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WH Backs Biden: Taliban Isn’t Enemy Of US

From Fox News:

White House Stands by Biden Statement That Taliban Isn’t U.S. Enemy

Published December 19, 2011

The White House on Monday defended Vice President Joe Biden for saying that the Taliban isn’t an enemy of the United States despite the years spent fighting the militant Islamic group that gave a home to Al Qaeda and its leader Usama bin Laden while he plotted the Sept. 11 terror attacks.

"It’s only regrettable when taken out of context," White House spokesman Jay Carney said of the vice president’s remarks in an interview published Monday.

So what is the context where Biden’s remarks would make sense? The planet Neptune?

"It is a simple fact that we went into Afghanistan because of the attack on the United States on Sept. 11, 2001. We are there now to ultimately defeat Al Qaeda, to stabilize Afghanistan and stabilize it in part so that Al Qaeda or other terrorists who have as their aim attacks on the United States cannot establish a foothold again in that country," Carney continued.

The Taliban invited Al Qaeda in. And the two Muslim terrorist groups are now so intertwined it is practically a distinction without a difference.

During Biden’s interview with Newsweek last week, the vice president said it’s "good enough" for the U.S. if Afghanistan stops being a "haven for people who do damage and have as a target the United States of America" and its allies. He added that the U.S. is supportive of a reconciliation process between the Afghan government and the Taliban even if it’s questionable whether a reconciliation is possible.

"Look, the Taliban per se is not our enemy. That’s critical," Biden said. "There is not a single statement that the president has ever made in any of our policy assertions that the Taliban is our enemy, because it threatens U.S. interests. If, in fact, the Taliban is able to collapse the existing government, which is cooperating with us in keeping the bad guys from being able to do damage to us, then that becomes a problem for us."

Biden said that the U.S. is on a dual track in Afghanistan — keep the pressure on Al Qaeda and support a government that is strong enough to "negotiate with and not be overthrown by the Taliban."

Carney said the U.S. did not send the military into Afghanistan because the Taliban were in power, and the vice president’s point was that "while we are fighting them, it is not the elimination — the elimination of the Taliban is not the issue here."

As the article notes, Mr. Biden made his pronouncements on the Taliban last week. And we were tempted to think of it as just another brain freeze.

In fact, he has said similar things about the Taliban before. For instance, back in March 2009, Obama’s foreign policy sage announced that only 5% of the Taliban was incorrigible and needed to be defeated. He suggested that the rest could be bought off.

But now the White House is backing up Mr. Biden’s insane ravings claims. Which is very disturbing.

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney said Biden’s remarks — as well as Biden’s and President Obama’s belief that the Taliban are not the enemy — are "bizarre, factually wrong and an outrageous affront our troops carrying out the fight in Afghanistan." He said the comments also reflect the administration’s policy of "appeasement."

It’s hard to argue with any of that.

"The Taliban harbored the terrorists who killed 3,000 Americans on Sept 11. The Taliban continues to wage war against us and our allies, a conflict in which we have lost over 1,800 troops. The Taliban receives arms and training from Iran. And the Taliban seeks to reinstate a tyrannical government that violently rejects basic notions of human rights and oppresses minorities. The Taliban is clearly a bitter enemy of the United States," Romney said in a statement late Monday.

The problem is, Mr. Obama has no problem with the enemies of the United States. In fact, he empathizes with them.

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8 Responses to “WH Backs Biden: Taliban Isn’t Enemy Of US”

  1. Astravogel says:

    Deadwood Joe took careful aim and
    shot his foot off with his mouth again.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      If only he would do that while his foot is still in his mouth.

      You’ve heard about “shoeless Joe” Jackson?

      How about “headless Joe” Biden?

    • sticks says:

      When could he do this while his foot was not in his mouth? Oh I get it when he’s not speaking.

  2. beautyofreason says:

    Roosevelt – speak softly and carry a big stick
    Obama – bow deeply and hand out the mistletoe (or halal equivalent)

  3. Reality Bytes says:

    Anybody got a butterfly net for this clown?

  4. canary says:

    I guess Obama and Biden don’t know the Taliban are their own worst enemies, blowing up and beheading their own families, aside their growing attacks.

    Are they growing magic mushrooms in WH plantation garden or is Obama and Biden’s flashbacks from LSD. Don’t forget
    Obama confessed trying everything, but “smack”. Did he inhale? yes. That was the point. laughter.

    The Christian Post – May 11, 2011

    * Failed Bomber Says 400 Suicide Attackers in Training in Pakistan
    * Taliban Militants Bomb Muslim Shrine in Pakistan, Kill 42

    A Taliban attack on an Afghan road construction company early on Thursday triggered an hours-long firefight that killed 36 people and wounded another 20 in the worst single attack for months, while a Taliban suicide attack on Afghan police in Jalalabad killed 13 and injured 20 others.


    We’ve got to make sure our U.S. Military get their Votes counted, unlike the last Presidential election!

    And now our troops should be able to send whats left of their blown off body parts they lost from the Taliban’s IEDs to the White House.

    What does Biden have to say about the barbarian African war lords and child aged murderous soldiers, our troops are training Africans to defeat; reason being they are now aiding Al-Qaeda.

    Hopefully our troops will be creative as our Iraq troops sign to John Kerry when he said our troops were uneducated.

    U.S. Soldiers mocking John Kerry (cute toddler-G rated pic)

  5. canary says:

    Even other muslim countries consider the Taliban as an International enemy.
    Obama and Biden need to personally meet with the Taliban for peace talks for hope and change.

    AFP – Afghanistan appeals for help with reconciliation talks
    Dec 19 2011


    We need a law so that Joe Biden’s in the future go through extensive (at least once a month) medical and mental exams.

  6. Mithrandir says:

    George Orwell
    Chapter 17

    On the sixth day of Hate Week, after the processions, the speeches, the shouting, the singing, the banners, the posters, the films, the waxworks, the rolling of drums and squealing of trumpets, the tramp of marching feet, the grinding of the caterpillars of tanks, the roar of massed planes, the booming of guns – after six days of this, when the great orgasm was quivering to its climax and the general hatred of Eurasia had boiled up into such delirium that if the crowd could have got their hands on the 2,000 Eurasian war-criminals who were to be publicly hanged on the last day of the proceedings, they would unquestionably have torn them to pieces – at just this moment it had been announced that Oceania was not after all at war with Eurasia. Oceania was at war with Eastasia. Eurasia was an ally.

    Another mind-screw, in the day and the life, of this administration. What is fake is fake, and what is real is fake.

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