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What’s So Historical About Hillary For Prez?

From a Google news search:

At least 1,315 recent news articles mention Hillary’s candidacy and "historical" in the same story.

And yet Hillary is not the first woman to run for the Presidency by a long shot. In 1872, Victoria Woodhull ran for President as an Equal Rights Party candidate. Ulysses S. Grant won the election.

Hillary is not the first to run on a major party ticket. In 1964 Margaret Chase Smith, a Maine Republican, entered primaries in New Hampshire, Illinois, Massachusetts, Texas and Oregon, among others. She withdrew after the first round of voting at the Republican National Convention. Sen. Barry Goldwater won the GOP nomination.

Hillary is not even the first woman to run whose major claim to fame was her spouse. Elizabeth Dole, the wife of Senator Bob Dole, announced her candidacy in January 1999.

Indeed at least eight prominent women have run for the office of the Presidency. Including the highly esteemed Carol Moseley Braun in 2004.

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