchists everywhere. Israel is marked for death, and the clock is ticking down.

    It’s like we’ve seen this movie before, isn’t it?

  2. tranquil.night says:

    “It’s in Allah’s hands now.”

    Steve, your mind-reading skills are scary.

  3. canary says:

    BBC: Gaza youth vent anger on Facebook
    by Jon Donnison Feb 9 2011

    Protesters in Gaza have expressed solidarity with demonstrators in Egypt Continue reading the main story

    As Egypt’s unrest continues, in neighbouring Gaza, an online manifesto for change has struck a chord with the young population.

    He is one of the authors of the Gaza Youth Manifesto for Change, a 450-word tirade against the frustrations of life in the Strip.

    Posted online in December, the manifesto now has over 19,000 followers on the group’s Facebook page under the name Gaza Youth Breaks Out.

    The manifesto’s opening salvo is a series of expletives directed at Hamas, Israel, Fatah, the UN, and the US.

    He says he never dreamed his Facebook group would pick up so much support.

    “We’ve been getting hundreds of e-mails, many from here in Gaza but also from all over the world.”

    …Khaled says. “Our main grievance is with Israel and the occupation, not with Hamas.”

    Because of this, Khaled says they will soon change the manifesto to refocus criticism on Israel and away from Hamas.

    But with almost a million Gazans being under the age of 18 – many feeling the same frustrations – the potential for the group to grow is surely there.


    History on Egypt & the Muslim Brotherhood

    The Real Clear World: Muslim Brotherhood: The Unreliable Ally
    By Jonathan Schanzer Feb 10, 2011

    Jonathan Schanzer, a former intelligence analyst at the U.S. Treasury, is vice president of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies.


    Great portrayal of the Muslim Brotherhood agenda

    Hudson New York: The Reality of the Muslim Brotherhood

    by Tarek Heggy Feb 11, 2011

    The Muslim Brotherhood was launched in 1928 to restore a caliphate, a global religious government aimed at fighting the “non-believers” (specifically, Christians, Hindus, and Jews) and at spreading Islam. The group opposed the existence of any secular states in all Muslim societies throughout the Middle East….

    …Finally, one must know that the Brothers are likely to use taqqiyya [dissimulation], a principle which –according to some clerics such as Ibn Hanbal and Ibn Taymiyya — allows Muslims to lie if so doing assists them in ultimately defeating the infidels.


    What middle-eastern countries consider democracy is not the same as what most Americans consider
    democracy, just as Obama’s claims of democracy does not have the same meaning as our Founding Father’s democracy.

  4. canary says:

    Shocking video of Christians having to recycle Cairo’s garbage, living with swine and underground churches to keep safe from muslims.

    Good thing Al Gore didn’t make president


    …still….there’s time to try and stop UN Agenda 21 in the U.S. If you see or read the word “sustainability” being used by your city or town electives, do some checking, as it’s quietly but quickly spreading more and more to a police state mentality in everything you do.

    Agenda 21 in Cairo Egypt back in 2005


    From Pharaohs to Geoinformatics
    FIG Working Week 2005 and GSDI-8
    Cairo, Egypt April 16-21, 2005


  5. Rusty Shackleford says:

    IMHO it is exteremely doubtful that Egypt will come to any type of free system as we know it. For over 7,000 years the population has always had a single, dictatorial leader of some kind.

    They have been kept stupid by having one of the lowest education levels in the world and are also extremely superstitious, a byproduct of ignorance.

    This makes them ripe for alignment with radical islam. The terrorists are masters at being patient and getting people to do their bidding. And they can convince the Egyptians that they are more alike than different. Any dislike the military may have against radical islamists will be quelled by the sharing of power. But that will evolve into internal assassinations, etc. leaving the radicals in charge, eventually.

    Plus, any system based upon freedom is anethema to the middle east as it would decidely have to embrace values similar to western ones. They would find this intolerable. My prediction is that they will end up with more of the same, or more likely, something much worse. This may not be “obama’s Waterloo” but it is certainly his “Iran”.

    • proreason says:

      little lenin will spin it.

      – He has already come out on all sides of the issue.
      – If it comes out bad (and I agree it will), it will be Bush’s fault
      – It will also be Israel’s fault
      – It will also be Mubarak’s fault for not listening to the boy king’s advice
      – He will save or crete many benefits, and whatever the outcome, it will be much better than it could have been

      meanwhile, nobody is talking about the 1.5T budget deficit, or the unconstitutional ObamyScare law.

      Life is good in Obamyland. Party at 9.

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