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WP Leaks Photos From Haditha Report

The wire services are gleefully running photographs that the Washington Post claims to have gotten from the Naval Criminal Investigative Service’s report of the incident.

The details of the photos (such as the date and time) are left to our imagination. But the clear implication is that they were taken on or about the day of the incident.

The Washington Post clearly thought the first photograph was the most damning, as they ran it with their front page story today:

Death in Haditha

Eyewitness Accounts in Report Indicate Marines Gunned Down Unarmed Iraqis in the Aftermath of a Roadside Bombing in 2005

By Josh White

Saturday, January 6, 2007; Page A01

U.S. Marines gunned down five unarmed Iraqis who stumbled onto the scene of a 2005 roadside bombing in Haditha, Iraq, according to eyewitness accounts that are part of a lengthy investigative report obtained by The Washington Post.

Staff Sgt. Frank D. Wuterich, the squad’s leader, shot the men one by one after Marines ordered them out of a white taxi in the moments following the explosion, which killed one Marine and injured two others, witnesses told investigators. Another Marine fired rounds into their bodies as they lay on the ground.

Twenty-four civilians died in attacks by U.S. Marines in Haditha, Iraq, on Nov. 19, 2005, after a bomb killed one of the troops in a convoy. Four Marines have been charged with murder in the incidents, which began with the killing of five civilians outside a taxi and continued with the killing of Iraqis in nearby homes. These diagrams are drawn from accounts in investigative reports.
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The taxi’s five occupants exited the vehicle and according to U.S. and Iraqi witnesses, were shot by Wuterich as they stood, unarmed, next to the vehicle approximately ten feet in front of him," said a report by the Naval Criminal Investigative Service on the incident that runs thousands of pages…

If the photographs reflect the positions of the bodies at the time of their deaths, it certainly does seem to contradict the contention that the passengers attempted to flee.

But again it is not clear that these pictures are from the day of the incident. And the captions give no indication that they are — or aren’t.

Are they the photographs that the (now disgruntled) Marine claims he took the next day?

The Washington Post also has provided an elaborate graphic to illustrate their theory (portrayed as fact) about what happened that day in Haditha.

All of which seems calculated to convict these Marines in the public’s mind before they go to trial.

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