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WH Is Looking For Ways To Help Businesses Hire Illegals

From The Hill:

White House looks at executive actions on immigration reform

By Justin Sink | July 14, 2014

White House attorneys are examining whether the president can use executive action to “level the playing field” on immigration for business owners, press secretary Josh Earnest said Monday.

The Hill’s tease for this on their RSS feed is: "The White House is looking for ways to help business owners." Isn’t it funny that the only time Obama has ever tried to help business owners, just happens to be when he is trying to get even more illegal aliens into the country?

Earnest provided few details about what kind of action the president might take, but the comments offered the first insight into what type of authorities the administration was reviewing following the president’s announcement he would look to act unilaterally after comprehensive immigration reform legislation died in the House.

“The question is whether or not there are additional steps that you can take to level the playing field for businesses,” Earnest told reporters. “There are a lot of businesses right now who are very rigorous about observing immigration law, and that creates an opening for some unscrupulous businesses to undercut them and to bypass that system and essentially hire undocumented labor for cheaper. That, obviously, is not playing on a level playing field.”

Earnest said it was “not fair” to business owners who were “trying to do the right thing.”

Lest we forget, back in February 2014, the DHS’s inspector general reported that the Obama administration had slashed the fines for employers who hired illegals by more than 40%. So, in reality, Obama has not been trying to ‘level the playing field.’ On the contrary, Obama has actually been rewarding companies that hire illegals.

Some technology companies have suggested that the president might be able to use executive action to reduce the backlog of H-1B visas, which allow high-skilled foreign workers to come to the U.S…

We allow over 700,000 legal immigrants a year into the country. Can’t those with high tech skills be put in the front of the line?

It’s thought the administration is examining expanding the deferred action program announced in 2012, which allows certain children who entered the country illegally to remain. It’s possible the president could expand the program to include qualifying family members of children who qualified for deferred action…

Notice how this article starts off pretending that the WH is concerned about helping business. But then the solution offered at the end is extending Obama’s ‘Dreamers’ executive order to cover adults. Which will help businesses like mad. (Not.)

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