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WH Might Not Cooperate With Benghazi Investigation

From the Washington Examiner:

Jay Carney rails against Benghazi ‘conspiracy theories’

By Brian Hughes | MAY 5, 2014

White House press secretary Jay Carney dismissed a GOP special committee tasked with investigating the Benghazi terrorist attack as illegitimate and accused conservatives of stoking “conspiracy theories” about the Obama administration’s reaction to the Sept. 11, 2012, strike.

“There is a problem when you have so many conspiracy theories that get knocked down by the facts and yet, the adherents to those theories only become more convinced that the facts aren’t what they so clearly are,” Carney said, calling the special committee “so partisan in nature.”

Exactly what conspiracy theory has been knocked down? That the Obama administration blamed a video for the attack on Benghazi instead of terrorists in order to preserve Obama’s record before the election? That has been established beyond a shadow of a doubt by the latest round of White House documents.

Mr. Carney is now a ‘Benghazi Denier.’ That fact is now ‘settled science.’

Carney went on to criticize the “information loop” on Benghazi, saying that Republicans and “certain media outlets” were fueling a false narrative on the attack that killed four Americans…

As always, the left projects on their enemies exactly what they are guilty of doing. After all, the Obama administration’s claim that the Benghazi attacks were caused by a video is the epitome of a ‘false narrative.’

And it was a ‘false narrative’ created solely to help win Obama’s re-election.

Obama’s top spokesman on Monday gave no indication that the White House would participate in the latest investigation — but the implicit answer seemed to be that it would not.

“We have always cooperated with legitimate oversight," Carney said…

Yes, we all remember how the White House cooperated on the investigation into Fast & Furious, and the IRS targeting of the Tea Party, and the NSA scandals. And all of the investigations of Obama’s other scandals.

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One Response to “WH Might Not Cooperate With Benghazi Investigation”

  1. Rusty Shackleford says:

    In one way it’s all so fascinating.

    The socialists apparently engage in this shrouded behavior because, I’m fairly certain, they believe that the republicans do/did it and thus the stage is set for “turnabout is fair play” for them.

    In the second place, the see nothing wrong with what they are doing because the ideology trumps everything. I recall a movie….somewhere a long time ago where the man was kicked off his farm of five generations and he said to the authorities, “I was just trying to tend my farm” and the authority figure yelled at him “And we are trying to build a nation! Why can you not understand that!!!!???”

    Or maybe I dreamed it.

    In any case, the socialists also think they “Play that game better than the other side” which means they think they are more clever, more deceptive and more aloof over accusations. The issue, to a bystander is that when you accuse someone of doing something that they honestly didn’t do, one cannot tell the difference from one who actually did do it and is just playing stupid.

    Therefore, they fell they have mastered all the “art & nuance” of obfuscation and confusion to make it work in their favor. But questions only die when the truth is found. Thus, when socialists behave as they do, they get questioned a lot more than conservatives. Yes, conservatives make mistakes and sometimes operate poorly but never to the extent and gravity that socialists do.

    They are on a mission. A mission to “right all the wrongs” that this nation is alleged to have committed and they feel that by this self-immolation of government, by apologizing and being pathetic at all policies up to and including foreign policy, they will succeed in building the ultimate utopia with government creating the perfect nation where all the people only think clean thoughts and yet, involve themselves (harmlessly, you see) with drug-use and slanted sexual behavior.

    They feel that the following of the bible and the church “didn’t work” and was a bad idea and they believe (as they always do) they have a better one. Yet, if the history that’s reported in the bible is only myth, then what of the history of the world? What of the most recent socialist experiment nations that have done “oh-so-well”? Point to one for me.

    Go back further.

    *side note: Often on DVD’s with prominent archaeologists, said interviewee is often romantically involved with the lives of the emperor or high-class societal l’objet de curiosite’ without acknowledging that they, themselves would be a slave in that society some hundreds or thousands of years ago.

    All throughout human history, and this includes biblical history, which is a pretty good reference tool along with being an excellent guide to a strong, moral center but it discusses how humans have been brutally oppressive to each other since humans have walked the face of the earth.

    Sadly, the socialists seem to think the answer is with a man-made construct of rules, regulations, restrictions, control and banishment. Thinking people already know that this just makes it worse yet the people whose lives are supposedly centered on thinking (the academics and other beard-growers), seem to have jumped the shark by immersing themselves in Marxist doctrine and demanding the world change to suit them. At the same time, they honestly believe that they are entitled to higher pay and bigger benefits because they are oh-so-learned.


    It’s the “wisdom vs. intelligence” argument all over again.

    Today’s problem, as it’s always been, is what the drooling mouth-breathers choose to believe and find fashionable. AGW? Oh! Must tax the people to keep the planet from getting to hot! Slavery? Oh! Must be ashamed to be white. Must demand reparations from all the white people (except from MY bank account) to prove how non-racist I am.

    The common thread to all of this is people controlling other people. The hippie movement of “live and let live” from the 60’s evolved into a definitive collective “conservatives are evil and must be destroyed” movement, similar to the Russian disposition of the bourgeoisie. Anyone with any wherewithal at all MUST have gotten it by being part of an evil machine that takes from the poor.

    *sigh* There, again. If you’re going to steal, who in their right mind goes and “steals from the poor”? It’s one of the false beliefs of socialism that their foundation is built upon and is so wrong it’s untenable but even the boy who sits in the president’s chair spouts it out as if it were religion.

    And it is religion because they have filled their hearts with hatred for the work-a-day honest, God-fearing people that we are. People who really just want to be left alone but the bullies in the room see us with two cars, a mortgage, a couple kids in college, one on scholarship, an honorable discharge hanging on the wall, maybe and some modest, nice things in our home and they get furious.

    The question as to why this is is as old as humankind itself. Jealousy, (Do not covet that which is thy neighbor’s) Envy, false pride, what-have-you. But it comes down to the individual(s) who think they are as entitled to YOUR stuff as you are. Even better, since they can’t get it themselves, for they lack whatever skills necessary to obtain it legally or through hard work, they occupy their time figuring out how to take yours.

    Sadly, over time, they usually succeed.

    The Scots/Irish in me says though, “You will never come into my house, my home and leave without the bruises and cuts I will inflict upon you. I may die in the process but you will be in pain for it. I will make you think again before you do it to anyone else and if I do die in the process, I will have succeeded if I’m the last one you ever stole from.”

    It’s something my grandad used to say. Keeping the peace is one thing, keeping true to one’s own core beliefs is far stronger.

    Socialists are liars. Patent, practiced, proud-of-it liars. Never forget it.

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