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WH To Give McDonald’s Mini-Med Waivers

From the Wall Street Journal:

Federal Agency Flexible On McDonald’s Plan

OCTOBER 1, 2010

The Obama administration said Thursday that its top health official will "exercise her discretion" in enforcing a new health-law requirement, a move that could help McDonald’s Corp. and other employers from disrupting their health-care policies for hourly workers.

The announcement Thursday followed a report in The Wall Street Journal that McDonald’s warned federal regulators it could drop its health-insurance plan for nearly 30,000 restaurant workers unless regulators waive a new requirement of the health overhaul…

On Thursday, administration officials indicated they are hopeful that HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius will be able to allow certain waivers to the requirement, but that it was too early to confirm they will. She must wait for guidance from state insurance commissioners, and the administration doesn’t expect to release the agency’s final guidance until December.

The agency said the law gives Ms. Sebelius discretion to apply the requirement.

"We fully intend to exercise her discretion under the new law to address the special circumstances of mini-med plans in the medical loss ratio calculations," said Jay Angoff, a director at the Department of Health and Human Services. "We intend to address these and other special circumstances in forthcoming regulations."

Rich Floersch, McDonald’s executive vice president and chief human resources officer, said: "We’re encouraged by this announcement. It would benefit McDonald’s employees in our restaurants, as well as many businesses and institutions that are dealing with" the requirement.

Remember, just yesterday the White House and McDonald’s both swore that this was not a problem.

White House officials said they have sought to ensure that insurance coverage for employees isn’t disrupted as a result of the law. Already federal regulators have approved dozens of waiver requests—including one from McDonald’s—that their insurers be relieved from having to meet a new $750,000 minimum cap on annual benefit payouts. Employers said the cap endangered mini-med plans.

Nancy-Ann DeParle, the White House’s top health official, said that "a day doesn’t go by that I’m not talking to employers." She added that "99.9% of them are constructively engaged in working with us to make sure we understand how their plans operate."

The Democrats are like some computer and cell phone companies. Many of these companies push their products out way before they are ready. They figure they can always fix whatever problems comes up later.

In the meantime we have to live with ‘beta legislation.’ We get to do the Democrats’ product testing. We are their guinea pigs.

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8 Responses to “WH To Give McDonald’s Mini-Med Waivers”

  1. Rusty Shackleford says:

    And so it begins. The answer to crippling bureaucracy? Trowel on more bureaucracy until finally and inevitably, it will collapse under its own weight due to unsustainability. But bureaucrats never comprehend this; It’s a fundamental logic flaw.

    And…as a “beta-testee” I only have one question: How many people will die until you “get it right”?

  2. proreason says:

    Health Policy.

    Dart Board.

    If you are a conservative, don’t be the one holding the board.

  3. JohnMG says:

    Selective enforcement. How cute. And Sebelius gets to make the call? No thanks. I’d rather buy a lottery ticket. The odds of winning are better.

    Bet Moe’s Hamburger Stand won’t get the same consideration.

    • untrainable says:

      “exercise her discretion” in enforcing a new health-law requirement
      Isn’t that what Holder is in trouble for? Using his discretion to decide whether to prosecute Black Panthers?
      So Lemme get this straight, Holder denies selective prosecution is taking place, yet Sebelius is empowered and encouraged to do the same? To save McDonalds? But isn’t McDonalds EEEEvil? Aren’t they killing children with fatty foods? I wonder what the “exemption criteria” will be exactly.
      I want to go back to my universe now.

  4. confucius says:

    In 2008, McDonald’s CEO gave money to McCain’s campaign and nothing to Obama’s. Ditto for McDonald’s president.

    Wanna bet that changes by 2012?

  5. beautyofreason says:

    “its top health official will “exercise her discretion” in enforcing a new health-law requirement.”

    Her discretion. What a relief.
    The law is only the law for some.

    Kind of like when the Justice Department dropped a case against a black panther intimidating a voting booth.

    Or when people have to buy health insurance or face a tax in the new health care bill, although some – Muslims for example – are exempt.

    Or when American citizens have to get driver’s licenses and submit a portion of their income to Social Security or face some issues with the IRS and local police – yet 13 million people in our country are exempt from those requirements on account of their ethnicity and illegal status.

    I want laws to be fair, simple, coherent, and to apply to all. Democrats want bureaucracy at the point of a gun and special interests for some I think (though make no mistake, McDonald’s is being screwed by this).

    • Liberals Demise says:

      “…….though make no mistake, McDonald’s is being screwed by this.”

      Everyone except the DC elite will get bumped and humped on this.
      (without a kiss)

  6. fallingpianos says:

    In the meantime we have to live with ‘beta legislation.’

    Spearheaded by beta males.

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