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Cindy Sheehan’s Gay Marine Attacks Reporter

From National Review Online:

Sheehan Supporter Physically Attacks Cameraman

While news cameras were filming the event, Marine Jeff Key physically grabbed a cameraman from San Francisco local affiliate KGO. Key objected to the cameraman’s shooting position, which was on the same site where the protesters have erected crosses listing the names of fallen soldiers in Iraq. Here's a photo from right before the altercation took place:

Jeff Key can be seen escorting Mother Sheehan upon her return to Crawford in the photo posted down below.

And here Key is in a somewhat less belligerent moment. The photo and caption are from the endlessly amusing Crawford Update site:

Cindy Sheehan and Joan Baez stand by as Lance Corporal Jeff Keys plays taps this evening. Have you ever seen a more beautiful grouping of people?

Key has made a name for himself by coming out as a gay Marine. He's even written a play of sorts about his fascinating (to him) ordeal:

And it turns out that Key is quite the author. Behold this excerpt of his paean to Iraqi male beauty from (where else?) the Advocate:

Then those beautiful brown eyes lit up. I just smile. We're making out big-time with our words. "You're beautiful," he says quietly.

We stand there, enjoying the torture of our situation. "You have …?" And he pantomimes the action for lip balm. I dig in my pocket and produce my dirty, half-used tube. I've got to tell you, I don't think anyone's ever put on lip balm in a sexier way.

"What you call …? And he kisses the air, making a kissing noise. "Yes, kiss. We call it kiss," I reply. "Kiss," he repeats and hands back the ChapStick.

"No, you keep it," I say, putting my hand up to refuse it. "Kiss," he repeats and pushes it into my palm.

By the way, if you look at the background of the first photo, you'll see a whole lot of no people. Where have all the followers gone?

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