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WH Has Little Doubt Assad Behind Chemical Attack

From an unquestioning ABC News:

Senior Administration Official: ‘Very Little Doubt’ Assad Regime Behind Alleged Chemical

By Jonathan Karl | August 25, 2013

The White House says there is “very little doubt” that the Assad regime is responsible for the alleged chemical attack in Syria that is said to have taken place earlier this week.

“Based on the reported number of victims, reported symptoms of those who were killed or injured, witness accounts, and other facts,” a senior administration official tells ABC News, “There is very little doubt at this point that a chemical weapon was used by the Syrian regime against civilians in this incident.  We are continuing to assess the facts so the President can make an informed decision about how to respond to this indiscriminate use of chemical weapons.”

White House officials also point out the attack was on rebel-held territory and apparently done using rockets that the rebels do not possess.

How do we know what the rebels possess? And what exact benefit would it be for the Assad regime to attack civilians with chemical weapons? Why not the rebels?

Moreover, Assad must be aware that using chemical weapons would only trigger more outside involvement, which he clearly doesn’t want. So who actually benefits from this attack? Cui bono?

After reports that Syria’s regime will allow UN inspectors to access the site of the attack, the senior administration official suggested the move may be too late, after “the regime’s persistent shelling” has “significantly corrupted” evidence in the area.

You see? Their minds are made up. (By the way, doesn’t this seem like déjà vu all over again? Waiting on UN weapons inspectors to report back on possible weapons of mass destruction.)

“If the Syrian government had nothing to hide and wanted to prove to the world that it had not used chemical weapons in this incident, it would have ceased its attacks on the area and granted immediate access to the UN–five days ago. At this juncture, the belated decision by the regime to grant access to the UN team is too late to be credible,” the official said.

The president has ordered his national security team to draw up possible strike options on Syria, but there is a divide in the White House on how forcefully to respond, although another official told ABC News if there is a strike, it must be “timely” — done soon enough to prevent another chemical attack.

Since this is at least the second such attack, you have to wonder why strike options weren’t already drawn up.

However, the White House does not want to act alone. U.S. officials are back channeling through the United Nations to see if Russia could be convinced to agree to a resolution.

Oh, our sides.

If there is no UN authorization, the United States would lead any possible strike, but, a senior official told ABC News “we do not want to do anything on our own.” U.S. allies must commit both “resources” and “political will” the official said.

And never mind that Bush got authorization before we invaded Iraq. Obama doesn’t need the UN.

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3 Responses to “WH Has Little Doubt Assad Behind Chemical Attack”

  1. Noyzmakr says:

    Does the US have any secrets anymore? We can’t draw up plans to fart without it being plastered all over the news. If someone doesn’t put a stop to all this leaking we’re going to witness a different kind of worldwide flood and no ark is going to save our arse.

  2. Rusty Shackleford says:

    At the risk of donning my “captain obvious” tights, yes, Dub-ya was castrated by the media for just these types of things. The sarin gas attacks, the WMD, the contemplation of using military force to unseat a despotic regime.

    Yet, here were are….in “part two” (Sorry, Brad Paisley) and the “so-much-better-thans” are digging a ravine in that groove. Been nare….dun nat…got the t-shirt…..puked on it.

    What’s next, “nation building”?

    It’s as if they never even saw the movie. Yet they are writing the script with their own writers, plagiarizing all of Bush’s “horrible mistakes” and can’t even come up with new mistakes to make…though that remains to be seen.

    This all dovetails into the other article Steve posted regarding president mom-jeans not having things turn out to his liking. It is either due to his incredibly cynical and naive point-of-view, combined with his magnificently pedestrian mental faculties and ability to analyze situations, or probably more accurately, his lackeys doing it while he golfs and smokes dope, while the American people look at him with that all-too-familiar WTF expression on their faces.

    The LIV’s don’t care ’bout no mid-east cuz it don’t have nuffin’ ta do wif dem EBT carts whut dey gits. So….no criticism coming from there and anyone who DOES criticize is hereby proclaimed a racist. This is because you cannot criticize a black man, no matter how much of an idiot he is.

    But it is very interesting to observe a real, genuine train-wreck of a presidency with all the help he gets from all the fellow travelers who have neither ability nor intellect to function in the real world.

    Guess it was bound to happen sooner or later what with the law of averages and things reaching critical mass in an electoral sense. I’d be laughing my ass off if I was a foreigner. But, I’m a native to the US and it’s not so funny here. Maybe it will be later but not right now.

    • Noyzmakr says:

      “….president mom-jeans….”


      RS, if we live through this and long enough to read the history books on this catastrophe of a presidency it will be interesting to see how the “revisionists” will try to smooth over this incompetent boobs terms in office.

      If we live through it. …….did mention that part?

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