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When ‘Peaceniks’ Email – Gordon Soderberg

Ever notice how love and peace go out the window when you dare to question these peaceniks?

Behold the charming email I have received from our stalwart Gordon Soderberg, of the scam master Veterans For (A) Peace (Of The Action):

From: gordon soderberg" < gordonsoderberg@mac.com >
Date: Wed, 9 Nov 2005 14:42:28 -0800 (PST)

gordon soderberg wrote:

Why don't you get you coward ass down here and I'll show you were we
have been spending the money. I must be having some impact on you
ungratefull little life that you would spend so much time on attacking my
caractor? How long do you plan on slandering my good name? I'm counting,
and patiently waiting for you to see the error of your cowardly ways and
start helping those who need it most as opposed to cheering the deaths
of inocent people!

It is flattering that Mr. Soderberg has taken the time out from feeding the masses, encouraging terrorism and trying to overthrow our elected government to read this site.

However, I notice Mr. Soderberg still doesn't answer any of the questions raised here, or give any specifics about what exactly he and the other Veterans For (A) Peace have done with the hundreds of thousands of dollars they have fraudulently raised for Katrina Victims.

Nor has Soderberg explained how he managed to witness so much murder and mayhem in his brief time at sea and setting up tents for medical units. (If any of that is even true.)

But I sure wish Mr. Soderberg luck in scoring a new Mac video setup for his web development work. And I'm still hoping he will find out how to use spell check.

"Caractor"? I guess it's fitting that Mr. Soderberg doesn't even know how to spell the word.

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