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UK Court: ‘Global Warming’ Is A Religion

From the UK’s Telegraph:

Tim Nicholson claims his firm discriminated against his environmental views.

Worker wins £100,000 after ‘environmental discrimination’

A worker has won almost £100,000 [$153, 900] because his firm discriminated against his environmental views after a landmark legal ruling placed them on a par with religious beliefs.

By Andy Bloxham
20 Apr 2010

Tim Nicholson, 42, was made redundant in July 2008 from his £77,000 [$118,503] -a-year post as head of sustainability with Grainger, the UK’s biggest residential landlord.

He was preparing to sue his former employer, alleging that his redundancy was a direct result of his green opinions about the dangers of climate change – which put him at odds with other senior executives within the firm.

At a preparatory hearing last year, a judge ruled that his belief in climate change was legally akin to a religious belief and should be protected from discrimination.

Mr Nicholson, who worked in the firm’s office in Putney, south west London, demanded £756,615 [$1.16 million] in compensation.

The claim against the firm included £587,925 for loss of earnings, £141,080 for loss of pension rights and £20,000 [$30,780] for injury to feelings.

He accused executives of failing to live up to their own green policies to cut emissions of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide, saying they drove “the most polluting cars on the road”.

He said that when he tried to find out how much carbon dioxide Grainger emitted, executives blocked him.

Mr Nicholson was subsequently given permission to sue the firm despite its claims that his views were a lifestyle choice.

Then, on the eve of a 10-day tribunal in London, Grainger offered him an out-of-court settlement approaching £100,000.

Mr Nicholson, who is married and has one child, lives in an environmentally friendly home in Oxford and refuses to fly on aeroplanes for green reasons.

He now works for a medical charity.

Grainger manages 27,000 properties worth a total of around £3 billion.

Mr Nicholson’s solicitor Shah Qureshi, of law firm Bindmans, issued an agreed statement from the parties that said: “Grainger plc and Tim Nicholson are pleased to confirm that the tribunal proceedings between the two parties have been resolved amicably.

“In proceedings last year, Mr Nicholson established the principle that a belief in the dangers of climate change was capable of being protected under the religious discrimination and philosophical belief regulations.

“He is pleased to have created an important point of law to support those individuals, like him, who hold a strong belief in the urgent need to combat climate change.”

Grainger denied that Mr Nicholson’s views were the reason why he was made redundant and cited “operational needs”.

A spokesman said: “Grainger rejects outright any suggestion that there was any other motivation relating to Mr Nicholson’s beliefs or otherwise.”

Of course we have long contended that the belief in ‘man-made global warming’ was a religion. (Or, more specifically, a dangerous cult.)

So it’s nice to see a British court back us up.

But will the hated ‘global warming deniers’ get the same rights as atheists enjoy?

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5 Responses to “UK Court: ‘Global Warming’ Is A Religion”

  1. NoNeoCommies says:

    This is a great victory!
    If warmist theory is on par with any religion, then you can’t preach in government buildings, or at school…

    • Right of the People says:

      I’m with you. This could be the loophole to keep them from poisoning our kids’ minds with their rubbish.

      Now if we could only get them to stop teaching the kiddies the praise Oblah-blah songs.

  2. Rusty Shackleford says:

    “…after a landmark legal ruling placed them on a par with religious beliefs.”

    If two things are equal to the same thing, then they are equal to each other. Ipso facto: AGW is a religion.

  3. Mithrandir says:

    “All in all it’s just another brick in the wall……….. removed from the castle of civilization.”

  4. GetBackJack says:

    Well … Bill Clinton strong armed the IRS to recognize the alien brain washing cult Scientology as a ‘religion’ so really … why not grant them ‘rights’? If peyote can be a sacrament and cows can be sacred and beating your women and cutting off their female parts can be classified as one of the world’s greatest religions … hell … a bunch of weather-nanny ought to be able to qualify.

    (which is why I have Jesus … not religion)

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