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WalMart Shoppers Clear Shelves During EBT Glitch

First we have this backgrounder via Reuters:

Power outage shuts U.S. food stamp program for hours in 17 states

By Sharon Bernstein October 12, 2013

SACRAMENTO, California (Reuters) – A brief power outage caused food stamp recipients in 17 states to lose access for much of Saturday to the electronic system used by stores to verify their benefits, leaving many unable to buy groceries, the company that manages the system said…

Starting at about 11 a.m. EDT, some [EBT] cards stopped working… Shortly before 10 p.m. EDT, the company said access was restored, and promised to work to improve its system so that similar events do not occur…

At the Pathmark grocery in Newark, New Jersey, workers had to reshelve perishable items after customers walked away, according to store officials…

In most states, retailers can get permission to issue emergency paper vouchers that allow people to buy food. But some states limit the value of those vouchers, Lightfoot said. For example, beneficiaries in Ohio can buy no more than $50 of groceries on an emergency voucher, he said.

That’s rough. How can you expect someone to last a whole day on just $50 worth of food?

States experiencing problems were Alabama, California, Georgia, Iowa, Illinois, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Maryland, Maine, Michigan, Mississippi, New Jersey, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Texas and Virginia, Lightfoot said.

Once they think about it, the Democrats will probably arranging running these ‘glitches’ right before election day.

Meanwhile, from the CBS Louisiana affiliate, KSLA:

Walmart shelves in Springhill, Mansfield, cleared in EBT glitch

By Carolyn Roy | October 13, 2013

MANSFIELD, LA (KSLA) – Shelves in Walmart stores in Springhill and Mansfield, LA were reportedly cleared Saturday night, when the stores allowed purchases on EBT cards even though they were not showing limits.

In other words, their EBT cards became blank checks.

The chaos that followed ultimately required intervention from local police, and left behind numerous carts filled to overflowing, apparently abandoned when the glitch-spurred shopping frenzy ended.

Springhill Police Chief Will Lynd confirms they were called in to help the employees at Walmart because there were so many people clearing off the shelves. He says Walmart was so packed, "It was worse than any black Friday" that he’s ever seen.

It was like Christmas in October.

Lynd explained the cards weren’t showing limits and they called corporate Walmart, whose spokesman said to let the people use the cards anyway.

On the honor system. Just like they are doing with Obama-Care subsidies.

From 7 to 9 p.m., people were loading up their carts, but when the cards began showing limits again around 9, one woman was detained because she rang up a bill of $700.00 and only had .49 on her card. She was held by police until corporate Walmart said they wouldn’t press charges if she left the food.

It was probably an honest mistake.

Lynd says at 9 p.m., when the cards came back online and it was announced over the loud speaker, people just left their carts full of food in the aisles and left…

Evans believes it was natural human reaction that led people to fill up their carts during the glitch, but Walmart shoppers Stan and Judy Garcia feel very differently. "That’s plain theft, that’s stealing that’s all I got to say about it," said Garcia…

How judgmental some people are.

Lynd says contrary to rumors, nobody was unruly or arrested and [the police] were mainly there to help prevent shoplifting and theft.

So only people with EBT cards were allowed to steal.

A dispatcher for Mansfield police also confirms officers were called in for crowd control at the Mansfield Walmart. She said the shelves were cleared out, forcing Walmart to stop selling food at 9 p.m. There were no arrests.

There was, however, a huge mess left behind. Pictures and videos obtained by KSLA News 12 show aisles packed with shoppers emptying the shelves in Springhill. Another video shows what appear to be at least dozens of overflowing carts left abandoned in the aisles at the Mansfield store, against the backdrop of emptied shelves in the meat department…

Like the old song goes, ‘Stop the third world. We want to get off.’

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6 Responses to “WalMart Shoppers Clear Shelves During EBT Glitch”

  1. captstubby says:

    these ‘glitches’ are reminders .
    can’t have The Mass’s beliving all those ” the old far-right minority that has always existed, with a larger media megaphone…”

  2. canary says:

    Footage shows it all. It’s just Louisianians response during a crisis.


    “O.J Evans who took cell phone video of the overflowing shopping carts at the Mansfield Walmart.
    Evans believes it was natural human reaction that led people to fill up their carts during the glitch, but Walmart shoppers Stan and Judy Garcia feel very differently. “That’s plain theft,…”

    I think the footage should be turned over to police.

  3. wirenut says:

    Actor and comedian, Jackie Gleason said it best, ‘OH!, How Sweet It Is!’ In his time it meant you worked for it, or you did without.

    Today, It’s money for nothing and your check’s are free. I guess if you can’t run a simple checking account, issue a credit card. Their only taking a tip from Congress.

  4. John Carter says:

    The only difference between these greedy shoppers and congress is that congress can raise the debt limit.

  5. Melly says:

    Well after researching whether SNAP is shutting down and finding news articles as well as blogs reporting it and I’m coming to the conclusion WalMart was a willing participant in what they’re about to unleash on all of us.

    I watched many videos from Sunday and saw many times where the cops seemed to be trying to force people into doing something no matter how calm the people were being.
    Then you have the Saturday EBT mishap. Pretty much proof that the government shutdown was preplanned. Now WIC being shut down along with SNAP and I think we may be seeing how bad they want to unleash hell on us and how they’re going to do it.

    It’s either that or it’s the threat they’re holding over congress, do as we want or there will be blood in the streets.

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