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Walker Dismisses AWOL Dems Overture

From those champions of the little guy union fat cats at Reuters:

Wisconsin’s Walker dismisses Democratic overture

By Jeff Mayers Mon Mar 7, 2010

MADISON, Wisconsin (Reuters) – Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker dismissed as "ridiculous" a request on Monday from the leader of absent Senate Democrats to meet and negotiate a compromise in their standoff over Republican plans to limit public sector union powers.

Shouldn’t the Democrats have thought of negotiating a month or two ago, when these budget reforms were first introduced? Instead, they did nothing – except eventually run away.

At a news conference in Madison, the new Republican governor who has sparked nationwide protests with his efforts to strip public sector unions of most collective bargaining rights, showed no signs of backing down

More contentious ‘reporting’ from the AP. The unions would not be ‘stripped’ of the power to negotiate their salaries, which is still far more than what federal union employees can do.

Walker blasted the leader of Senate Democrats, Mark Miller, as an obstacle to getting a deal for some of the Democrats to return and vote on the proposal.

"We had progress and we thought we had the framework of a pathway home for those 14 Senate Democrats, but again, Senator Miller stood in the way," Walker said…

Miller’s letter had appealed to Walker and Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald to sit down and reach a bipartisan solution to the differences.

But the Republicans were defiant, saying again that they would not change the core of the proposal to curtail public sector union powers. Areas of compromise would only be considered on matters to do with the state’s budget for fiscal 2012 and 2013, they said…

Exactly who is being "defiant" here? Isn’t it the Democrats, who are even trying to upend Wisconsin’s system of government?

Most opinion polls show that while most Americans, and Wisconsin voters, believe that government workers should contribute more toward pensions and health care, they support collective bargaining rights for unions

Hogwash. "Most opinion polls" are manufactured by our news media to produce an outcome that advances their agenda.

The fact that Wisconsin’s representatives in Washington have not come out strongly in support of the unions, tells us all we need to know about what the public really thinks about all of this.

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One Response to “Walker Dismisses AWOL Dems Overture”

  1. preparing4theworst says:

    If I remember my history of american unions correctly unions were the answer of labor to management. Not over the issues at hand but over the fact that labor could not TRUST management to address those issues, ie do the right thing at the right time for the right reasons. Having said that let me say that I am ina right to work state and am employed by a city entity but due to those exact trust issues which also suggest a need for some kind of protection from a capricious and sometimes vindictive upper management my dept unionized several years ago. Now when I signed on I was told what my pay range would be…ok, I was informed that contributing to my state retirement was mandatory but the city would contribute a percentage and so would I (70/30 I think)..still ok. I was also informed that the city would offer health insurance (optional) at a similar rate…STILL OK. Now we have collective bargaining and that has not changed…AND with no ill effects. BUT as upper management changed with time it became incumbent upon us to erect certain protective barriers and unfortunately unionization was the only method currently available. Upper mgmnt stated that unionization was a good thing, but it would seem they have absolutely no historical perspective about the root cause of unionization. If it wern’t so sad it might be funny. Now much to my chagrin I have been forced NOT by law but by circumstances to become a union member for my own protection. BUT only about a another year and a half if all goes well…

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