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Weiner, Spitzer Both Lose In NYC Dem Primary

From the Associated Press:

Weiner, Spitzer political comebacks fall flat


NEW YORK (AP) — Anthony Weiner’s ill-fated mayoral campaign ended with a string of final embarrassments: He mustered a mere 5 percent at the ballot box. One of his sexting partners tried to crash his primary night rally. And Weiner was caught making an obscene gesture to reporters as he was driven away.

In other words, Mr. Weiner left the campaign trail in typical fashion.

Outside a "victory" party where supporters mourned a disappointing fifth-place finish in the Democratic primary, cameras crowded around Sydney Leathers, the 23-year-old woman whose sexting with the former congressman brought his once-high-flying campaign to a screeching halt.

"Why not be here?" Leathers asked reporters. "I’m kind of the reason he’s losing. So, might as well show up."

Just as a thought experiment, try to think of how different history might have turned out if Sydney Leathers had been Bill Clinton’s pizza delivering intern.

Another politician with a sex scandal, Eliot Spitzer, lost the Democratic primary contest for city comptroller to Scott Stringer, the Manhattan borough president. Stringer took 52 percent of the vote to Spitzer’s 48 percent…

On the final campaign day for both men, the spotlight fell heavily on Weiner. His staff sneaked him into his own event, presumably to avoid Leathers, who had camped outside his headquarters all day hoping to confront him. His wife, Huma Abedin, who stood by his side at the height of the scandal, was nowhere to be seen…

Gee, and we have been told for months that she is so loyal.

And after a concession speech in which he got choked up as he spoke of family, a scowling Weiner was caught by a photographer giving the middle-finger goodbye to reporters as he was driven away.

Is that his texting finger?

Leathers, who has launched a porn career since the scandal broke, said Weiner needed "to stop being an embarrassment to the city of New York. He’s going to continue this behavior. If it’s not going to be me, it’s going to be some other girl."

At one point, one of Weiner’s supporters scolded Leathers, saying: "You must really be ashamed!"

For his part, Weiner acknowledged in his concession speech that he was an "imperfect messenger" but also boasted of the staying power of himself and his campaign.

"Staying power"? That’s not what Ms. Leathers said.

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5 Responses to “Weiner, Spitzer Both Lose In NYC Dem Primary”

  1. untrainable says:

    Can we now finally remove Wiener from the public discourse? The guy is a class A dirtbag and his textee is a petri dish on 2 legs. The fact that Spitzer got 48% of the vote shows that the big apple is rotten to the core, and while there may be hope for sanity in the future… it’s not a lot of hope.

  2. Mithrandir says:

    Yeech! I actually feel SORRY for Anthony, what, with this skank, Sydney Leathers, hanging around trying to be a nuisance, and get some camera time. What good does that do for anyone? Isn’t it enough that Weiner PAINFULLY dragged himself and his wife through this silly display of political desperation?

    If you saw some of the interviews Weiner did, it’s impossible to think that anyone is that delusional, weird, and immature. I’m not sure what best fits him from the DSM IV, but schizophrenia seems to be the closest.

    If he can’t WIN elected office, look for Weiner to be APPOINTED to some job in the future. These people NEVER leave politics, ever. He will be back, just wait and see.

    • Noyzmakr says:

      You’ve said it! Like a bad case of the Herpes, liberals never, ever completely go away. They keep coming back again and again. They never, ever let anything go or volutarily leave the spotlight.

      I suspect a divorce may be in his near future so Huma can save her career.

      I think you’re also right that he will get an appointment for some government job. No doubt about it. Or, maybe he can get a job as communications director or photographer at the Clinton Library and Massage Parlor.

    • Mithrandir says:

      Less that a year ago, I said on here that the Benghazi underlings would NOT REALLY ACTUALLY TOTALLY be punished either. I predicted that the fall guys would be back, and as it turned out, they just changed desks. They had multiple government portfolios, and just switched the name card and title on their desk to something else, in a mere matter of DAYS.

      This is the kind of respect you get from your government. 4 people die in an unstable area we should have never been in. They asked for help, and it was denied. The gov’t covered up the incident saying it was the result of a ridiculous youtube video that no one even saw. Then they blame it on a few disposable underlings, who remain on the job at your expense.

      Nope. Expect Weiner to be at the government’s teet suckling the sweet nectar very very soon.

  3. GetBackJack says:

    Another loser/philanderer whom Hillary bet on.

    Poor Hillary.

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