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WH: All Benghazi Questions Have Been Answered

From the Washington Times:

White House: All questions answered on Benghazi attack

By Dave Boyer | February 11, 2013

The White House has heard enough about Benghazi.

White House press secretary Jay Carney on Monday blasted Senate Republicans for threatening to block Defense Secretary-nominee Chuck Hagel and John Brennan, nominated to head the CIA, in a quest for more information about what President Obama did on the night that terrorists killed four Americans in the U.S. Consulate in Libya.

“We have answered these questions,” Mr. Carney said. “The president found out about the attack in Benghazi in a meeting with his secretary of defense and chairman of the Joint Chiefs from his national security adviser. He immediately ordered those two leaders to take every action necessary to try to position forces in a way that could assist in Benghazi and also potentially take action, if necessary, elsewhere, because of all that was enfolding around the region.”

That’s not the way they told it, when they were under oath before Congress. Panetta and Dempsey said Obama just told them to do whatever was necessary. Which is not very specific, to say the least.

He added that Mr. Obama was “regularly updated and kept appraised [sic] of events in Benghazi and in the region throughout that evening and into the night.”

“Those are the facts,” Mr. Carney said.

And, as usual, whenever Mr. Carney says something is a fact it’s the opposite of a fact. The fact is both Panetta and Dempsey testified that after speaking about Benghazi at their meeting on another subject, they never heard back from Obama.

As the Washington Times gently notes:

Outgoing Defense Secretary Leon E. Panetta told lawmakers last week that he didn’t have any communication with the White House on the night of the Benghazi attack after informing Mr. Obama of the assault during a meeting at the White House late in the afternoon.

And, again, that previously scheduled meeting was about something else.

Sen. Lindsey Graham, South Carolina Republican, said on Sunday that the GOP should block Mr. Hagel’s nomination “until the White House gives us an accounting” of what the president did that night.

“Did the White House ever pick up the phone and call anyone in the Libyan government to help these folks?” he asked on CBS’ “Face the Nation.”

Mr. Carney labeled as “unfortunate … the continuing attempt to politicize an issue through nominees that themselves had nothing to do with Benghazi.”

No one has politicized Benghazi more than Obama, who clearly lied about it in order to put it off questions about it until after the elections.

“Senator Hagel, Mr. Brennan, they need to be confirmed,” Mr. Carney said. “They’re highly qualified candidates for their posts. And we call on the Senate to act quickly to do just that.”

Senate Democrats have scheduled a vote of the Armed Services Committee on Mr. Hagel’s nomination for Tuesday. Mr. Carney said it would be irresponsible of Republicans to hold up the nomination when U.S. troops are fighting a war in Afghanistan…

After all, such things never happened when Bush was fighting a war.

But, all this aside, there are still dozens of questions about Benghazi that have not been answered. Including, just for starters, where was Obama after the attack began? Where was Hillary? Who did they speak to? Did they ever contact the Libyan government?

Who gave the orders to military at the CIA outpost to ‘stand down’? Why was Tyrone Woods painting the terrorists rocket launchers? Why, when all of the military bases in the area were already on high alert for 9/11, did it take so long for any response?

Why did Panetta and Dempsey see the cables asking for more security, when Hillary claims she didn’t, even though they were addressed to her? Where are the other 32 American personnel who were evacuated from Benghazi? Why have they been hidden from the public?

Why did it take so long for the FBI to investigate on the ground? Why are their still no suspects being detained? Why isn’t the Libyan government cooperating with the investigation? Where did the arms come from that were used in the attack?

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2 Responses to “WH: All Benghazi Questions Have Been Answered”

  1. untrainable says:

    It’s like a concerted effort to pull off a Jedi mind trick. Obama waves his hand and says, “You don’t want to know anything more about Benghazi”, and we’re just supposed to forget that anything ever happened. With the compliant media, most will just repeat in zombie fashion, “We don’t want to know anything more about Benghazi.” This should have been Obama’s AND Hitlery’s downfall, but it will be swept under the rug and no justice will ever be done. It’s mind numbing.

  2. Helena says:

    “Shut up,” he explained.

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