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Webb Campaign Runs “Reagan Endorsement”

From NewsMax:

Sen. Allen Slams Webb Over Reagan Ad

Friday, Sept. 22, 2006

Virginia Sen. George Allen’s re-election campaign is protesting an ad for his opponent, James Webb Jr., that "misleads the people” into believing Webb was endorsed by late President Ronald Reagan.

In a letter to potential supporters, Allen’s campaign refers to Webb’s "fake posthumous endorsement” and says he has rejected a request from former first lady Nancy Reagan to withdraw the ad.

The TV spot contains footage showing President Reagan at the Naval Academy praising Webb when he was Secretary of the Navy.

"Mrs. Reagan directed the Webb campaign to refrain from using President Reagan’s name, image and likeness to imply that the late President is endorsing Webb,” according to the Allen letter.

"And what did Webb do? He ignored Mrs. Reagan’s request.

"The fact is, Webb’s campaign managers described President Reagan as a ‘pompous, arrogant fool’ and said that the Reagan administration was ‘a sell-out and a sham.’”

Allen’s letter points out that Webb abruptly quit as Secretary of the Navy in 1988 after serving only 10 months, and at the time of his departure he made the "incredible claim” that the Reagan administration was not sufficiently committed to a strong defense.

The letter solicits "urgent” contributions to Allen, a possible presidential candidate in 2008 who is in a tight race with Webb, and states: "If anyone can continue President Reagan’s legacy on public policy, it is George Allen, not James H. Webb Jr.”

Never mind the mendacity of this advertising campaign. That they are still running these ads after Nancy Reagan specifically asked them to stop is despicable.

(Thanks to Clifcrds for the heads up.)

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