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WH Offered Sen Candidate 3 Jobs To Quit

From a very last to the party Associated Press:

Andrew Romanoff, U.S. Senate candidate from Colorado, talks to the media during a campaign stop in Denver on Thursday, June 3, 2010.

White House says it contacted candidate about jobs

Thursday, June 3, 2010

WASHINGTON — One of President Barack Obama’s top advisers suggested to a Colorado Democrat that he forgo a primary challenge to Sen. Michael Bennet and instead apply for one of three international development jobs.

The disclosure came just days after the White House admitted orchestrating a job offer in the Pennsylvania Senate race with the similar goal of avoiding a messy or divisive Democratic primary.

In truth, as a former Reagan White House political director, Jeffrey Lord, noted, it was the Denver Post that first reported this bribe attempt to Mr. Romanoff, way back September 27, 2009.

Still, it’s nice to see the Associated Press and the rests of our media watchdogs finally taking notice.

The back-room deals – former President Bill Clinton led the Pennsylvania effort and White House deputy chief of staff Jim Messina worked with former Colorado House Speaker Andrew Romanoff – called into question Obama’s repeated promises to run an open government.

You don’t say.

Romanoff said in a statement Wednesday night that he was contacted by Messina last fall and told that the White House would support Bennet in the primary. When he said he would seek the nomination anyway, Messina "suggested three positions that might be available to me were I not pursuing the Senate race," Romanoff said. "He added that he could not guarantee my appointment to any of these positions."

Romanoff added: "At no time was I promised a job, nor did I request Mr. Messina’s assistance in obtaining one."

Earlier Wednesday, a White House official insisted nothing inappropriate or illegal took place but didn’t provide the details Romanoff offered in his statement and a copy of an e-mail he had received from Messina.

"Mr. Romanoff was recommended to the White House from Democrats in Colorado for a position in the administration," White House deputy press secretary Bill Burton said. "There were some initial conversations with him, but no job was ever offered."

Notice, as is always the case, our media masters never tell us about any suspected Democrat malfeasance until the Democrats (and/or their media minions) have worked up an explanation.

Yet even the appearance of trading taxpayer-funded jobs to ease an ally’s political path left questions for an administration that was the most transparent in history.

Shouldn’t this have read “for an administration that [claimed to be] the most transparent in history”? Or does the AP actually believe that the Obama administration was the most transparent in history until this revelation?

Messina, a tough-minded veteran of Senate politics and one of the president’s best fixers, spoke with Romanoff on Sept. 11, 2009, and suggested that Romanoff might better use his time at the U.S. Agency for International Development.

Messina sent Romanoff job descriptions for three positions: an administrator for Latin America and Caribbean; the chief of the Office of Democracy and Governance; and the director of the U.S. Trade and Development Agency.

Romanoff said he later left a message on Messina’s voice mail saying he would continue his Senate campaign…

It doesn’t get much more “transparent” than that. This is even more transparently illegal than the Sestak bribe, and that is pretty transparently illegal.

"Just how deep does the Obama White House’s effort to invoke Chicago-style politics for the purpose of manipulating elections really go?" said Rep. Darrell Issa, a California Republican who unsuccessfully sought a Justice Department investigation into Sestak and showed no sign of slowing [sic].

"Clearly, Joe Sestak and Andrew Romanoff aren’t isolated incidents and are indicative of a culture that embraces the politics-as-usual mentality that the American people are sick and tired of. Whatever the Obama brand use to stand for has been irrevocably shattered by the activities going on inside Barack Obama’s White House," Issa said.

Unlike Sestak, Romanoff had ducked questions on the subject until issuing his statement Wednesday night. Also unlike Sestak, Romanoff was out of office and looking for his next act after being forced from his job because of term limits…

But just like Mr. Sestak there was a bribe offered. And it is illegal.

And bribery is also an impeachable offense.

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13 Responses to “WH Offered Sen Candidate 3 Jobs To Quit”

  1. Chinnubie says:

    I think we all get the wheeling-n-dealing that goes on in politics but, man these people just think ther are no boundaries. Sick-n-tired doesn’t even touch the surface in discussing these abusers of our Great Nation and her Founding Documents, what a disgrace!!

    And I thought lying under oath was pretty bad??

    • jobeth says:

      “And I thought lying under oath was pretty bad??”

      That is a sure thing to happen again with this WH bunch.

      They will either have to tell all the underhanded and illegal things that have had their source with this WH administration OR they will have to lie.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      When you have a good double standard, you stick with it.

  2. proreason says:

    The Sesek and Romanoff cases are sending a clear signal.

    Which is that the Obamunists have concluded the msm will cover for them, even when they admit to the crime.

    The criminals have concluded that they can’t lie their way out of this….which must be an enormous shock to them.

    So they are basically depending on the hollow-cheeked press to carry the water and convince the public that bribery in government is equivalent to spitting on the sidewalk.

    Excpect thousands and thousands of stories now about how every administration since Reagen has done this sort of thing all the time.

    That’s the strategy.

    • Petronius says:

      Another classic post, Pro. I believe you have indeed figured out their strategy : “the msm will cover for them…. depending on the hollow-cheeked press to carry the water ….”

      This regime is proof that America is still the land of opportunity. That all you need to succeed in this country is a collectivist, class warfare ideology, a teleprompter, glistening pectorals, and no shame.

      That and –– as you rightly say –– a pliant media, easily led, to carry the water for you. To hasten when you shout, “Harry By!” Yes, those squidgy-nosed old idols, those Lazarushian-leather beggars of the press. You can always count on them. Waiting for their master’s voice, waiting fifty paces right flank rear.

      Them and the American idiocracy, voters both documented and undocumented, both living and dead, most of whom seem to have lost their sense of smell.

    • Steve says:

      “Them and the American idiocracy, voters both documented and undocumented, both living and dead, most of whom seem to have lost their sense of smell.”

      How poetic. — And true.

  3. jobeth says:

    So far, in the past Obalmy has just ignored pesky issues, problems and people.

    He has busied himself with fluff gatherings and adulation parties or vacations and golf games.

    AZ Governor has had to wait eons to get some sort of rise out of this WH…totally ignored…maybe it will just go away if he ignores it. It won’t.
    In fact his reaction has given legs and support to the illegals, further dividing our country and causing unrests.

    He tried to outlast this oil leak by a month and a half…didn’t work…In fact he’s made it worse and stopped Gov.Jindal from doing what he needs to do. In order to “save the environment” we can’t create sand berms to block the oil. Instead we allow the oil to go into the marsh …the nesting sites. How much sense does that make?

    He tried to ridicule the tea parties into going away…didn’t work.

    He’s tried to manipulate who runs for office by breaking the law…hasn’t worked…at least some of it didn’t…and is about to catch up with him. Who knows how many people actually did buckle to either his intimidation or to feather their own nest.

    His dislike for Israel and his support for all things muslim is giving Israel something very real to worry about. God Bless Israel…I hope they do exactly what they need to do to defend themselves. But with this WH we are pulling the rug out from under them….I hope they can last until we get a sane adult back in as POTUS.

    I don’t need to go on…

    Its all about to crash down on his head and I want to get a front row seat. I don’t want to miss a thing.

    And now there are cracks even in his LSM coverages. When even the media is seeing through his aura…he’s in trouble.

    Wouldn’t surprise me if he isn’t aimlessly walking around the WH mumbling to himself, wondering how it all went wrong.

    We HAVE to get control enough to stop is nonsense in November and take back full control and undo his anti-American deeds in 2012.

  4. canary says:

    Obama has taken an enormous amount of trips to Colorado since taking office.

    Washington Post 2-18-2010

    1. President Obama will travel to Denver, Colo. later today to raise money for appointed Sen. Michael Bennet. Obama will participate in a $25 per person fundraiser at the Fillmore Auditorium (roughly 3,000 are expected to attend) and then a $1,000 per plate event at the Sheraton. (Two days after Obama is at the Fillmore,… Bennet is the fourth Democratic Senator Obama has raised money for since coming into office, according to incomparable Post researcher Lucy Shackelford. ….Bennet, like Specter, faces a serious primary challenge in former state House speaker Andrew Romanoff. Bennet, a political unknown who was appointed to his current post by Gov. Bill Ritter (D) following Sen. Ken Salazar’s selection as secretary of interior, has far outdistanced Romanoff in the cash chase to date. At the end of 2009, Bennet had $3.5 million in the bank as compared to just $480,000 for Romanoff — a gap likely to widen with the Obama visit. ….leutenant governor Jane Norton, the GOP frontrunner for the Senate nomination, is launching a one-day ad that accuses Obama of creating “massive spending and debt”… — particularly in a swing state like Colorado, Bennet and his political team clearly believe the help Obama can bring — rallying the base behind the incumbent, raising scads of cash — outweigh the negatives.

    There’s Obama’s Ken Salazar again, before he gave
    the free pass “drill baby drill” to BP. Just a simple 1 oz inspection could have saved gallons of oceans of cure.

  5. wardmama4 says:

    I have a question/ponderance here – going back into ancient history (the 70s) and of course the li(e)brals fav tactic equivalency – was there not somewhere/someone during the whole Watergate Incident who may have uttered (or used as reason for further investigations) that Person X has committed a crime, Person Y has been indicted and Person Z is already in jail – how can we not believe that this goes all the way to the White House – we must investigate and make sure of What did Nixon know and When did he know it????

    But alas when it is DemocRAT in office – it suddenly becomes business as usual and isolated incidents: Reko is in jail, Ayers is only free due to a ‘technicality’ and of course Blagovich is about to go to trial – in a sane world with a truly impartial MSM somewhere/someone should be asking:

    What did Obama know and When did he know it

    God Help America – as it does not appear that anyone with the power to affect real ‘change’ cares enough to do their job.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      The responsibility for getting to the bottom of this rests firmly on the House Of Representatives. Given that Nancy Pa-loser is MIA most of the time, flitting thither and yon on her own “personal” 757, and that she thinks the boy who sits in the president’s chair is “just so hot”, it is doubtful she will push for any investigation. Even in the glaring face of a media flame-thrower.

      This speaks to how dysfunctional our current edition of our government is. It’s like an unruly kindergarten where ALL the kids are acting up and something needs to be done.

      Even Joe Bag-O-Donuts can see something is fishy. Most middle-of-the-roaders get it when the law is broken, or in this case laws, then here in the US, we don’t look the other way as they do in third world thug-o-ministrations. But we are fast approaching that and indeed, we seem to have actually arrived.

      So if the laws mean nothing to our elected officials, then they mean nothing all the way down to average citizen, or at least, that’s what they’d like us to think.

      I keep hoping that somewhere, somehow, all this buffoonery will catch up and boil over and that it’ll get so bad that SOMEone…who has the authority can say enough and get the ball rolling. But when the president has a complicit Attorney General (the title is laughable) and a complicit House and Senate, while also working on the Supreme Court….he is installing the Chicago style of how to stay in power….make all those who enforce the law your pals….literally partners in crime.

      But remember the housecleaning Melvin Purvis had to do in the 30’s? Yeah, like that. That’s how endemic the problem is. He had to come up with guys who would not take bribes, who would not turn on him..who had such unflinching character they were literally “untouchable” by the crime element.

      We need that kind of activity in our government. People who can kick ass and take names and cause extreme discomfort to the criminals who have a free pass to gut our system of government. But don’t look for it during this presidential term….even if the MSM starts asking the hard questions. Because….they are such drooling lackeys, they will accept any answer the boy who sits in the president’s chair gives them.

      Wazzat Mr President? You never told a lie? You never talked to Bill Clinton? You never offered anyone any jobs? And you only knew that you were in the bathroom when all this allegedly happened? Well, ok then. ”

      Like that.

      While a curious public stands there gobsmacked.

    • heykev says:

      Rusty – the simple reason as to why Nancy will NEVER allow anything to happen to BHO is because this is HER presidency and not his. She is moving forward on things/projects while he just golfs and tries to seem important. She is actually doing all his heavy lifting by writing the Health Care bill, etc.

      She has way too much to lose by having anyone else take office. She will immediately lose much of her power.

    • heykev says:

      “and of course Blagovich is about to go to trial”

      The similarities between what Blago’s indictment and the accusations against Our Dear Leader are striking.

      Both are offers concerning jobs.
      Blago for money. Our Dear Leader for a different job(s) – which still has a value attached to it.
      Blago the will face animadversion by the MSN. Our Dear Leader will have the MSN carry its water .
      Blago will go to jail. Our Dear Leader will be retired in 2012.

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