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WH (Lies): Bergdahl Swap Was Chuck Hagel’s Decision

From the Weekly Standard:

Obama Administration: Bergdahl Was Chuck Hagel’s Call

But Hagel says Obama "made the ultimate decision."

By MICHAEL WARREN | June 9, 2014

The last question asked at Monday night’s closed-door briefing of members of the House of Representatives was a simple one: Who made the decision to transfer five top Taliban officials held at Guantanamo Bay to Qatar in exchange for the return of the Taliban’s lone American POW, Army sergeant Bowe Bergdahl?

According to Buck McKeon, the chairman of the House Armed Services committee, the Obama administration’s briefers told he gathered House members that the person responsible for the decision to make the deal was not President Obama but Chuck Hagel, the secretary of defense.

"Now wait a minute, are you saying it was Secretary Hagel that made this decision, or was this the president of the United States?" McKeon, a California Republican, said to reporters. "It was the president of the United States that came out with the Bergdahls and took all the credit. And now that there’s been a little pushback, he’s moving away from it?"

The administration’s claim that Hagel, not Obama, made the decision is at odds with what Hagel himself said on Meet the Press on June 1. "I signed off on the decision," Hagel said. "The president made the ultimate decision." …

We know this is a lie because of one simple fact. Obama first tried to do this exact same deal in March of 2012. (But Dianne Feinstein leaked it to the press.) Mr. Hagel didn’t become Defense Secretary until February 27, 2013.

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