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WH: Bill Clinton Offered Joe Sestak ‘Jobs’

From the Caucus Blog of the New York Times:

White House Used Bill Clinton to Ask Sestak to Drop Out of Race


May 28, 2010

President Obama’s chief of staff used former President Bill Clinton as an intermediary to see if Representative Joe Sestak would drop out of a Senate primary if given a prominent, but unpaid, advisory position, people briefed on the matter said Friday.

Rahm Emanuel, the White House chief of staff, asked Mr. Clinton to explore the possibilities last summer, according to the briefed individuals, who insisted on anonymity to discuss the politically charged situation. Mr. Sestak said no and went on to win last week’s Pennsylvania Democratic primary against Senator Arlen Specter.

The White House did not offer Mr. Sestak a full-time paid position because Mr. Emanuel wanted him to stay in the House rather than risk losing his seat. Among the positions explored by the White House was an appointment to the President’s Intelligence Advisory Board, which provides independent oversight and advice the president. But White House officials discovered it would not work because Mr. Sestak could not serve on the board while still serving in Congress

What about jobs at Revlon or the UN? Did Mr. Clinton think to offer those? (Not that they worked before, either.)

The office of Robert F. Bauer, the White House counsel, has concluded that Mr. Emanuel’s proposal did not violate laws prohibiting government employees from promising employment as a reward for political activity because the position being offered was unpaid.

The positions still have value, or no one would take them. And no one would give up a seat in Congress or a chance for a Senate seat for nothing.

The office also found other examples of presidents offering positions to political allies to achieve political aims.

Oh, so it’s okay then. If only murderers would think of this defense.

Mr. Emanuel was eager last summer to clear the way to this year’s Democratic Senate nomination for Mr. Specter, who had just left the Republican party to join the Democrats and bolster their majority in the Senate. Mr. Sestak, a retired admiral and two-term House member, was already planning a run.

You see, it was all Rahm Emanuel’s fault. (That ‘effin R-Word.’) Mr. Obama didn’t have a thing to do with it.

In tapping Mr. Clinton as the go-between, Mr. Emanuel picked the party’s most prominent figure other than Mr. Obama and someone Mr. Sestak had worked for on the National Security Council staff in the 1990s. Mr. Sestak endorsed Hillary Rodham Clinton against Mr. Obama in the 2008 presidential primaries, and Mr. Clinton was one of the first to call to congratulate him on his Senate victory last week.

Mr. Clinton was at the White House on Thursday to have lunch with Mr. Obama and join him in greeting the American men’s World Cup soccer team heading to South Africa.

Surely that was just a coincidence. It’s not like they needed to get their stories straight. After all, Mr. Obama had nothing to do with the job(s) offer.

As chief of staff and previously as chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, Mr. Emanuel has not been shy about trying to steer party nominations to those he considers the stronger candidates. The White House under Mr. Emanuel has also leaned on Gov. David Paterson of New York to drop out of this year’s gubernatorial race, which he eventually did under a cloud of scandal. Andrew Romanoff, challenging Sen. Michael Bennet in a Colorado primary, has said Mr. Emanuel’s deputy, Jim Messina, offered him a job to drop out.

All of which are probably, illegal as well. In any case, there is the appearance of wrong-doing. So by DC tradition we must have at least a ‘special counsel’ to investigate.

(Cf. the non-outing of the non-spy, Valerie Plame.)

By the way:

18 U.S.C. § 211 : US Code – Section 211: Acceptance or solicitation to obtain appointive public office

Whoever solicits or receives, either as a political contribution, or for personal emolument, any money or thing of value, in consideration of the promise of support or use of influence in obtaining for any person any appointive office or place under the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than one year, or both.

Whoever solicits or receives any thing of value in consideration of aiding a person to obtain employment under the United States either by referring his name to an executive department or agency of the United States or by requiring the payment of a fee because such person has secured such employment shall be fined under this title, or imprisoned not more than one year, or both. This section shall not apply to such services rendered by an employment agency pursuant to the written request of an executive department or agency of the United States.


18 U.S.C. § 595 : US Code – Section 595: Interference by administrative employees of Federal, State, or Territorial Governments

Whoever, being a person employed in any administrative position by the United States, or by any department or agency thereof, or by the District of Columbia or any agency or instrumentality thereof, or by any State, Territory, or Possession of the United States, or any political subdivision, municipality, or agency thereof, or agency of such political subdivision or municipality (including any corporation owned or controlled by any State, Territory, or Possession of the United States or by any such political subdivision, municipality, or agency), in connection with any activity which is financed in whole or in part by loans or grants made by the United States, or any department or agency thereof, uses his official authority for the purpose of interfering with, or affecting, the nomination or the election of any candidate for the office of President, Vice President, Presidential elector, Member of the Senate, Member of the House of Representatives, Delegate from the District of Columbia, or Resident Commissioner, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than one year, or both.

This section shall not prohibit or make unlawful any act by any officer or employee of any educational or research institution, establishment, agency, or system which is supported in whole or in part by any state or political subdivision thereof, or by the District of Columbia or by any Territory or Possession of the United States; or by any recognized religious, philanthropic or cultural organization.

But laws are for little people.

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49 Responses to “WH: Bill Clinton Offered Joe Sestak ‘Jobs’”

  1. jobeth says:

    Q: What did O and crowd have to offer Bill Clinton to get him to do the O’s dirty work?
    Would a “favor” benefiting Hilary be involved?

    Me thinks this whole affair is beginning to grow some very Loooooong legs!


  2. proreason says:

    1. If the position was unpaid, Sestak would quickly have revealed that tidbit when the heat came on.
    2. No way Slick Willy would put himself in a compromising position unless lips were involved.
    3. Anybody notice who might challenge The Moron for the 2012 nomination in his own party?
    4. No way an unpaid “advisory” position would keep someone from seeking the country’s primary path to eternal riches….a seat in the US Senate.
    5. Who has the most to lose in this situation? Willy…ha. Hillary…some risk. Rahm…his day has come and gone, and he knows it. The Moron…the impeachment drums are beating. At the very least, he is at risk of being disgraced as the most corrupt, most incompetant, most tone-deaf president in history.
    6. Is there even an eentsy tiny chance that the “most transparent” administration in history might be fibbing?

    • jobeth says:


      The fact that a position may be unpaid does not mean it has no value. As I understand it, circumstances being different…or otherwise normal…those unpaid positions have a lot of positional value and can be used as launching and good resume’ filler.

      So in the end, even IF it wasn’t paid…it still sounds like a crime to me.

      Obalmy must be on such thin ice if this is this is the best he can come up with.

      All those progressive minds…umm, umm, umm…and this is their best. :-D

    • confucius says:

      18 U.S.C. § 211 forbids “any money or thing of value.”

      If either the White House or Sestak considered whatever it was worth leaving the senatorial race, then it was “of value.”

      Investigate and Prosecute!

  3. NoNeoCommies says:

    The law is for thee and not for me!

  4. proreason says:

    For Bubba to allow himself to be fingered in this way, there is a quid pro quo involved.

    He either:

    (a) took a risk in talking to Sestek in the first place, and / or
    (b) is providing the Moron a HUGE favor by allowing himself to be the fall-guy.

    It’s really hard to imagine him doing the deed for nothing, and it’s even harder to imagine him being the fall-guy for nothing. This is the guy, hate him or love him, that is the slickest politician this country has ever had.

    He don’t do nuthin for nuthin….and he might live for another 25 years….why would he risk disgrace as a favor to the guy who called him a racist to steal the throne from his wife? Just doesn’t make sense.

    My hunch……and I admit it’s a wild one, even for me……..the Egomaniac in Chief can’t take the well-deserved abuse as president, and, to avoid impeachment, has signed a devil’s pact with the Clinton’s.

    Hillary in 2012 !!!

    • jobeth says:

      Ain’t so “fer fetched atall”

      For him to make such a pact with someone he despises so much just says to me he is really cornered with no way out.

      Sestak would do well to make it well known he has a video or notarized statement of truth being held under lock and key…just in case he has an ‘unlikely’ accident or heart attack.

    • untrainable says:

      I agree that there was some deal struck between Oblamer and slick Willie, but Hillary in 2012, no. Oblamer couldn’t give up the top seat out of sheer, for lack of a better term, audacity. His head is already so swollen that his ass must be really really sore. I’m betting on Biden being thrown under the bus in lieu of an Oblamer/Hildabeast ticket. At least Hillary knows how to keep her mouth shut when the heat is on. Or God help us, Hillary on the Supreme Court? Or maybe in true Dem fashion, Willie did a deal to benefit himself and forgot about Hillary altogether. Maybe some yet to be created Czar position to be named after the final nail in the coffin of Capitalism has been hammered.

    • proreason says:

      untrainable, good thoughts. veep is probably more realistic than the Moron stepping down.

      But note that the boy king has been expressing some frustrations publicly recently, and he has always said he is willing to do just one term if he can destroy the country in only 4 years. For the best actor to ever be president to outwardly express frustration could mean that he is an inferno inside. And he hates us anyway. To see us rise up against him and put ourselves in a position to topple his regime has to be the one thing that would most anger him.

      Imagine what he would think if he ever read anything from this site.

      Your idea of veep for the Hildabeast is better than my idea, but I still think there is at least a chance that the Moron has had all he can take already.

    • untrainable says:

      Thanks Pro. I hear ya. But no matter how angry he may be, this is not a man who will ever be ready to give up power. The good of the party will always be secondary to his own lust for power. And he’s too deluded to believe that he’s going to lose anything because of his policies or his own ineptitude as president. Here’s a man who tells the press that they’re asking too many questions about the oil spill, and doesn’t realize how dumb he looks. And, back on topic, thinks we’re going to believe this obvious last minute fabrication about slick Willie being the job broker for the administration without question.

      Let’s see what Sestak has to say, now that the lie is told.

    • Right of the People says:

      It could be the boy king is starting to crack.

      It wasn’t supposed to be like this! Everyone was supposed to acknowledge his superior intellect and do his bidding. After all that’s how it worked in college. These evil conservatives are ruining everything!

      I can see him now after November when the people take their country back him sitting in a corner sucking his thumb, babbling to himself. The boy has never faced adversity in his entire life and he’s doing his best to dodge it now but I think he’s learning that there isn’t anybody to pass the buck to. His lashing out is telling and I think that he’s getting near the end of his rope.

      Have we ever had a president totally lose it? This could be a first.

    • jobeth says:

      Right of the People

      “It could be the boy king is starting to crack.”

      I said that the other day when I said his house of cards is showing cracks at it’s base.
      He has several “hot spots” in this forest fire trying to erupt. (Got any BBQ fire lighter? :-D)

      Here’s hoping we have more great entertainment to watch.

      Pro and Untrainable…If what you both think may be a promise for Hilary to be VP is a reality…I wouldn’t give a plug nickle toward a bet on Obalmy’s life. Surely even the self absorbed Obalmy HAS to have heard about all the unfortunate “accidents” and sudden illnesses that happened to opponents or key witnesses back in the day…for the Clintons.

      I’m beginning to believe what we see now is the progressive left in the very beginnings of a cannibalistic implosion. When they stop aiming at the right and start shooting at each other…me thinks that might be a clue…lol.

      Perhaps the Lord has been listening to our prayers after all. Thank you Lord.

    • untrainable says:

      Interesting point jobeth. You know there is no danger for Oblamer while he’s got Biden as his backup. Nobody’s that crazy. But Hillary could use her spot as VP to replace Soros as the puppet master and concievably run the country (granted this is democrat delusional) for the next 12 years.

      Sestak has spoken

      He’s going along.

      Here’s one for you. Didn’t Sestak say that a member of the administration offered him the job? When did slick Willie get a position IN the administration. Why would Sestak refer to him as “The Administration”? I’m just sayin…

    • confucius says:

      I don’t believe Hillary would ever settle for VP. It’s not in her personality to be second. Besides, wasn’t POTUS a childhood dream of hers?

      I also don’t believe Hillary would ever settle for Supreme Court justice. Not enough control. (Bill maybe. Think of all the interns he could hide under the robe!)

      In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if it were the Clintons who approached Obama with this alibi. It would explain the ludicrousness of the White House ever conjuring up the implausible alibi of using a popular ex-president and brother to negotiate something as important as a senatorial race.

    • tranquil.night says:

      I want to weigh in on the “devil’s pact” theory since it piqued a curiosity that’s been swirling around the back of my head ever since the end of Operation Chaos, and that’s what became of the percolating bad blood between the Chicago gang and the Clintonistas.

      Clearly some significant power brokering went down these past couple days.. in order to slither out of scrutiny for another case of public power brokering. The whole thing is reminiscent of how Hilldog got her SoS job in the first place, with the strong set of cards now sitting on her side of the table. You know the saying – “once you start spinning the web, it only has to get bigger.” Well this regime is so off the reservation “of how this was supposed to go” that I have to say I agree that any and ALL your guys’ theories are possible. Except, however, that I believe Obama is going to be very satisfied to turn over the reigns of power and retreat back to Chicago and Hawaii once he’s planted enough tainted Acorns in the US system to choke it out once and for all. We think history is going to reflect poorly on this bunch, and he’s said the opposite a good number of times. That’s because history is easily revised – especially in a dictatorship – and Americans would never truly want the memory of their first black president to be exactly what it is.

      He’s said himself he’s comfortable being a one termer. Whether or not you think he was delusional to that very real possibility at the time does carry weight but

      But he was chosen for a purpose and he’s in all-for-broke to get it done; has been that way since ObamaCare. That purpose isn’t of course the one we were told (and yet in the broadest of terms it was), but clearly still it’s the one he is carrying out before our eyes. Liberal revolution.

      We Conservatives are not the only ones who understand this though. The call has gone out to all corners of the country to protect the boyking and the noble end for which he’s trashing the traditions of his seat. The call is being answered any and every possible way: interstate boycotts, unprecedented thuggery, transparent corruption and negligence, tone-deafness, and a 24/7 public assault/manipulation of the values and very soul of the nation on any newsfront.

      The Clintons are loyal to the struggle, but clearly are from the camp of tyrants that crave the role of adored supreme leader. Barack on the other hand – while he definitely wanted to be loved and adored – seems quite okay with being a simple go-for-broke mission executor: you can see it in how he indifferently dodges every responsibility of his position other than his agenda. He’s not a leader (as he quipped “I can’t pitch”) nor it turns out does he really even have honed political instincts. He’s an agitator, a suit who – as others have noted – can’t mentally handle his ideas or authority being challenged in the least. That maybe the biggest reason that he was chosen over the “triangulating” Clintons in the first place, along with the image they were able to manufacture for him.

      To conclude however, while it would only seem natural for Hillary to be Barack’s “successor” (the best way would be to get her on the VP ticket while fully expecting to step down) I don’t believe this comes down to what happens in 2012. That’s because these goons don’t even know how they’re going to handle the shellacking incoming in 2010.

      This regime is in dire straits of being sent packing early, not because of any slimy political deal, but because by their actions they’ve so deeply offended the 230+ year core of trust, honor, and tradition within this nation.

      He woke the bear. And, thinking he would slay the bear, now finds himself surrounded by what learned Harvard types would call an “anomaly”: the bear pack. Now Barack’s fellow hunters are peelin’ out, and he’s quickly finding himself running out of options before the mauling commences.

    • confucius says:

      Oops! I posted in the wrong place.

      (My fingers must be a little fat today.)

      Sorry Mr. Gilbert.

  5. BannedbytheTaliban says:

    With all the writers in Hollywood supporting him, this is the best he could come up with?

  6. proreason says:

    There’s more ‘splainin to come.

    “being on a Presidential Board” is not a job, and a 30 second discussion with Bubba is not “an offer” from someone in the administration.

    Joe’s stement is so lame that there are only 3 explanations:
    a. Sestek is uncontrollable and stupid,
    b. The statement is only the first thread in a much more complicated web of lies, or
    c. They have a firm commitment from NBCCBSABCCNN-Slimes-Wapro for a coverup

    I think c.

    • jobeth says:

      can we chose B and C? With a possible A?

    • proreason says:

      jobeth, I don’t think they want to get into a complicated web of lies.

      That is too dangerous. Now that this topic has caught some attentions, their goal is probably to put it to rest as quickly as possible. That’s why I think the web of lies is unlikely….unless their plan A fails.

      Sestek might be uncontrollable. He’s an ex-admiral, and his reputation is that he is a straw boss. He has already had enough success in his life that he might be another McCain type. Even so, he gives all indications of wanting to cooperate with the regime on this coverup, and vicious as the knee-breakers are, they probably know that he once flirted with a female underling who is now willing to destroy him, or something similar.

      There is also a problem with my preferred option c. Even though tingly-legged, there is no guarantee that all of the lamestreamers would stay on the reservation with something as hot as this topic. Particularly when other cracks are appearing in the once shiny vessel.

      The Moronistration is in deep doo-doo on this one.

  7. Rusty Shackleford says:

    My god, you have ALL missed the boat on this one.


    …………..It’s BUSH’s fault.

    (Must I explain EVERYTHING?!!!!)

    (sarcasm…of course)

  8. BigOil says:

    This appears to be an example of first and foremost – a liberal is a liberal. Bubba has swooped in to save Barry because BJ understands state control is the prize. Barry has advanced the ball of liberalism further than Clinton could have ever dreamed. Allowing Barry to crash and burn and face impeachment would strike an unacceptable blow to the cause.

    I doubt there was even a deal cut for Clinton’s help. Likely nothing more than a wink and a nod between narcissists. An entrenched ruling class with unlimited access to the treasury is the ultimate reward.

  9. GL0120 says:

    Sorry, but it doesn’t make sense for Boy Bill to be involved.
    To date, everything TCO has done has involved the Chicago crew and Bill is not part of that crew.
    To say that TCO would offer to throw a bone to Hillary if Bill would help is absurd; neither TCO or Bill give a hoot about Hillary.
    Now, if Bill was offered a tasty young intern…

  10. misanthropicus says:

    From Bill Ayres “Dreams From My Father” unpublished notes:

    “dba Obama’s Franziskus School (Djakarta, Indonesia) registration page:
    “Name: Barry Soetoro”
    “Religion: Muslim”
    “Citizenship: Indonesian”

    … then,
    “dba Barry Soetero, born, possibly 1962 @ Kapiolani Hospital, Honololu, and Queen of Angels, Honolulu, and ??? Hospital, Mombassa, Kenya” –
    “… Columbia U degree thesis “US – Soviet Nuclear Disarmament Issues” and “North-South Relationships in the Post Colonial Age” (NB: both thesis written in a time when the degree track on which dba Obama, aka Soetero was engage on, had no thesis requirment)”…

    … then…

    “And I want for Patricia a job like Michelle’s at the hospital,” –
    “This is not the Tony Rezko I know” –
    “I never had sex with that woman, Monica Levinsky” –
    “No controlling authority” –
    “It depends on what do you mean by is – ‘is’ can be ‘was’, ‘has been’, ‘will’ and so on” –
    “I am a knucklehead” – (we agree)
    “It’s beyond my paygrade” –
    “Some bitter white guys clinging to guns and Bibles” –
    “White guys in Brooks suits” –
    “The police acted stupidly,” –
    “America is not a Christian country” –
    “God damn’ America!”

    “I won” –
    You did, Barry Soetero, and poor America sure lost.

  11. proreason says:

    Critical mass has been reached on the Moron.

    The oil spill, the Sestek fiasco, the crap in Greece, Arizona and illegals, and the 15 million screw-ups before the latest disasters are finally getting to the point where Joe six-pack is paying attention. Joe is saying wtf is going on?

    The media is actually beginning to criticize the fool.

    Today I overheard a guy in his late 20’s say that he isn’t political at all, but he just can’t understand why the president waited so long to do anything about the oil spill.

    It’s wierd, the thing he has had the least control over may be the thing to finally nail the criminal. He may crack-up. He hasn’t had any adversity in his life at all. He can’t handle anything but idol worship.

    His approval ratings will be in the 30’s in a few weeks.

    I’m hoping for one more terror incident that gets foiled by a street urchin or an alert puppy, just to send him over the cliff.

    I want to see him in a looney ward. With nurse Ratchet enforcing no smoking.

    • Liberals Demise says:

      No one will polish his turds anymore……….

    • confucius says:

      At a minimum, Obama is a narcissist. I happen to believe he is of the malignant variety. Impeachment proceedings would reveal the depth of his pyschopathology.

      Either way, narcissists don’t have “psychotic breaks” when pushed. Malignant narcissists rage, withdraw and then come back. (It’s supposedly incurable.)

    • proreason says:

      “It’s supposedly incurable”

      Good to know. It helps to understand the options that could work.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      Eventually he will be hoisted on his own petard. It’s now appearing inevitable. His big, fat mouth coupled with unapologetic arrogance is a sure recipe for his own demise. In some respects, it’s kind of fun to watch him self-destruct in that he never looks back, never hesitates to do the EXACT WRONG THING each and every time. It’s like a computer that is wired to work improperly and no matter what you do, it gives you the wrong answer. Yet it is convinced of its own correctness.

      Unfortunately, the entire nation and indeed, much of the rest of the free world has to suffer while watching this bad show unfold.

      The most unfortunate thing is that when it’s all over, anyone who has anything bad to say about the boy will still be regarded as a racist and “not giving him a chance”. My answer to that will be, “You only deserve a chance if you can prove that you can do the job.” He didn’t and doesn’t.

    • proreason says:

      “he never looks back, never hesitates to do the EXACT WRONG THING each and every time.”

      To understand the Moron, study Maxine Waters.

      She is Obamy without the smooth baritone he created by destroying his lungs and practicing inflections for 20 years.

      To quote her “I’m as stupid as a brick, but I’m black and I’m proud as punch about it.”

    • confucius says:

      Narcissists never learn. They rationalize their mistakes as everyone elses’ problem–e.g. “It wasn’t a mistake. They’re just too dumb get how right I am .”

      Sound familiar?

      A narcissist’s psychological construct forbids them from ever acknowledging personal shortcomings. It would shatter their ego and superego. (Pun intended.)

      I predict Obama will self-destruct. All narcissists do. Their thirst for attention and power is unquenchable and always builds upon itself.

      It’s like an addiction.

    • jobeth says:

      This is an interesting thread. While we are all practicing armature psychiatry I began looking around for more of his behavior labels. Found this under Psychopaths …sound familiar?


      Manipulative and Deceitful
      Psychopaths lie easily and because they don’t feel anxious when doing so, many can pass lie detector tests. They manipulate those around them to get money, free places to stay, sexual favours and sympathy. Those who are jailed for crimes continue the pattern of manipulation and deceitfulness. Psychopaths often claim to have suffered from amnesia, temporary insanity, multiple personality disorder or blackouts to justify their crimes.

      In addition to lying outright, psychopaths are inclined to evade, providing responses that do not answer the questions put to them. This is done as a smokescreen, an attempt to trick people into thinking they’ve received an answer. Most psychopaths are very proud of their ability to lie convincingly, and in addition to lying to evade consequences, they lie to get sympathy. When caught in a lie, they simply move on, leaving shattered lives in their wake. Or they promise to change, and in some cases do change for long enough to worm their way back into the lives of their targets, after which they inevitably revert to their old ways.

      While psychopaths tend to engage in fewer criminal activities once they pass the age of 40, most continue to manipulate and deceive those around them. A common deception is obtaining phony credentials to pose as doctors, psychiatrists, real estate agents, lawyers or teachers. One psychopath posed as a doctor and performed surgeries, severely botching operations and leaving his patients emotionally and physically damaged. He disappeared when his credentials were questioned, and was found later in England posing as a psychiatrist

      There is more at the link. I find it all a pretty good description of our dear leader. In otherwords…he’s a nut…and a dangerous one at that.

    • tranquil.night says:

      “With nurse Ratchet enforcing no smoking.”

      Simply genius.

      And yes, there is an odd sense of poetic justice that Captain Planet’s fall is coming from betraying his own base by going MIA in almost word-for-word fashion the way he championed never to be.

      You know, conspiracy theories abound regarding the gulf crisis, but I think it’s safe to say given the left’s consistent narrative on this over the past month that at the very least Obama wanted the full impact of the disaster to be felt on the coast so that it would sink BP and BigOil.

      Funny enough, the Bamster blames alot on his advisors and other fall-guys, but this trifecta of bad press (immigration, Sestak, oil spill) is a truly epic blunder for Rahm, Axe, and the spin brigade. When I heard Carville and the LSM starting to take an unusually critical tone I wondered if they just hadn’t gotten the memo that the regime’s sin of inaction on the gulf was really about the greater environmental good of destroying domestic oil production. Now I’m really thinking that these guys are just too tired of holding the line for this incompetent and dishonest bunch and destroying what little (none really) personal credibility they have left, especially since the writing on the wall is that this statist coup has failed.

      DId you ever think that Chris Matthews would actually praise and agree with Rush? Not saying these guys are turning into overnight Conservatives, they still believe in what the king is doing. They’re probably just disillusioned because he won’t stand on the platform out in the open; he has to lie and coat his intentions in broad ideological terms.

      And in regards to his psychological state, the narcisism is apparent in that whereever he goes he thinks he has to relate to people by telling them about how something personal makes him like them: “I grew up in Hawaii, where the ocean is sacred.” He thinks by saying things like this that people will believe he cares.

      Those are just his words, and Clinton was a guy who is a narcissist in word and action. Clinton triangulated in ’94 because he wanted to be approved of and remain in power. It was about him. But when you look at Bam’s actions, a more troubling sociopathic streak emerges. He is dead committed to his mission, and could careless about what his opposition thinks of him. They’re not even his America, they’re the enemy America, and when we challenge him on that basis he not only lashes out harshly and personally in word, but then further takes the unnecessary step of causing havoc by provoking public strife over the issue. He won’t let it die – it doesn’t even matter how much the American people disagree with him anymore. Like a child who’s kneejerk reaction is to get personally angry and offended at their parent when they criticize a choice they know will produce a bad result, this is what we’re dealing with on a multiplicative scale.

    • proreason says:

      “Manipulative and Deceitful”

      Good research jobeth. I’ve been thinking that the Moron sounds like a psychopath in addition to a narcissit.

      confucious seems to be the expert on this. What think you, wise one from the east?

    • jobeth says:

      “…these guys are just too tired of holding the line for this incompetent and dishonest bunch and”

      Exactly what i thought when all those “retirements” began happening to otherwise viable Democratic candidates.

      Obalmy’s dirty ways were even too dirty for the usual politicians. And that must be really dirty. Guess they didn’t want to lose their souls completely

    • confucius says:

      I’m using criteria from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) to label Obama a narcissist and quite possibly a malignant one.

      These terms describe a defined pattern of psychopathological behaviors and thought processes. They also describe likely causes and even likelier outcomes.

      The DSM is not generally available on the internet. However, Wikipedia has some pretty good descriptions:

      –for narcissism: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Narcissistic_personality_disorder
      –and for malignant narcissism: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Malignant_narcissism

    • proreason says:

      From confucious’ link:

      “malignant narcissism in 1964, describing it as a “severe mental sickness” representing “the quintessence of evil.”

      That’s enough to convince me.

    • tranquil.night says:

      Jo made an earlier comparison between Barry and Paris Hilton on another thread that I’d like to carry into this discussion, hopefully to illustrate what I believe to be the difference between narcissism and malignance as defined here.

      Copping that “quintessence of evil” explanation, both forms of narcissim lead to destructive events and pain (emotional, physical, or psychological) for those involved with the afflicted party, and deceit is the main tool in the belt. However, while both conditions carry a certain degree of “mind-blindness,” malignant narcissists are a little more diabolical shall we say in how they’re able to foresee to some degree and preempt the results of their actions. Yet they nonetheless go forth with them (often as we’ve seen out of narcissistic rage) for the expressed or hidden intention of procuring those results upon those whom they wish to bring harm. And there you have the difference between someone who will lie, cheat, etc to protect themselves, and someone who will do so explicitly to harm others while benefitting themselves. Obama has acted in both ways, but most notably with malignance when it comes to how he treats the Conservative (American) way and its public leaders. He’s had to as well because, aside from the ideological discrepencies, we’ve predicted and chronicled too effectively who he is and the results of his actions. He can’t feign ignorance to protect himself in the public eye; the counter narrative is just too obvious.

      Without getting too off topic, I think this is just important because it comes back to the grand debate over whether he’s a naive ideologue, empty suit, or doing this all by independent choice and on purpose. From my perspective, it’s still gotta be door number 3.

    • jobeth says:

      Thanks Pro…

      While he appears to have other mental issues, I agree with you, Confucius and TN that Obalmy appears to be first and foremost a classic narcissist. Big time. It also seems clear to me he has multiple issues. Big time.

      And as he is prez…so do we. Ugh!

      I was reading about the reasons for narcissism and found this. Can’t be more classic as to why Obalmy fits this label so well.

      Good reading but a bit too long to copy here but even this little bit is interesting as it not only discribes Obalmy’s childhood but the childhood of many boomer kids that went on to become the “me” generation AKA progressive left.

      The following parenting behaviors may result in a child becoming a narcissist in adulthood:

      *Permissive parents who give excessive praise to the child, thus fostering an unrealistic view of themselves.

      *Overindulgence and spoiling by parents

      *Failing to impose adequate discipline

      *Idealization of the child


    • proreason says:

      “it’s still gotta be door number 3” (on purpose)

      absolutely. He probably isn’t the Grand Master, but he certainly isn’t a puppy out for a lark.

      At some point, he was a naive idealogue (door 1), but certainly not now, and not for many years. At some point, mr naive would wake up. Even this moron isn’t that dumb. He doesn’t get out of jail because he was only following orders.

      Empty suit (door 2) fits his actions to a tee, but it’s so obvious that he is an idealogue that it can’t be just that.

      and here’s an article about impeachment as dessert:


      As you probably know, Townhall isn’t a gaggle of conspiracy theorists. It’s one of the most respected aggregators of conservative writing.

  12. Mithrandir says:

    I don’t understand what difference it makes if Obama told Rahm, who told Clinton to get Sestak out of the race, or if Obama told Sestak directly to get out of the race?

    “I was just following orders” has not worked as a defense in the past.

  13. bobbys says:

    I knew they wanted the job stimulus numbers to go up but this is over the top!!

  14. Rusty Shackleford says:

    Well, what they never counted on or expected was Sestak to say he was offered a job in lieu of his candidacy. It’s always that human variable that puts the left in trouble. Sestak probably thought his statement of no real consequence; Perhaps not even knowing that such offers are expressly impeachable. Or, it’s that he’s a little bit of a “loose cannon” and maybe got fed up with pea-brained know-nothings pushing him around so he retaliated. No one will ever know his motivation(s) but it’s out now and an investigation needs to be mounted and people need to be questioned.

    Unfortunately, the LSM is still complicit in the corruption of the office of the president and will dutifully and happily cover any tracks left by the real criminals. Bill-Jeff is just a convenient foil…but look out when he wags his finger and says, “I did not have sexual relations with that man, Mr Sestak” Well, then you know there’s trouble.

  15. proreason says:

    Clinton’s involvement has at least one other very interesting aspect, in addition to the quid pro quo angle, that hasn’t been discussed yet.

    The fact that Bubba is involved, brings out the impeachment theme in bright colors. These people are so unbelievably devious, I think the impeachment connection plays a role here. By using Bubba as the fall guy, they draw a vivid parallel to the old war-horse hero who survived the Vast Rightwing Conspiracy’s best shot….and now here come the conspirators again, trying to gun down the new white black knight. Push on old hero, and up will rise the liberal warriors from both the Clintonistas and the Obamyites to do battle against the brain-dead conservatives.

    And the impact this must have on the press has to make their heads explode. If the brainwashed yellow journalists didn’t see the severity of the issue before, how can they miss it now? It’s like a clarion call to any liberal with a marxist conscience. Pursueing this story will be like shooting Obamy in the head. The message is clear….any “journalist” who won’t let this go is going to be an ex-journalist right quick.

    The wierdness of this connection makes me think that Clinton had no contact with Sestek at all. The connection is a 100% fabrication…..and probably one that they only dreamt up in the last few days.

    • confucius says:

      I’m willing to bet Clinton spoke with Sestak but only at the end when everyone had to synchronize their stories.

      I wouldn’t be surprised if it were the Clintons who concocted and approached Obama with this alibi. The ploy would give them control over Obama for the purposes of improving Hillary’s odds in 2012.

      I also think that Obama and Sestak agreed to the deception because they needed an alibi and no one knows how to dodge impeachment proceedings better than Bill Clinton.

    • jobeth says:

      I think the both of you are on to the reality of this whole situation.

      I also don’t believe that Clinton didn’t get involve until his WH visit just before the announcement.

      Confucius, I only scanned your reply here, because my mind was going at top speed and i had come up with your same conclusion! I thought I was talking out of my tin foil had but included it anyway. Then I read your comment more fully…and lo and behold YOU had said the same thing! Whew…I don’t feel so weird now lol.

      I removed my comment since you said it first! Ahh, great minds….!

    • tranquil.night says:

      “The weirdness of this connection makes me think that Clinton had no contact with Sestek at all. The connection is a 100% fabrication…..and probably one that they only dreamt up in the last few days.”

      I think you’re all dead on too. As Kurt Bardella, Spokesperson for the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform said (via Michelle) “This revelation that the White House initiated a dialogue with Sestak at the same time they are preparing their public response certainly leaves the impression that there is a coordinated effort going on. Of course, if everyone just did the right thing and told the truth, the need to speculate about motive and impartiality wouldn’t be necessary.”

      There’s anecdotal evidence to this that doesn’t fit basically. Why wait two months after this gets out to call up Willy, Joe and his brother and coordinate the response?

      It’s like when you ask a suspect “where were you from the hours of..” and he gives you a rehearsed story that you then check up on, and of course the corroborating witnesses spit back the exact same rehearsed story word for word and nothing else. It’s a lie, but unless there’s factual evidence there, you can’t do anything about it.

      So sadly I must agree with you Pro and opine that I think we’re fiddling with straws on this issue, which is the message they’re sending by wrangling in Bill. Like Clinton’s impeachment, we can definitively be the jury but the only effective sentence we’re going to be able to provide is by voting these criminals out of power.

      In the meantime, I almost am willing to venture that the regime would rather we took up this as our central battle over the others since while it may seem like it could yield the greatest political reward (impeachment), the risk of diverting political capital and public attention to this at a time where we’re facing much deeper problems almost doesn’t seem worth it, as it will also rally the LSM out of disarray and back to the boyking’s side. People are just tuning out in frustration over what’s going on, and we need them to be informed and prepared as it gets even worse.

  16. TwilightZoned says:

    I think it’s safe to say we all pretty much agree this whole Sestak situation stinks on ice!!!

  17. Tater Salad says:

    One thing is for sure in this case. The left wing loons are going to pull out all of the stops on this one. Problem: One lie eventually leads to “another one” and it is already starting to happen. Pressure, pressure and more pressure will crack this baby wide open.

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