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Walker Gets More Votes Than Top Two Dems

From a quietly dismayed Associated Press:

Wis. recall is rematch of 2010 governor’s race

May 9, 2012

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — The candidates may be the same, but Wisconsin isn’t.

Probably not. If anything, the experiences of over the last 18 months have probably made the average Wisconsin voter realize just how dangerous the union thugs and their Democrat stooges really are.

And not just to to their pocketbooks, but literally to their safety. After all, even Scott Walker’s campaign headquarters has to be kept secret for “security reasons.” Just like in any third world banana republic.

In the tumultuous 18 months since Republican Scott Walker defeated Democrat Tom Barrett in the 2010 governor’s race, Wisconsin has been rocked with massive protests over workers’ rights, recall elections over a contentious union rights law and a partisan divide that’s strained families and friendships.

Now, Walker and Barrett are headed for a rematch.

Barrett, the mayor of Milwaukee since 2004, easily won the Democratic primary Tuesday and will take on Walker in the June 5 recall a short four weeks away. Walker defeated Barrett by 125,000 votes, or 5 percentage points, in 2010 as part of a GOP sweep into power that also saw them take the Legislature and knock off Democratic U.S. Sen. Russ Feingold…

Weirdly, the AP doesn’t bother to mention that according to the official returns, as reported by the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, Gov. Walker got 7,500 more votes (6,538) than the top two Democrat candidates combined (619,049).

The AP also fails to note that the Wisconsin Democrats didn’t even vote for the most pro-union guy. Labor’s hand-picked candidate lost. The AP also neglects to report that Scott Walker is ahead of Barrett in most polls.

“We’re not going backward; we’re going forward!” Walker told his supporters Tuesday night.

He’s trying to frame the recall as a question of whether Wisconsin wants to go back to what he calls failed policies of Democrats, or continue moving forward under his reforms

Maybe Walker’s campaign slogan should be ‘Forward.’

Barrett and his fellow Democrats are presenting it as a referendum on Walker and his policies.

“Our view is Scott Walker has done a lot of damage to the state and Wisconsin can’t be fixed as long as Scott Walker is governor,” Barrett told The Associated Press

Such as what? Balancing the budget without laying off any teachers or firemen or cops? And without raising taxes by 66%, or driving businesses out of the state, like they have done in neighboring Illinois.

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One Response to “Walker Gets More Votes Than Top Two Dems”

  1. Mithrandir says:

    It’s amazing that Republican governors do well in Wisconsin, and are hated, and then the democrats come in, screw everything up, and become rock stars.

    Tommy Thompson forced Clinton to accept welfare reform, and GUESS WHERE all those thousands of missing people disappeared to after “Welfare to Work” reforms became law? That’s right, back where they came from in the first place: Chicago, Rockford, Freeport, Illinois, where they have no requirement for work.

    Scott Walker tries to reverse the irresponsible debt from the Doyle administration, and they hate Walker. When Republicans try to FIX the country, the democrats do everything in their power to stop them. Is there some secret memo that we should know about? Is saving the country against their political platform or something? Is it their strategy to ruin the country, and allow the commies to rush in like they have all done in the past?

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