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WH Tries To Stop Union’s Obama-Care Resolution

From The Hill:

White House calling union leaders ahead of vote on ObamaCare resolution

By Kevin Bogardus | September 11, 2013

LOS ANGELES — White House officials have been calling union leaders about a resolution critical of ObamaCare that is set to pass on Wednesday at the AFL-CIO convention.

Union leaders have been tight-lipped about the calls coming from Washington, but at least one labor official said he understands that the Obama administration has been watching the resolution’s progress and expressing a desire that it not move forward.

Harold Schaitberger [sic], president of the International Association of Fire Fighters, said the White House would rather not have the AFL-CIO pass a resolution that lays out several complaints against the healthcare law…

As we have previously noted, the rank and file members had wanted to call for its total repeal in the resolution. But Richard Trumka made them cut it out.

“My understanding is [the calls are] to encourage that the resolution not to be brought to the floor and allow the administration to address the concerns with a commitment, an attempt to resolve some of the issues,” Schaitberger said. “My understanding is that they would have preferred that no resolution be brought to the floor.”

In other words, Obama is promising that he will take care of them with carve outs and taxpayer subsidies. So they shouldn’t embarrass him this way.

At an early Wednesday morning meeting, the AFL-CIO Executive Council decided to move the ObamaCare resolution onto the convention floor for a vote, several union officials told The Hill…

Consideration of the resolution has been delayed throughout the day on Wednesday, the labor confab’s final day in Los Angeles. The measure has been the subject of intense internal debate among AFL-CIO members, with many pushing for a strong rebuke of the law.

As we said, many if not most of the members wanted the resolution to call for the total repeal of Obama-Care.

A vote on the resolution is now expected after 2 p.m. Pacific Time once debate concludes on the convention floor.

A draft of the resolution, which The Hill described on Tuesday, describes ObamaCare’s positive aspects but also details what labor sees as flaws. Several unions are worried that the law could force members off their insurance plans.

Tough toe nails. Maybe they should have read the bill before they supported it so loudly.

If passed, the resolution would have the nation’s largest labor federation on the record calling for changes to the healthcare law. The AFL-CIO lobbied for ObamaCare’s passage and is one of President Obama’s biggest political backers…

So you can see why they are hopping mad. What good is buying the Presidency if you can get special treatment?

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2 Responses to “WH Tries To Stop Union’s Obama-Care Resolution”

  1. Enthalpy says:

    How many waivers have now been granted by the HHS? Too many. If there is one waiver, it’s too many. That the waivers cover a small percentage of our population begs the point; it’s the WHO who are exempted, not the number: Service Employees Fenefit Fund, United Food and Commercial Workers Allied Trade Health & Welfare Trust Fund, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Union No. 195, Asbestos Workers Local 53 Welfare Fund, Employees Security Funds, United Food and Commercial Workers Local 227, Transport Workers Union, NEHC, Captain Elliot’s Party Boats, Carlson Restaurants, Darden Restaurants, O’Reilly Auto Parts, Uncle Julio’s, American Fidelity, Agricare, Greystar, Ruby Tuesday, The Dixie Group, AMF Bowling Worldwide, Cracker Barrel, DISH Network, Groendyke Transport, Inc., Regis Corporation, Ageis, Jack in the Box, and so many others.
    If Obama cuts the AFL-CIO a deal or promise of a deal, we should all be exempted from this bs law.

  2. captstubby says:

    buying the Presidency .
    you get what you paid for.
    “people who refuse to pay for quality and/or experience always end up buying super cheap goods or services below the ‘it’s too good to be true’ mark. Then when said goods break, fall apart, stop working, or they are not happy with the service they were promised, they are genuinely surprised and will bitch to anyone within hearing distance of them that they got ‘ripped off’.”

    well, they paid big bucks and still got ripped off.

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