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WH Leaked Source, Method Of Al Qaeda Intercept

From the Daily Caller:

Condemnation, confusion and silence over Al-Qaeda conference call leaks

By Josh Peterson | August 8, 2013

The Obama administration’s intelligence leaks about how the U.S. discovered an imminent al-Qaeda plot have drawn mixed reactions of silence and concern from top members of Congress’ intelligence committees…

Despite the headline, we have yet to see any "condemnation."

On Wednesday, The Daily Beast reported that the intercepted communication was actually a conference call that took place among more than 20 top al-Qaeda leaders, including al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri — a group nicknamed by one U.S. intelligence official as the “Legion of Doom,” after the DC Comics supervillain alliance.

Eli Lake, one of story‘s co-authors, told CNN’s Erin Burnett Wednesday evening that the so-called “conference call” took place not over a phone network, but over the Internet.

So the Obama administration not only leaked who was involved in the so-called “conference call,” but they also let it be known that it took place not over a phone network, but over the internet.

Which means they leaked both the source of this information, and the method of the interception. It was the functional equivalent of a drone strike on our intelligence agencies collection efforts.

When asked by The Daily Caller about the leaks and whether U.S. sources and methods were put at risk, Georgia Republican Sen. Saxby Chambliss said, “Disclosing classified information is always wrong, and some leaks cause more harm than others”

“We know al Qaeda pays attention to news reports like these and continually changes their tactics to evade detection,” he told TheDC…

“No one should be surprised if they are doing that right now, which means we could miss intelligence that could stop them before they act,” said Chambliss.

“This administration has been particularly irresponsible about leaking classified information, and I only hope that their disclosures do not harm the intelligence community’s ability to prevent another attack,” he said.

Wow, such "condemnation"! But just try to imagine how the Democrats would have used such a club to bludgeon a Republican President over such a breach of national security.

Even though they don’t really care one white about national security. They would have done it just for the political advantage.

The Washington Free Beacon reported that the Obama administration has known about the threat to the embassies for months.

Even the report about how the Yemeni government foiled a plot by al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), the Yemeni off-shoot of al-Qaeda, was called into question by a spokesman for the Yemeni embassy, Mohammed Albasha, reports Foreign Policy Magazine and GlobalPost.

Skeptical about the timing of the disclosures, critics of the National Security Agency’s surveillance activities charged that the administration was using the leaks to distract from the scandal over the NSA’s domestic surveillance program — a charge White House Press Secretary Jay Carney dismissed, declaring the two issues as separate from one another…

Well, that settles that. Allah knows, Jay Carney would never lie to the American public.

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3 Responses to “WH Leaked Source, Method Of Al Qaeda Intercept”

  1. Noyzmakr says:

    a group nicknamed by one U.S. intelligence official as the “Legion of Doom,” after the DC Comics supervillain alliance.

    Well at least we know they are taking it seriously…….

  2. GetBackJack says:

    Since 2001, it has been death to get on a phone and discuss terrorist activities. Since the Drone Wars, it’s been death to be on the internets, the intertubes, wireless, CBs, Hams, telegraphs or even talk above a whisper to a donkey.

    Conference Call? Conference Call?

    RU farking kidding me? Who writes this stuff? John Cleese?

  3. bousquem25 says:

    If there is ever a hint that a republican is involved then the dems and the MSM will be screaming for blood but when the dems “leak” information then it is always just a mistake and nothing was ever done on purpose to distract the sheeple from “phony scandals”. Of course the MSM will ignore what ever is inconvient and try to keep the sheeple from turning into alert watch dogs and actually pay attention to the sewage flowing from New Chicago (aka Washington DC).

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