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Where Is All That Fabled Muslim Generosity?

From Al Arabiya:

Bangladesh fears cyclone killed ‘thousands’

Local papers put the death toll 1,100 to 2,000

JHALOKATI, Bangladesh (Agencies)

Bangladesh said Saturday it feared thousands of corpses were littering its southern coast after the worst cyclone in years tore through the impoverished and low-lying area…

The official death toll from the cyclone so far exceeds 900 but some newspapers on Saturday gave figures between 1,100 and 2,000, quoting their reporters in the devastated areas…

Cyclone Sidr smashed into Bangladesh’s southern coastline late on Thursday night with 250-kph (155 mph) winds that whipped up a 5-meter tidal surge. It was the strongest cyclone since a 1991 storm killed some 143,000 people in this country.

Navy ships scoured coastal areas for hundreds of people reported missing and to clear river channels clogged with sunken vessels to restore normal navigation, officials said.

Helicopters flew sorties to devastated areas, dropping food, drinking water and medicine for the survivors…

Germany has allocated $293,000 in emergency relief aid and the European Union has released 1.5 million euros ($2.1 million) in fast-track aid.
“This is a major tragedy with hundreds already known to have died and hundreds of thousands suffering from this disaster,” said Louis Michel, the European Commissioner responsible for Development and Humanitarian Aid.
In New York, John Holmes, the U.N. undersecretary-general for humanitarian affairs, said his office would make available “several million dollars” in emergency aid.

The United States has expressed “its deepest sympathy” for the victims, adding it had stockpiles of emergency supplies and shelters that U.S. aid projects had set up in Bangladesh in recent years.

“The storm’s damage is significant, but with the measures already in place and post-relief activities ongoing, the United States is actively and quickly assisting Bangladesh in the recovery process,” the U.S. State Department said.

Mind you, this is a report from an Arab news agency located in the fabulously weathy city of Dubai in the fabulously wealthy country of the United Arab Emirates.

So where is there any mention of that oft-proclaimed Muslim generosity?

Lest we forget, Bangladesh is an Islamic country. The third most populous Muslim country, after Indonesia and Pakistan.

The Muslim oligarchs of the Middle East and elsewhere are drowning in (unearned) wealth, with $100 a barrel oil.

And yet there is not one mention of anything that they are doing for the victims. It doesn’t even occur to the author that they should be doing anything.

Besides money, these nations also have militaries, with state of the art cargo planes and helicopters.

No, as usual, the West is expected to ride to the rescue.

(And probably be shot at for being “infidels,” as they were when they were performing relief work after the 2005 Tsunami.)

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