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‘We’ll Squat In Your House If You’re Not Home’

From the Fox Detroit affiliate, WJBK:

Neighbor: This is Detroit and we will come squat in your house if you’re not home

By Andrea Isom | February 8, 2013

DETROIT – One night this week the lady of a house in Detroit come home to one helluva surprise. There was a one heck of a party in her pad, but she never got the invite!

Three men had helped themselves to her gin and food. They cooked up crab legs, shrimp and they even had a turkey in the oven, can you believe it?

It is a little hard to believe that they would bother to cook.

And while they were fixing their feast they she says they were high as a kite. The lady of the house screamed and they all ran out the house. Then she called the law.

Hopefully, she also had a pair of scissors around the house, in case they didn’t want to leave and the cops didn’t bother to show up.

According to the Detroit Police report the victim says her house was a hot mess. A bunch of her stuff was stolen, including some very "sentimental" things.

Some of the men sitting at her dining room her table looked familiar. She told detectives that two of them live right next door.

It sounds like a very nice neighborhood.

I spoke with the sister of the one of the men who was hanging out at the house. She says it was not his fault.

This should be good. (By the way, she is a next door neighbor to the house.)

Curtrina [sic]: "Somebody was squatting in that house, the guy that was in there was squatting already, so he was inviting people over, because he was living there."

RJ, a relative, offers this: "If you a home owner or renting a property or whatever. You don’t leave your home for 3 or 4 months." …

That’s good advice. Wonder who is squatting in the Obamas’ house in Chicago?

RJ: "It’s Detroit, Michigan… this is the hungry capital of the world and we will squat in your house."

Remember, Obama told us he wants to do to America what he has done to Detroit.

Curtrina: "It was like a chill spot… It was like a chill spot. Somebody going to invite you over to smoke some weed and we right next door."

You see, she was a neighbor. It wasn’t her brother’s fault he didn’t know that the person in the house didn’t own it.

I don’t know what you think about this situation, but the people we interviewed implied that they think the homeowner is to blame, that she should know better than to leave her house for too long.

RJ: "Stay on your property before your copper come up missing."

RJ told me that he would never do that, but other people would. Two men were placed under arrest the night the homeowner came home. One man ran away.

Apparently, this is part of the new normal in the golden age of Obama.

But, come to think of it, how is this any different from amnesty? Amnesty is really just ‘mi casa es su casa.’ — My house is your house. My country is your country.

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2 Responses to “‘We’ll Squat In Your House If You’re Not Home’”

  1. Petronius says:

    Many people, owing to their inexperience and woeful lack of good taste, labor under the delusion that we still live in what they are pleased to call a “civilization” or “civilized society.”

  2. mr_bill says:

    Is Ms. Isom in the 6th grade? I don’t expect fine literature from Detroit, but this is ridiculous. I generally don’t criticize the writing ability of journalists, just their message, but this is abysmal. “helluva” should never appear in a professionally written news story unless the word itself is a candidate for admission to Webster’s Dictionary and the writer is listing it. I find unusual preposition use throughout the article and one sentence that fails basic syntax rules: “I spoke with the sister of the one of the men…” Perhaps Ms. Isom is simply following the rule, “write to your audience.” If your audience is a barely literate city with little comprehension of basic grammar, I would say she has succeeded admirably.

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