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What Happened To Obama’s Gray Hair?

Back during the campaign, when Mr. Obama needed gravitas and the patina of experience, CBS News helped out with this report from August 4, 2008:

Obama Gets Older

The stress of campaigning for presidency is starting to show on Barack Obama. Bianca Solorzano reports a little gray hair might help Obama.

This angle got another boost from this November 2008 US Magazine ‘exclusive’ scoop, again largely thanks to the claims of Mr. Obama’s private barber, ‘Zariff’:

Barber: Obama Not Bothered by Gray Hair

Monday November 17, 2008

Barack Obama’s longtime Chicago barber says his client has kept mum about his graying hair.

"It’s just a normal thing," Zariff, who’s been cutting the President-elect’s hair for 14 years from the Hyde Park Hair Barber Studio, says in the newest issue of Us Weekly.

"It’s not like he has a head full of gray hair," adds Zariff – who only goes by one name. "It’s just a few gray hairs, so it’s nothing to get excited about." …

And soon the rest of our watchdog media was off and running with articles and photographs of the newly grizzled Mr. Obama:

Even after the campaign ended, another variation on this story resurfaced in March and April of 2009.

This round, was initiated, as so much as our news is, by the New York Times recycling an earlier story.

And even the New York Times sought out ‘Zariff’ for the truth:

For Young President, Flecks of Gray


March 5, 2009

WASHINGTON — Well, that didn’t take long. Just 44 days into the job, and President Obama is going gray.

It happens to all of them, of course — Bill Clinton still had about half a head of brown hair when he took office but was a silver fox two years later, and George W. Bush went from salt and pepper to just salt in what seemed like a blink of an eye…

Mr. Obama’s graying is still of the flecked variety, and appears to wax and wane depending on when he gets his hair cut, which he does about every two weeks. His barber, who goes by only one name, Zariff, takes umbrage with bloggers who alternately claim Mr. Obama, 47, is dyeing his hair gray (to appear more distinguished) or dyeing it black (to appear younger). “I can tell you that his hair is 100 percent natural,” Zariff said. “He wouldn’t get it colored.”

And yet these days Mr. Obama’s hair suddenly appears to have stepped back from the brink. Or maybe, despite Zariff’s claims to the contrary, he is ‘blacking up.’

In any case, that reassuring the salt and pepper look seems to have completely disappeared practically over night.

And it doesn’t seem to be a matter of the vagaries of the light or the background:

US President Barack Obama, seen here on April 1, has named a retired banking executive as his new ambassador to London.

President Barack Obama speaks about newly sworn in Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius in the Oval Office at the White House in Washington in this April 28, 2009 file photo.

President Barack Obama attends the White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner in Washington May 9, 2009.

President Barack Obama introduces federal appeals court Judge Sonia Sotomayor, right, as his nominee for the Supreme Court, Tuesday, May 26, 2009.

President Barack Obama talks with Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman as he arrives in Las Vegas, Tuesday, May 26, 2009.

President Barack Obama picks up an unidentified child as he greets audience members after his speech about the economy and energy, Wednesday, May 27, 2009.

U.S. President Barack Obama meets with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas (L) in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington May 28, 2009.

Remember the grief Mr. Reagan got from our watchdog media for dyeing his hair – when in truth he did not?

Maybe Mr. Obama is being forgiven because his ‘gray hair ‘was just another obvious campaign gimmick to be quietly put away once the election was safely won.

Like so many of his promises.

This article was posted by Steve on Friday, May 29th, 2009. Comments are currently closed.

22 Responses to “What Happened To Obama’s Gray Hair?”

  1. proreason says:

    There isn’t a single thing that he says or does that is truthful.

    A 100% manufactured product.

    If he gave me a $20 bill, I’d take it to a bank to have it verified before trying to spend it.

  2. jrmcdonald says:

    Clinton had his hair tinted gray to look more statesman like, a quality he had to fake. This guy will do the same thing. Remember that most of the people that voted for him, did so on the way he looks; his handlers will focus group several shades of gray to make this reptile appear trustworthy, a quality he has to fake.

  3. 12 Gauge Rage says:

    PR, I don’t think you’d take anything from this guy.

    • proreason says:

      I occasionally think what I would do in the unlikely situation that I would meet the mob boss in person.

      I don’t think I could contain my contempt. It would show. As I write this, I can’t keep my lip from curling. And if he touched me, it wouldn’t be a good thing for either of us.

  4. Albertafriend says:

    “Young President”—I wish I could have thought of myself and been considered by others as “young” when I was almost 48. Obama is 4 months younger than the singing sensation Susan Boyle. When did you ever see her referred to as “young”? Everything about Obama is fake-fake youth, fake maturity, fake biography–everything.

  5. wardmama4 says:

    Hey it doesn’t matter – grey up during the election to appear ‘distinguished’ or dye job after winning to get back to that JFK youthfulness (I wonder if he is emulating JFKs unfaithfulness too!?!) – either or – once you ‘go’ grey unless you loose all of your hair the chances of it going back to it’s original color are None, Nil or in The One’s ™ favorite language – Nada. Either way you cut it – one of those views is a lie – just like everything The One ™ says and does either since he used a little blow or became a ‘community organizer’ – the majority of his life is just one big lie.

  6. bill says:

    Before, after — a take it to the bank character statement.

  7. ollieK says:

    Either way, it’s not too late to consider him as a candidate for a late term abortion.

  8. Liberals Demise says:

    Ol’ Nappy took a Sharpie and had the girls dap the gray away!
    He is the original “Slim Shady”.

  9. MinnesotaRush says:

    Having been ditched by both of his parents, this o-blah-blah dude will likely do most anything he thinks he needs to do at any given time to gain acceptance and approval from whomever is in front of him at any given time. It’s a behavior that’s hardwired .. ingrained in him.

    Truth is for me, I could care less what’s resting on his head (black or gray); but am very concerned about what’s going on IN his head.

    The MSM (and o-blah-blah and gang) show how superficial they are with this kind of crap and it’s just more of the “American Idol”-izing of the public.

    • proreason says:

      I haven’t heard much about grandma and grandpa.

      Got a feeling they were visibly pissed to have the spawn of an angry black communist and their 18 year-old slut daughter dumped on them in their waning years. Remember, bigamist daddy flew the coop before the baby dictator was a month old, and mommy, who apparently ran a side-business sleeping with any male of color who stumbled by, dumped the kid and took off for Pakistan, Uganda, and other places where it would be impossible to locate her.

      Stepping aside from the politics of it, could any grandparents have been happy about that?

      Now layer on top of that the angry linebacker wife, Rev Wrong, Bill Ayers, and dozens more like them.

      Is it any wonder that our little Obamy is one mucho sick-in-the-head dude?

      And now the country (and our lives and our descendents’ lives) is his whipping boy.

  10. Confucius says:

    Another mixed-race-victim-turned-elitist embracing their “blackness.”

    More evidence, he’s “just an entertainer.”

  11. NotStuckOnStupid says:

    I’d make a shoe polish remark, but that would be… *gasp!*… racist.

  12. proreason says:

    Sowell is reading Thomas Burke:

    “He (Burke) feared particularly the kind of man “whose whole importance has begun with his office, and is sure to end with it”– the kind of man “who before he comes into power has no friends, or who coming into power is obliged to desert his friends.” Jeremiah Wright, Bill Ayers and others came to mind.”

    I’ve often remarked that Obamy has no friends except political cronies. He had NOBODY on the podium with him for his coronation speech.


  13. Anonymoose says:

    I think anyone who’s hair is graying knows it can change color a little bit depending on how long it is, how recently it was cut, etc. But it doesn’t do these back and forth reversals like Obama’s.

    The middle picture where he’s’ all salt and pepper always looked phony to me, like he was in a movie with a bad makeup artist…..wait a minute……but anyways, the one right below it where’s he’s shagged out a bit, well no wonder he keeps it cut so short. That mops looks like a worn out carpet, and judging by the facial expression he wasn’t keen on being photographed. Maybe he should have told the guy with the camera “I won” and “I just came here to talk, not be photographed.”

    I wonder what he’ll do if redheads suddenly become the new fashion…..

  14. hugo says:

    In looking through the various photos of Obama and his grey or non-grey hair, I was reminded of Bill Clinton. I seem to remember that when Clinton debated Bob Dole, his hair wasn’t just grey – it was practically a glimmering silver. After the election, he backed away from that, only occasionally reaching for the hair colour when the situation demanded it.

  15. Rusty Shackleford says:

    …Can’t polish a turd…

  16. TwilightZoned says:

    Ugh! Too many pictures of the man. Just skimming through them made me nauseous.

  17. uwishuwerelikeme says:

    I think I love this site. It is my new home page. […]


    • jobeth says:

      First of all, You are such a racist. You drip with hatred for the white man. And yes YOU can be a racist. You ARE a racist. You speak of hatred of people who have done nothing to you…just because you don’t like their skin color.
      Not because they have done anything TO you.

      You are more than guilty of the same behavior you accuse the bloggers on this site.of.

      If you say YOU are tired of racism…why not stop it yourself?. YOU are full of it. Try talking to a white person with respect and you’ll get it back from 99 % of us. And if you find that one out of a hundred that IS a racist…they you have a valid complaint against THAT person. Not the other 99.

      In my own case I treat everyone…regardless of color with respect…until their behavior says they don’t deserve my respect. Intelligence would always call for that.

      You are no better than the nut that killed that black guard at the Holocaust Museum. The guard was in the act of holding the door open for what he saw as an elderly white man….That’s what THAT black man saw. Then the nut…who was white, did the unthinkable..the horrible. He murdered him. All thinking decent white people detest this nut. His own wife divorced him because of his behavior and hatred. Something you don’t see much of in whites…the banding together just because we are white. If a white person does something detestable…we don’t support them.

      All we ask is that you do the same. Denounce black racism…Treat all white people with respect until they show you they don’t deserve your respect.

      Try judging people on their personal behavior and not some distant wrong your ancestor received.

      My ancestors received some horrible treatment from people here…but I don’t blame anyone who is alive for that.

      My advice to you…although you sound like someone who won’t take it…is to drop the hate and racism.

      Hate, bitterness, racism is an acid the eats the vessel that holds it. You can’t hurt us with your hate. Only yourself.

      Personally, I will be praying for your “enlightenment”


      “This site must be hosted in west Virginia or towns of the same ilk.”

      First…West Virginia is a state not a town. Second…you are showing your ignorance. West Virginia is being judged by someone who can’t know much about it. It’s a beautiful state with beautiful, kind and helpful people. They have their share of poor and/or uneducated as the sterotype holds…but since you hate steriotypes so much…ie white opinions of blacks….try doing what you are saying you want us to do. Understand there is more than meets the eye. There are a lot of educated people that come out of those beatuiful mountans. Chuck Yeager is only one…bet you have to look his name up.

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