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WH Leans On North Carolina To Expand Medicaid

From McClatchy News:

White House, N.C. Democrats press state to expand Medicaid

By Renee Schoof | December 9, 2013

WASHINGTON — The White House enlisted two top North Carolina Democrats on Monday to urge Gov. Pat McCrory and the legislature to reconsider their opposition to Medicaid expansion under Obamacare.

“Medicaid expansion is a smart choice for states,” White House Spokesman Josh Earnest [sic] said during a telephone news conference along with Durham Democrats, Mayor Bill Bell and state Sen. Floyd McKissick. Earnest said that states would save money “over and above the expense of expanding Medicaid.”

Expanding Medicaid is code for lowering the income requirements in order to get more people into the system. The AP reported last month that "9 million people will gain coverage through expanded Medicaid next year." (Remember that the goal of Obama-Care is only 7 million.)

But 9 million more people on Medicaid is not enough. And never mind that Medicaid is broker than broke. And that we have to borrow money from the Chinese to pay for it.

Bell said … “Our residents are really missing out on an opportunity here.” …

And Democrats never want to pass up the chance to make more people dependent upon government.

Medicaid makes up 15 percent of the state’s $20 billion budget. The federal government pays about two-thirds of the cost for current participants. It paid about $11 billion and the state paid $3 billion in 2012. The expansion would cover people who earn up to 133 percent of the federal poverty rate, or about $32,000 for a family of four…

Which is not far below the national average income. But the idea is to get to the tipping point between ‘the makers and the takers’ as quickly as possible.

Meanwhile, we have this from North Carolina’s News & Observer:

NC auditor says Medicaid claims system had more than 3,200 defects

By Lynn Bonner | December 9, 2013

The state audit released Monday put a number to all the problems with a new Medicaid claims system that has frustrated hospitals, doctors and other health care providers for months.

NC Tracks has had more than 3,200 defects since the state started using it July 1, according to the report, and more than 600 had not been fixed by Nov. 5… Defects rated “high” accounted for 74 percent of unfixed problems…

Health care providers have inundated legislators with horror stories about problems they’ve had getting paid for treating Medicaid patients… The N.C. Medical Society, the trade group for doctors, said the audit confirmed its worst fears, and definitive action is needed for fixes.

“This flawed system has been hurting patients and hurting doctors throughout the state since it went live on July 1,” the group’s CEO, Bob Seligson, said in a statement…

We suspect that 3,200 defects could also lead to a lot of Medicaid fraud. But, what the heck. It’s only money.

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One Response to “WH Leans On North Carolina To Expand Medicaid”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    1860 – Washington marches on the South to make the Confederates stop with the slavery
    2013 – Washington marches on the South to make sure North Carolinians get with the slavery

    Corrupted time loop?

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