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VT Confirms Security Breach On Exchange Site

From the Associated Press

State confirms health website security breach

By DAVE GRAM | November 22, 2013

MONTPELIER, VT — Officials overseeing the Vermont Health Connect website confirmed Friday there was a security breach on the system last month in which one user got improper access to another user’s Social Security number and other data.

A report from state to federal officials overseeing the health insurance exchanges set up under the Affordable Care Act said a consumer reported the incident with the Vermont Health Connect website on Oct. 17.

The consumer, whom officials would not identify, reported that he received in the mail — from an unnamed sender — a copy of his own application for insurance under the state exchange.

“On the back of the envelope was hand-written ‘VERMONT HEALTH CONNECT IS NOT A SECURE WEBSITE!’ This was also (written) on the back of the last page of the printed out application,” said the incident report.

Thanks for the tip kind stranger!

The report was prepared by Greg Needle, privacy administrator with Vermont Health Connect, and filed with the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. The Associated Press obtained it after a request under the state public records law to the Department of Vermont Health Access.

The report did not identify the individual consumers involved in the breach.

Mark Larson, commissioner of the Department of Vermont Health Access, said the incident described in the report was the only one of its kind since Vermont Health Connect launched Oct. 1. He said technical changes had been made in the way the system handles user names and passwords.

“This was one case and it was responded to appropriately,” Larson said, adding that the department’s main concern is data security and making sure the “unique circumstances” that led to the breach cannot be replicated today…

Right. This will never happen again. Nothing to see here. Move along.

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One Response to “VT Confirms Security Breach On Exchange Site”

  1. Astravogel says:

    Just a couple? It can only get worse. Cartoon today said the only
    health care websites that work are the bogus ones.

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