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Putin Was Undercover During Reagan Visit

From the UK’s Sky News:

‘Undercover Putin In KGB Reagan Ruse’

Wednesday March 18, 2009

Julia Alasheyeva, Moscow

A picture has emerged apparently showing Russia’s Prime Minister Vladimir Putin in his former days as a KGB officer. The 20-year old photo depicts two world leaders – US President Ronald Reagan and the Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev – in Moscow.

But, according to the man who took the photo, it also captures Mr Putin disguised as a tourist. Pete Souza, now President Obama’s official photographer, captured the moment when he worked for President Reagan during the political thaw that soon ended the Cold War.

Mr Reagan took a stroll around Red Square accompanied by the Russian leader, who then introduced him to a group of tourists.

In an interview, Mr Souza recounted being surprised at the "pointed" questions these supposed tourists asked the US leader. They included searching enquiries on the state of human rights in the US.

The identity of the man on the left of the photo – complete with camera round his neck – was later revealed and "verified" to Mr Souza as none other than Mr Putin.

The planting of KGB officers as bystanders was a common practice in Soviet times. During the tense stand-off of the Cold War, they would be used to challenge foreign leaders during visits to Russia.

But, while acknowledging this practice, a Russian political analyst and author of books on Vladimir Putin dismissed Mr Souza’s claims as "nonsense".

"Vladimir Putin was a major serving in Dresden and he wasn’t important enough at that time to be brought to Moscow", said Andrey Piontkovsky.

Mr Putin served as a KGB officer in the East German city of Dresden. He was stationed there from 1985 until the fall of the Berlin Wall. He was later called back to Russia.

Not a huge amount is known about his work there, but it is widely believed he was a middle-ranking agent on his first and only foreign posting.

If it really is Mr. Putin in the Reagan photo, it is awfully chilling.

As the article implies, the KGB would not have assigned just anybody to such a detail.

This would also show that Mr. Putin was not a middle manager desk jockey. Instead, it would indicate that he was a thug of the worst kind.

Of course that is something we should have long since realized anyway.


According to this January 2000 article from the Washington Post, Mr. Putin was indeed in Moscow in the early 1980s, receiving further training for his KGB career.

So it would seem that the photo is actually of him – plying his trade.

(And so much for the anonymous expert’s claims to the contrary.)

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7 Responses to “Putin Was Undercover During Reagan Visit”

  1. Confucius says:

    Reminds me of the plants used in the 2008 Democrat primaries. And CNN.

  2. DoctorRock says:

    Robert Heinlein visited the USSR in 1960 and quickly surmised that he was surrounded with handlers. Nothing new here, but any S&L’ers who haven’t
    googled Yuri Bezmenov are in for a treat. Would’nt you like to see the method behind the madness?

    • TwilightZoned says:

      DR, thanks for the heads up on Mr. Bezmenov. Never heard of him, but went to u-Tube and there were several video interviews. Most of his interviews were from the mid-’80’s and man, what he discusses most certainly seems to be true of the present time. The Soviet Union must be laughing themselves silly right about now. Unfortunately, it made my heart sink even further since he said the cure was to teach REAL patriotism. We know that isn’t going to happen. Sinking deeper into the twilight zone…

  3. Rusty Shackleford says:

    Putin? Did he have an ACORN T-shirt on?

  4. canary says:

    That child may have saved Reagan’s life. Wonder what Putin’s eyes are looking at. And his pocket looks full of stuff. Poison gadgets probably.

  5. Confucius says:

    Isn’t Putin the man whose eyes Bush looked into and saw a “friend”?

  6. brad says:

    “………he wasn’t important enough at that time to be brought to Moscow”

    YET, there he was, right in the face of the most powerful man in the world to challenge him, and get information. Not important enough, but yet he is there, not important enough, yet important enough to be given a camera to pose with world leaders. . ..


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