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Westboro Bapt To Burn Koran And US Flag

From the Kansas City Star:

Topeka church says it will burn Qur’an

September 9, 2010

Topeka’s Westboro Baptist Church announced tonight that it plans to burn the Qur’an and an American flag on Sept. 11, though the exact time and location haven’t been determined, a church spokeswoman said…

Now that is real one-upsmanship. (Or keeping up with the Joneses.)

Shirley Phelps-Roper, who announced Westboro Baptist’s plan, said they don’t think that pastor, Terry Jones, will carry out the burning…

Of course, as we have noted before, the crackpots at the Dove World Outreach Center are big supporters of the crackpot (‘God Hates Fags’) Phelps family of faux Baptists at Westboro.

Here is what a ‘Senior Pastor’ from the Dove World Outreach Center had posted on their website, before the site was pulled down by their webhost (via Google cache):

In Support of Westboro Baptist

By Fran Ingram – Posted on 21 April 2010

On Sunday April 18, Westboro Baptist Church came to Gainesville. One of their stops was a liberal "Open doors, open hearts, open minds," church near us, so we took part of our Sunday Service time and went as a church to stand with them.

We have also learned that when you speak out about what God hates, you will be hated. We do not agree with all of Westboro’s methods, but we admire their determination to find radical ways to preach the truth of the Bible, as we do. Most churches and Pastors in America try to stand on neutral ground. They are lost, weak and sick and need to repent.

Senior Pastor Sylvia Jones wrote on facebook:

Today was a historical day! People who did not know each other with nothing in common but the word of God marching in unity and putting the kingdom first, ahead of everything else! What can be more important than saving people from hell? We must stand on the truth, the word of God instead on finding reasons why we cannot be in unity! Yes we can! We can obey God and save people from going to hell!

You can find more pictures on our facebook page here…

I have been asked most often in the last days about the ‘protests’ that Westboro does at funerals.

The arguemant [sic] (from very angry people with extremely ugly language) is that their attendance at funerals is offensive and a fallen soldier is NOT a sign of God’s wrath.

My answer:

Westboro Baptist is not anti-military or anti-USA. Rather the opposite, actually. Do some research. They go to funerals because the Bible says that a fallen soldier is a sign of God’s wrath and a reminder of the condition of this world, a fallen world, in sin. We all know that. None of us want to fight wars. We have to, and we honor the fallen for their sacrifice, but funerals are also a chance to repent and get our lives right with God before our own comes along.

The soldier who is already dead knows what’s coming, whether they are in heaven or hell. I think they would be glad for the extra reminder to loved ones that they still have time to make a choice and use the rest of their time given here for God rather than wasting it, in a spiritual sense.

At DWOC we are also very pro-America, pro-Military, AND super, radically concerned about people’s salvation. That’s why we go after Islam and say it is of the devil – it is anti-Christian and anti-America. In this liberal world, names and labels get thrown about and twisted at random. Don’t we all get angry with the media for preaching half truths which amount to lies?

To my Christian friends, get your Bibles out and read the OT Prophets. They were hated too for speaking God’s words of truth, then killed. I would rather be right with God than right with facebook friends. Where are you?

And another answer:

If we lived in a sinless, no devil world, there would be no war. We have chosen sin, there are therefore wars, and we all suffer, we all need to repent. I’m OK with your thinking I am sick, but think about the fact that the Bible is what I am talking about, not my own ideas. Don’t you think that a fallen soldier reflects some of what is wrong with the world? Not the soldier but the war itself?

What is the point of not making people angry and uncomfortable in this life if that means they go on, clueless, rebellious, straight to hell. I would have to answer to God for that. I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ and to stand with other Christians that preach it truthfully. Did the prophets and leaders in the Bible, even Jesus, did they always peach a nice sweet message? Did they always respect the sensibilities and traditions of the people? Think about it. Read your Bibles, people!

I have a Grandfather that died in WWII. I am proud of his contribution to that war. But he and my family are Christian and eternal salvation is the most important thing on our hearts. We do not think Westboro are hateful. They point out what God hates, desperate, like the Prophets of old that no one go to hell.

Jesus said, in Matthew 7:13,14

"Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.

That narrow gate is a knowledge of the truth, a fear of God, Jesus Christ’s sacrifice on the cross for your sins, repentance from our sins and wickedness, as we are warned throughout the Bible. This is the hope for you, the hope for your family, the hope for our Nation, for the world.

And yes, if my husband died I would be glad if Westboro would come and hold their signs and sing at his funeral. Many people would be shocked, but they might be shocked into a fear of God and a decision for Christ. How will they know if someone does not tell them?

Of course their support should come as no surprise to anyone following this media created story.

This article was posted by Steve on Friday, September 10th, 2010. Comments are currently closed.

11 Responses to “Westboro Bapt To Burn Koran And US Flag”

  1. Mithrandir says:

    Aw come on man! Don’t call them crackpots…well, the Westboro people are……Ok, fine, they are crackpots, BUT, burning a Korean is not crackpottery.

    I think it is actually quite ingenious! Such a silly and small act can get over a billion people to pull their own hair out….who really are crackpots. He was smart to link it to the Victory mosque closing in NY. (must be reading my posts here!)

    I love Jesus, go ahead, burn the Bible, G*d is more than ink and onion paper….doesn’t bother me, b/c I am not mentally ill!

    Give the Dove-folks credit, they have more power now than anyone else on Earth!

    • tranquil.night says:

      I mused a couple days ago that if Jones called it off, he’d have a chance to turn weakness to relative strength.

      Unfortunately here’s the problem:

      Jones is a kook. In his interview with Hannity (although he was badgered) he nevertheless couldn’t intellectually state what he was out to do. It was all just emotional, condition based anger combined with a non-reality based understanding of the actual war between Islam and Christianity.

      As Michelle essentially said: America should learn what’s in the Koran first before we decide if we want to burn it.

      Fundamentalism has no place in the modern Right (and there’s nothing to suggest Jones is even politically or ideologically Conservative, that’s a media implication). Rationality is the National Language of the Secular state. Everyone must learn it.

      Curious how the New York Times crows about violence in Afghanistan, yet Westboro’s Phelps jumps in with an anti-Islamic book-burning AND an Anti-war American flag-burning and the AP suddenly has wisened up to their mistakes. It’s like the Left is worried when the public hears their extreme Fundamentalists or something, especially when they support a guy the media is trying to paint as a wingnut:

      “He said he consented to more than 150 interview requests in July and August, each time expressing his extremist views about Islam and Sharia law.” http://www.nytimes.com/2010/09/10/us/10media.html?_r=1

  2. Rusty Shackleford says:

    Is this one of those “there I fixed it” things I’ll see in my e-mails from friends?

    Although I see islam as an immature “religion” and more of a cult than anything else, and the moosque as a stick in the eye to Westerners, I also see the burning of quran, koran, k’o’r’a’n or however the socialist appeasers want to s’p’ell it, (also to show their international sophistication to us troglodytes), I kind of appreciated the Florida koran-burner.

    Would aggravate the moose-limbs. (As opposed to what?)
    Was an immature activity (yeah, so?)
    Would somehow ratchet up the religion of peace and offend them (Well, SOMEone needs to let them know we’re also offended)

    and on and on.

    If you look at Western culture and how it has gone about its own evolution and how it’s dealt with injustice and interpreting wrong-ness and how it’s worked toward fixing that and setting it right…then compare against middle-eastern cultures and how they have dealt with injustice and interpreting wrong-ness and how it has worked toward fixing that and setting it right (stoning and whipping and so forth) and I will say, “Come back when you’ve grown up or ask me how to do that and heed my advice. Until then, go to hell.”

    I’m afraid I just can’t care until then and will, instead, do what’s necessary to keep the peace here. You are offended? Sorry, I don’t care. You are motivated to violence? See point number one. You want to kill me? Again, I will protect myself and to hell with you. You want to blame me for your feelings? YOU, and you alone are responsible for how YOU feel.

    And on and on.

    Just because I DON’T CARE doesn’t mean that I DON’T UNDERSTAND.

  3. proreason says:

    It crossed my mind for a minute that we could pit our crackpots against Muslim crackpots in a Texas Chainsaw Death Match that would end with half of them dead and the rest too exhausted to make trouble for a few years.

    Then I realized, our crackpots would be outnumbered 1 billion to 1 hundred.

  4. oldpuppydixie says:

    Good for them. Were I anywhere near, I’d JOIN them. Here’s hoping they don’t wimp out at the last moment.

  5. jimreport says:

    The media might have created the story, and it may have been intentional, or their worst blunder. Seeing as how it broke worldwide through the media, and simultaneously it was intentional, whether or not they rue the day it was mentioned is yet to be seen.

    But its a story that should have taken place on 9/12/2001. Long overdue, and its enough to make this agnostic pray to God that the country gets behind these two crackpots on this one issue.

    These guys standing alone with the accuracy of a broken clock have fell on the right cause – now getting scorned and threatened by every government on earth including their own could use some backup.

    If you can no longer do something like they plan to do in America then its pretty much over.

  6. wardmama4 says:

    Wow – how a little pastor and church (the congregation of which would not fill the underwear aisle of WalMart (American Thinker commenter – how grand)) has blown up this far. Oh yes I forget – it plays into the msm template of bigoted intolerant white (inbred) Christians vs the perpetually attacked and maligned muslims (and of course also plays very, very nicely into deflecting from the rising unemployment rates, rising home foreclosures and of course tanking economy).

    I am offended when I see the American flag burned (either in the Muslim world and most especially here) but do I feel that the person(s) should be killed for doing it or even imprisoned for it – no not at all.

    I am offended when I hear (as I’ve mysteriously never seen in picture) the burning of a Bible – as I am a Christian so I respect the Bible but do I feel that the person(s) should be killed for doing it or imprisoned for it – no not at all.

    Do I respect the Koran – only as much as I respect every single book written. It is merely words – that humans can read, take in and digest in terms of their personal life experience. Much of what is written is pure garbage, lies and certainly shaded with the author’s personal life experience. Thus we tend to discard much of what is written – because it does NOT PERTAIN TO US. That has nothing to do with respect, intelligence (or lack thereof) or bigotry (or whatever ism the ‘victim’ group can come up with) – it is purely just a human thing. The only thing about respecting what is written is when you actually read it – take the information and process it. Then you LEARN and as you learn – more an more of what Life and Humanity are about becomes clear to you – and thus more important – and thus it becomes more personal to you.

    And this is what America is about – call it stupidity, call it profane, call it a right – but in America we are free to read it, take it in – discard it or embrace it – as our personal & knowledgeable self is willing and able to deal with it. OR NOT. The Left, the PC Police, the muslims are not of that belief (which is why they really don’t belong in America at all). The Left wants to control what is available (currently they use the pure garbage of the world – Umm, what’s that new show – on I Disovery – Who the (Bleep) Did I Marry – to desensitize the people to break down value systems and beliefs before they (the Left) close in to clamp down forever), how things are spoken and written about, all for the eventual end of destroying America and of course being in ‘power’ forever (I read the book – doesn’t happen).

    And thus this is also why the muslims (most especially) but the Left et al – are so hypocritical and in denial about ‘books’ – most especially about ‘chosen’ books – The Bible (most especially the New Testament (i.e. Christians) is just another word for FREEDOM (You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free) which of course our own jack booted thugs (the Left) and the muslims are both in unity against. Control, Control, Control vs Freedom.

    Go Read a Book – Vote for FREEDOM and oh btw – read the website of either WBC or DWOC – they are mired in the OT – thus they are not Christian in any sense of the Word. I still refuse to believe WBC is not -‘anti-military or anti-USA’- as in if and that they truly are in belief of God hates fags – why aren’t they protesting outside of Bravo or San Fran gay bars? Like the Left – they are two faced and hypocritical and opportunists – and how can that ever be considered Godly at all? btw God does not hate fags – He wants to save them – just as he wants to save me & you – He just condemns the sin. A truly religious person (most especially a Preacher, Pastor, Minister or whatever they call themselves) should understand and convey to their congregations the difference – just another example (to me – similar to islam) of the perversion of God’s Word by man.

    God Help America
    A Proud American Infidel

  7. Georgfelis says:

    There is no action so vile and tasteless that Fred will not parrot or surpass if it will get him new media attention.

  8. Mithrandir says:

    The more I think about this the ANGRIER I GET!

    We are the most powerful nation in the history of planet earth yet our gov’t is convulsing so hard, with urine and feces running down their collective legs, that they need to harass and threaten our own citizens into compliance.

    1. His (Florida guy) internet site has been shut off by force.
    2. City council members threaten to send him the bill for police and fire services he will incure during his Koran burning (as if we don’t already pay for these services to do their job—unconditionally!)
    3. Obama’s minions run around hand-wringing and nannying everyone, but that is what you get when you pull college nanny-staff into government.

    All of our resources should be used to take a tough stand against anyone foreign or domestic, that would harm one of our citizens exercising his 1st Amendment rights. Especially against pressure from people outside our country we are already paying off, like Pakistan!

    It is absolutely COWARDLY to not support our own citizens against our foes. But what did you expect from a gov’t that sues and threatens it people day in and day out?

    To protect our troops, and our rights, PULL THEM OUT OF EVERY COUNTRY, bring them back home to secure our own rights from the fascists in gov’t who prevent us from exercising them.

    • wardmama4 says:

      Sadly it appears the PC police and thusly the radical terrorists who happen to be islamic have won another terrorist event upon America on 9/11 – as the burning korans is off – I’m just glad that thus far today – No Americans on our soil were killed.

      It is going to get worse until we get someone (I am afraid as to who the GOP will put forth for 2012) in who has some courage, patriotism and backbone.

      Of course if this leads to another physical attack – I shudder to think of what The Won will do – probably round up all the right-wing extremists since it is their fault that the radical terrorists who happen to islamic hate America.

      God Help America
      A Proud American Infidel

  9. canary says:

    Westboro Baptist Church only harms all Christians. They are full of hate & judgement on people, and will be judged in the same measure. However, they do not go around trying to bomb people.

    Prior to the event where Jesus knew the religious leaders (muslims that practiced the old laws & traditions which no human could possibly fulfill, and did not want to accept the freedom & salvation Jesus came to give all, he told the apostles to sell everything they owned and buy swords & weapons. He wanted them to be able to protect themselves if the religious leaders tried to harm them too.

    Everyone would like a sinless world, but it’s not going to happen. There has been wars since the beginning of time, and times, the righteous would fight battles to protect their families & land.

    There is much more production things Jones could do without burning the quran. He lacks creativity, and seems to be just trying to draw attention.

    It would be far more effective to pray, sing Patriotic songs such as God Bless America, Christian songs, or say the Lord’s prayer. The Holy Spirit could spread around the world.

    Myself, I think Right of the People has the solution to sprinkle pigs blood. A priest could some red colored kool-aid and take that thing they shake at people or around the church when blessing.

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