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WH Leaks Cantor’s Proposed Medicare Cuts

From a gleeful New York Times:

Agreement on Debt Talks: Health Groups Dislike Proposals

July 12, 2011

WASHINGTON — Budget negotiators have not found a way to avert a government default on federal debt obligations, but with their ideas to cut Medicare and Medicaid they have managed to provoke opposition from almost every major group that represents beneficiaries and health care providers.

The latest provocation was a list of proposed savings presented at the White House this week by the House majority leader, Representative Eric Cantor, Republican of Virginia.

A list that was purposefully leaked to the press by the White House in order to make Mr. Cantor and the Republicans looks like bad guys.

Meanwhile, Mr. Obama has offered no specific plans to reform entitlements, whatsoever. Even though he regularly lectures us about how both Medicare and Social Security are unsustainable as they are today.

Mr. Cantor said Tuesday that the ideas had all been seriously discussed, with varying levels of Democratic support, in seven weeks of negotiations led by Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr

Mr. Cantor’s list included 27 proposals that he said would save up to $353 billion over 10 years, in the context of a budget deal that could save anywhere from $2 trillion to $4 trillion over the same period.

Items on the list touched off howls of protest from lobbyists and Democratic lawmakers who saw details for the first time on Tuesday.

Again, these howls are exactly why the Obama administration leaked Mr. Cantor’s list.

Some of the proposals would hit Medicare patients in the pocketbook, charging co-payments for home health care and clinical laboratory services like blood tests. One proposal would increase premiums and co-payments for beneficiaries with relatively high incomes. Another would require millions of recipients to pay more of the costs now covered by private insurance policies that supplement Medicare

If the Democrats are going to reject these very modest proposals out of hand, what is left?

Representative Paul D. Ryan, Republican of Wisconsin and chairman of the House Budget Committee, said the din of criticism was disappointing.

“These are not big Medicare savers,” Mr. Ryan said in an interview. “They do not save a lot of money in the whole scheme of things. If we come to a political paralysis over a few hundred billion dollars, the credit markets will really start turning on us.”

In other words, if Congress cannot bring itself to cut a measly $353 billion over 10 years then Medicare is doomed. And so is our credit rating.

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4 Responses to “WH Leaks Cantor’s Proposed Medicare Cuts”

  1. tranquil.night says:

    The negotiations were never serious. The Demoncraps were never going to give up anything significant. Their only interest right now is in holding the status quo, and their entire caucus is committed to those principles. It is the dinosaur Republican leadership that keeps allowing the Libs to run circles around them until they get tired and cave. Instead of listening to the people who elect them and are trying to help them, they just let themselves get beat.

    Well we look forward to replacing you with winners who don’t need a daily/weekly reminder for whom and what they’re representing. It should be sickeningly embarassing to the Republican leadership when ordinary rank amateurs can give better political insight and strategy than the supposed professionals who go to work everyday, get rolled, then go grab a beer or golf with the people destroying this country.

  2. proreason says:

    It’s beyond me why Republicans would even mention the words “medicare” or “social security”, except in the context “Obamycare has stripped $500 Billion from Medicare”.

    It’s the epitome of stupidity.

    Here you have a guy who, while presidenting, has added over $1T in annual spending to the “budget”, which was already bloated beyond imagination.

    Maybe I’m just too simple minded. It seems to me that the discussion should revolve around that sum, rather than the programs that set 50 million people’s teeth on edge, because their lives depend on them.

    But of course, I’m not a criminal. So what do I know about it.

  3. P. Aaron says:

    Dem leaders and their hacks have no soul.

  4. proreason says:

    Cantor must be an idiot.

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