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WH, Reid Praise GOP For Caving On Debt Ceiling

From the Politico:

White House celebrates House debt vote

By REID J. EPSTEIN | 2/11/14

The White House hailed the House vote to increase the debt ceiling as a “positive step” and called on Congress to raise the minimum wage. “Tonight’s vote is a positive step in moving away from the political brinkmanship that’s a needless drag on our economy,” press secretary Jay Carney said." …

Carney called on Congress to enact Obama’s economic agenda of increasing the minimum wage to $10.10 per hour and renewing long-term unemployment insurance benefits…

Nothing is ever enough. If you give them an unlimited debt ceiling, they demand an increase in the minimum wage and another extension of federal unemployment benefits. (Which are not unemployment benefits at all, but welfare.)

Or, they demand amnesty.

From the Washington Post:

On debt limit, Reid credits Boehner for ‘doing the right thing’

By Wesley Lowery | February 11, 2014

Senate Majority Leader Harry M. Reid (D-Nev.) praised the upcoming House vote on a "clean" debt-ceiling package and suggested that House Republican leaders should next hold a similar vote on immigration reform.

You see? It never stops. They always want more. Naturally, Mr. Reid’s newfound collegiality only went so far:

"Boehner has said he’s going to pass a clean vote. If they do that, I’m confident that we’ll move over here as quickly as it can," he said, before cautioning: "But I put nothing past the tea party-driven Republican House."

The majority leader said that, once a debt-ceiling increase is passed, the Republican House should bring an immigration reform bill… "This is the way things should work," Reid said…

And, sadly, that is the way things work. Meanwhile, other Democrats found their own way to reward the Republicans for their bipartisanship.

From CNS News:

NY Dem: Republicans ‘Just Want People to Starve’

By Matt Vespa | February 11, 2014

… Democratic Congressman Jerrold Nadler of New York – Manhattan to be exact – was caught on camera saying that Republicans "just want people to starve and it’s disgusting."

Nadler was commenting about his vote against the new farm bill, which was passed last January after a two-year impasse. Nadler was disgusted by the $8 billion dollars in cuts to food stamps included in the bill.

And never mind there are actually no cuts to the Food Stamp program. None. (This ‘cut’ was for a heating subsidy, which the states will now be required to cover.)

In fact, thanks to baseline budgeting, spending on Food Stamps will go up. As usual.

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