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WA Has 9X More Medicaid Sign-Ups Than O-Care

From National Review:

Washington Has Enrolled Almost Nine Times as Many People in Medicaid as in Private Plans

By Sterling Beard | December 5, 2013

Obamacare’s defenders often point to states like Washington to prove that the law is succeeding. However, the Evergreen State is signing up vastly more people for Medicaid than for private insurance.

Through the first two months of enrollment, Healthplanfinder, the state’s health-care exchange, has enrolled 176,468 Washingtonians in coverage. Over 91,000 are newly eligible for expanded Medicaid and more than 66,000 were currently eligible but were not enrolled. That leaves only 18,131 residents who purchased private policies.

Altogether, that means that eight-and-a-half times as many people have signed up for Medicaid as have enrolled in private insurance.

This seems to be the going rate in other states as well. As we have previously noted, 82% of the signups in Kentucky have been for Medicaid. And Kentucky is trumpeted as an even biggest success story than Washington State.

An additional 43,000 people have completed applications for private plans but have yet to submit payment, which is due by December 23 for coverage that begins on January 1, 2014.

Officials have projected that roughly 130,000 people will purchase private insurance plans by New Year’s Day. Current private-plan enrollment amounts to about 14 percent of that goal…

As we have noted before, this is great news for Obama and the Democrat Party. Getting people dependent on Medicaid is even better than having them sign up for Obama-Care. They will be even more certain to vote the straight Democrat Party ticket.

In fact, you have to wonder if Obama-Care wasn’t just a Trojan Horse to increase Medicaid enrollment. After all, the left’s ultimate goal is to get a government-run ‘single payer’ system. Which is what Medicaid is.

So much so, that most people who are pushing ‘single payer’ say we should just expand Medicaid to include everyone. And every day that passes we are getting that much closer to that goal, thanks to Obama-Care.

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