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Watch Bill Clinton Defend “Betray Us” Ad

From CNN via YouTube

Bill Clinton Condemns Republicans

Bill Clinton condemns Republicans over the phoney outrage over the MoveOn.org ad about General (Betray Us) Petraeus. He also mentions the Republican attack ads smearing the military service of Max Cleland and John Kerry.

This is one of the more laughably ironic rants from Mr. Clinton, since his last feigned outrage at Chris Wallace on Fox News almost exactly a year ago.

And speaking of phony outrage, can you count the mendacities that stream from the great man’s mouth?

How was Max Cleland’s military service “smeared”? What did the Swiftboat Veterans ever say about Mr. Kerry that was false?

Of course the New York Times refused to run any of the completely factual ads from the Swiftboat Vets. Whereas they gave the libelous and fact-free ad from MoveOn.org their special secret half-off rate for America-haters.

(And where was Mr. Clinton when Mr. Kerry was comparing our soldiers in Vietnam to the army of Jhengis Khan? Dodging the draft and denouncing our troops from England?)

Do we really want this reprobate back in the White House?

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