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Washington Times Notes New ‘Get Drunk’

A little news about our sister site, from Ronald Reagan’s (and our) favorite newspaper, the great Washington Times:

Drinking game

Victor Morton

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The conservative site Get Drunk and Vote for McCain was a favorite during the campaign, keeping abreast of Republican presidential candidate Sen. John McCain’s actions and words and judging them according to how much liquid courage would need to be summoned to back the frequently heterodox “maverick.”

Because that title obviously is pointless now, the site has a new title, appropriate for coping with an Obama presidency: Get Drunk and Hope for the Best.

How kind of them to post about our new name!

This article was posted by Steve on Tuesday, November 25th, 2008. Comments are currently closed.

24 Responses to “Washington Times Notes New ‘Get Drunk’”

  1. DEZ says:

    Congrats on the article Steve, and Ann.
    Here comes a four year hangover!

  2. pinandpuller says:

    Here’s to socialized rehab.

  3. DEZ says:


  4. DEZ says:

    Steve, for months I have tried to join the sister site, I can not get a reply via email no matter what settings I play with, can ya help a guy out?

  5. 1sttofight says:

    I haven’t been able to log in over there for weeks.

    BTW, What is the deal on Ann breaking her jaw?

  6. Steve says:

    Dez, 1st, as with many websites a lot of email filters eat the password reply.

    Email me via the contact info there, with your ID, and I will fix things up for you.

  7. Phil Byler says:

    Sorry, but the following needs to be said.

    The prior website “Get Drunk and Vote 4 McCain” was pathetic in being so misguided. If you need to get drunk in order to vote for a “Country First” pro-life fiscal conservative who was a genuine American war hero from a honored military family and who had supported approval of strict constructionists to the federal bench promising to nominate same as President over a narcissist anti-military radical socialist pretty boy demogogue, then you are one screwed up sucker.

    The current site “Get Drunk and Hope for the Best” is also nonsense. Being drunk in the next four years will render you worthless to America in what will be the need for sober thinking and action to fight back against what will be an effort to “change” America to be a socialist state vulnerable to the radical jihadists and KGB Russia and its socialist allies.

    I wish I could say this to you all in the way that my sons know how to deliver a dressing down when needed. My older son is now a U.S. Army Captain who earned a Bronze Star and Commendation Medal for Valor during his first tour of duty in Iraq as a First Lieutenant infantry platoon leader; and my younger son is a U.S. Marines Second Lieutenant. Before you all “get drunk and hope for the best,” try thinking about our military men and women in harm’s way, and think about what we need to be doing so that their service is not wasted.

  8. BillK says:

    McCain may be a pro-life war hero, but he’s also just about the farthest thing from a conservative this side of Obama.

    Consider he was against Bush’s tax cuts, he is pro-amnesty, he is pro-government growth, and so on.

    In short, he’s just about everything David Brooks says the GOP needs to become in order to regain power.

    When the Dems finally steal their Senate seats in MN and GA, they will have a veto-proof majority and there’s literally nothing we can do besides get drunk and watch a wave of Big Government programs enacted that will make FDR look like Reagan.

    Like it or not, anyone in the military after January 20 will become a UN MP, sent to wherever Obama decrees a US presence is needed.

    I suspect the first stop – “peacekeeping” in Darfur.

    Remember not wanting to get involved in a “civil war” in Iraq? Instead our troops will be sent into an actual civil war in Sudan.

    But don’t get me wrong – I’m sure I speak for everyone here in being beyond grateful for your sons’ service, and yours as well if you were in.

    (Not to mention that of everyone else who is in the military now or has served with honor in the past…)

  9. Liberals Demise says:

    Excuse me while this Marine pops the top on another beer while he cleans his weapons of “HOME” security. BBBURRRPPP!! AAAHHH…..

  10. Colonel1961 says:

    Hey Phil, what if I was plannin’ on being drunk for the next four years anyhoo?

    Now where’d I put my celery seed… (Can’t make a real Bloody Mary without it, ya know.)

  11. proreason says:


    The name of the web-site is a joke, not political advice. The whole purpose of SG’s sites is to point out the incredible irony of the 2-faced media in this country.

    Everybody who posts on these sites admires families like yours and want the best for the country.

    Sometimes when horrible things happen, a little humor can help.

    Now, time for a chaser

  12. wardmama4 says:

    Man I must have been even busier than I thought to have missed this one.

    Yeah, Phil – I voted for McAmnesty but I have to agree with BillK – McAmnesty is not conservative in many meanings/definitions of the word.

    And I agree with proreason – the site names are a political joke. If we can’t laugh at the insane hypocrisy and stupidity that all those on the ‘other’ side are about to do unto America, we are then becoming them. Look at their hostility, anger and outright vile spewings – The GDAVFM and GDAHFTB are simple jokes. Look at how the msm is already jumping through hoops to make The One’s ™ administration look positive and don’t forget historic< [damn even my local rag is offering the chance at owning a piece of the historic (gag me with a spoon, please) front page historic announcement of B. Hussein Obama’s historic win].

    I am historically underwhelmed.

    Will now go over to check out Get Drunk And Hope for the Best.

  13. 1sttofight says:

    Have you bought the HISTORIC Obama HNIC plate being advertised every 5 minutes on TV yet?

    Call now, Supplies are limited. Make a great xmas gift.

  14. Reality Bytes says:

    An RBtini!

    1 – qrt crystal pitcher (preferably Danish Modern or Swedish)
    1 – matching stirrer
    20 oz – Dry Gin (Beefeater – NO EXCEPTIONS!)
    2 oz – Noilly Prat Original French Dry Vermouth
    Pour ingredients into pitcher – NO ICE!!!
    Place in freezer in early morning & allow to chill 12 hrs (just in time for 6:00pm cocktails
    Pour into 10 oz martini glass (don’t bother chilling – it won’t matter)

    Sip delicately in slurping fashion in order to injest the required oxygen for proper fuel/air mix (or you’lll die or go blind perhaps both but you’ll will go with a smile)

    This my friends is my Dad’s famous 10/1 martini. Legend has it I was conceived using said recipe. You might call it…

    May I suggest another web site address: http://www.getdrunkandHICCUPforthebest.com

  15. 1sttofight says:

    12 hours???
    You have got to be kidding.

    A lot of humping in 12 hours. ;)

  16. Reality Bytes says:

    Trust me. It’s worth it. (fyi – the recipe predates cable by 30 years – what else did they have to do?)

    Legend has it Colenel’s Ferrari runs on less octane.

  17. 1sttofight says:

    Candy is Dandy, But Liquor is Quicker. ;)

  18. wardmama4 says:

    No 1st – I have not bought the historic plate yet – and yes I’ve seen it advertised ad naseum on WGN – which is why God created the MUTE button!

  19. Colonel1961 says:

    RB – willing to try your recipe during our next ‘oil crisis’!

  20. Phil Byler says:

    Response: I appreciate humor, and when my sons and I sit down to drink, we really do so with gusto. You all would appreciate our company. But I still think you are way too hard on McCain. He is more of a conservative than Bush on some subjects (e.g., Government spending), and he knows military matters, national security and foreign affairs better than anyone else in government in Washington D.C.. When Col. Oliver North endorsed McCain, Col. North recited the many times McCain was in Iraq, and Col. North personally saw McCain’s devotion to the troops there. McCain was advocating what became known as the surge in Iraq long before it was implemented because McCain was personally going to Iraq to assess the situation, determined that we would not lose another war; and McCain led successful efforts against the Democrats in 2007 who were trying to inflict defeat on us. Never doubt McCain’s devotion to the military and to the country. He meant it when he said he would rather lose an election than lose a war. “Country First” was not just a slogan.

    Gang of 14? Schumer was threatening a fillibuster over judicial nominations. The “Gang of 14” compromise, however, got Roberts and Alito on the U.S. Supreme Court and a number of conservatives on the U.S. Courts of Appeals while preserving the Senate fillibuster. That preservation looks mightly fine right now with a left wing Democrat President and a liberal Democrat majority in the Senate that looks like it will fall just short of 60. Also, Chuckie Schumer has complained that the Democrats got snookered by the compromise, which is prima facie evidence that it was a good thing.

    McCain did vote once against the initial Bush tax cuts, but thereafter voted for renewal of those tax cuts; and the one time McCain voted against, a review of the voting done by the Wall Street Journal confirmed McCain’s position that he would have voted for the Bush tax cut the first time had the spending restrictions not been stripped from the bill. Got any problem with insisting on spendiing restrictions in connection with a tax cut? I don’t. McCain has been a fiscal hawk concerning spending. One place where Bush goofed badly was in too much spending that McCain to his credit was trying to stop.

    Immigration? Yeah, I know. But McCain rightly tried to explain that the problem went back to the Reagan years when Reagan signed the last immigration reform bill, and the law enforcement provisions were not enforced thereafter. McCain’s intention was that the reform bill’s pretty tough law enforcement provisions be enforced.

    All in all, McCain was certainly not a doctrinaire conservative all the time, but he was plenty conservative — the exceptions are not that many (check his ACU ratings). So, in no way can McCain be seen as at all even close to the Democrats much less Obama, who is an opportunist and who when he can will try to implement his socialist convictions with the help of Clintonistas. The country would be in good hands with McCain. I have a very, very bad feeling about what the country is going to be dealing with three years from now.

  21. BillK says:


    I disagree that the “Gang of 14” compromise was responsible for Roberts and Alito.

    The Republicans in the Senate have run screaming from the mere mention of “filibuster” where they should have forced the Democrats to do it the old fashioned style where Dems have to get up and keep speaking to keep it going. But no, can’t do that, we’ve parties to attend.

    I don’t care what McCain tried to explain, he introduced an amnesty bill, period. Saying that laws should be enforced differently is in no way an excuse for effectively pardoning thousands of criminals.

    So in short, McCain would have been better for the country than Obama, but by no means would he have been better for the country than, say, Sarah Palin.

  22. Liberals Demise says:

    Right On Billk !! Did you know that the RBtini is the same recipie as a Morton/Thyochol booster rocket for the Shuttle? Semper Fi, Phil and pass the olives’ if you please sir!!

  23. 1sttofight says:

    I used to keep my Bourbon in the freezer, maybe I will start back doing that. It did seem to have more kick when I was doing that. It never froze but it would get thicker.

  24. Reality Bytes says:

    I propose a toast (borrowed – again – from Pop’s Lion Club mantra)

    Not Above You – Not Below You – But With You.

    (1stto – you’re on to the secret – super charged cold – no ice – don’t forget to inhale while sipping in order to avoid running too rich a mix of fuel/air – I hear it can kill a man).

    And for Obama: If Americans can drag Clinton’s fat ass kicking and screaming while passing 75% of he Contract with America, I hope we’ll continue said efforts with Obama – a kind of reversed take on “Only Nixon Can Go To China” syndrome.

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