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Watch Mark Penn Lie About Hillary’s “Joke”

From MSNBC’s Hardball via YouTube:

Democratic campaign managers square off

At about 1:30 minutes into the clip Hillary’s campaign manager, Mr. Penn, claims that the Clinton campaign’s kindergarten remark about Obama was “a joke made at the end of a long research [garbled].”

Well, as we have noted before, this charge was first brought up back in November — not just in the last few weeks. Moreover, it would not appear to have been made in jest.

From Hillary’s (often fact-challenged) Fact Hub site:

Sen. Obama Recycles Discredited Claim From Failed Book

11/20/2007 2:06:21 PM

On the campaign trail, Sen. Obama is repeating a discredited claim from the failed Hillary Clinton biography, Her Way. Newsday reports:

“I’m not in this race to fulfill some long-held plan or because it was owed to me,” Obama told a gathering of Nevada Democrats after Thursday night’s Las Vegas debate.

That was a veiled reference to an account by biographers Jeff Gerth and Don Van Natta that the Clintons sealed a “secret pact of ambition” to both win the presidency—which has been vehemently denied by Clinton advisers.

Asked if Obama was referring to the pact, a spokeswoman replied, “Barack Obama has not been mapping out his run for president from Washington for the last 20 years like some of his opponents.”

The claim repeated by Sen. Obama and his campaign has been completely discredited by the alleged source, Taylor Branch. The Washington Post reports:

They cite two people, Ann Crittenden and John Henry, who said Taylor Branch, the Pulitzer Prize-winning historian and close Clinton friend, told them that the Clintons “still planned two terms in the White House for Bill and, later, two for Hillary.” Contacted last night, Branch said that “the story is preposterous” and that “I never heard either Clinton talk about a ‘plan’ for them both to become president.

It’s odd that Sen. Obama would choose to perpetuate this claim about Hillary since there is a long list of people who report that Sen. Obama has aspired to be president for practically his entire life.

His kindergarten teacher:

Iis Darmawan, 63, Obama’s kindergarten teacher, remembers him as an exceptionally tall and curly haired child who quickly picked up the local language and had sharp math skills. “He wrote an essay titled, “I Want To Become President,” the teacher said.

His third grade teacher:

Fermina Katarina Sinaga, Obama’s third-grade teacher, “asked her class to write an essay titled ‘My dream: What I want to be in the future.’ Obama wrote ‘I want to be a president,’ she said.” [The Los Angeles Times, 3/15/07]

His law school classmates:

[A]ccording to those who know him, he has been talking about the presidency for more than a decade. “It was clear to me from the day I met him that he was thinking about politics,” says Harvard Law School classmate Christine Spurell.

His brother-in-law Craig Robinson:

…Craig [Robinson] pulled him aside [in 1992] and asked about his plans. “He said, ‘I think I’d like to teach at some point in time, and maybe run for public office,’ recalls Robinson, who assumed Obama meant he’d like to run for city alderman. “He said no — at some point he’d like to run for the U.S. Senate. And then he said, ‘Possibly even run for president at some point.’ And I was like, ‘Okay, but don’t say that to my Aunt Gracie.’ I was protecting him from saying something that might embarrass him.”

Where’s the joke, Mr. Penn?

(Apart from the humor of such preposterous spinning.)

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